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Black PS4 with silver wired stereo headset and Destiny @ Amazon. Or perhaps the bundle that includes The Last of Us and Destiny.

Or better yet, replace Destiny with Far Cry 4.

All of those options are 399.99. Given your choices, I'd go with the camera. It will hold its value, but Shadowfall can already be found for cheap, and will likely be a PS Plus title sometime in the future.

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Pretty sure PHIL SPENCER released a post on why SF5 isn't coming to XBOne, and he said he doesn't want it competing with Killer Instinct.

I seriously doubt he would say that. Do you happen to have a link or remember where you heard that?

IGN Link

Basic Quote from him in that was this

"Business deals happen. We won't do all of them. When we have a first party franchise in a genre I'd rather invest in ours," Spencer said on Twitter, when asked what he thought of the announcement.

Thanks. That makes a bit more sense. He's saying they're already investing in a tournament fighter, so it doesn't make sense to pay for the development of this one. Based on the way it was paraphrased, it sounded more like he was saying that he wouldn't want a 3rd party fighter competing with KI, and would rather Street Fighter be exclusive to their competitor, which would be nuts.

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Pretty sure PHIL SPENCER released a post on why SF5 isn't coming to XBOne, and he said he doesn't want it competing with Killer Instinct.

I seriously doubt he would say that. Do you happen to have a link or remember where you heard that?

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So after playing playing and enjoying the multiplayer in the beta and alpha, I finally got around to going back to multiplayer the other day, and I got stomped petty hard by players using weapons that I've never even heard of. It was a little ridiculous, and wasn't very fun.

For those who have been playing and enjoying Destiny multiplayer lately, are there any specific weapons that I should try to get? Any exotics or legendary weapons that I should look for?

Speaking of which, I recently received my first exotic weapon bounty, and can work towards Thorn, Invective, or Bad Juju. Are any of those currently good for multiplayer?

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Can someone just post the list here? I have no desire to slowly flip through their dumb list one at a time so they can a page view for each one.

  • 25. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • 24. Bravely Default
  • 23. Titanfall
  • 22. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • 21. The Evil Within
  • 20. FIFA 15
  • 19. Mario Kart 8
  • 18. Shovel Knight
  • 17. Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • 16. Child of Light
  • 15. GRID Autosport
  • 14. Geometry Wars 3
  • 13. P.T.
  • 12. South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • 11. Far Cry 4
  • 10. TowerFall Ascension
  • 9. Hearthstone
  • 8. The Wolf Among Us
  • 7. Dark Souls 2
  • 6. Bayonetta 2
  • 5. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  • 4. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • 3. Alien: Isolation
  • 2. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Game of the Year 2014: Destiny

Thanks for that. This should be added to the first post, and the link should be removed entirely. Fuck websites that make you click for every entry on a list.

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I was able to get not only PVZ for free but thanks to Playstation plus I was able to get Injustice and Secret Ponchos. PS plus is a fantastic value.

And you're still missing one PS4 title. "Titan Attacks!" is a cross-buy PS4, PS3, and Vita title. It's like space invaders, but with loads of neat upgrades. Check it out, if you haven't already.

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The video went up like 25 mins ago, damn those capcom ninja's!

Here's another, until they pull this one as well:

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@d_w: Okay, but have you tried just not touching anything and waiting several minutes? If not, give it a shot. I remember having a similar issue, and waiting it out worked for me. Either way, good luck with it.

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I have good news for you, at least hopefully. Most of the time when the dialogue won't continue, and the characters just stand there blankly looking at each other, you can often just hit the square button a couple of times (or X on MS consoles) and it will skip to the next part in the dialogue. If that doesn't happen, or you don't want to miss anything, then just wait. I've had it happen to me several times now--usually at the end of major story chapters--and normally if you just wait a minute or two, the game eventually moves on by itself.

I'd say less than five minutes should do it. Any more than that, and you might actually be stuck.

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@spraynardtatum: We already had this debate on page six of this thread. I still don't agree with you, you still don't agree with me, and that's okay.

As for something new that you brought to the table, if you tube can find server space for random idiots to upload 24 hour videos of Star Trek ambient engine noise, I'm pretty sure that major cities can find the server space to keep a video of what happened just before, during, and immediately after a police officer killed someone.

Dare I say, I really hope that wouldn't require all that much server space to begin with.

And as far as "cops shouldn't have cameras, regular people should," I think encouraging both would be for the best, with perhaps some new laws that protect citizens who are recording.