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@spaceinsomniac: @icantbestopped: I'm sorry i didn't know it was not supposed to be posted. I discovered the whole thing today by chance and i haven't followed the forums during these days. I apologize, and i've edited out my previous post

You have nothing to apologize for. You didn't before you edited your post, either.

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I don't like Phil Fish but even I think he didn't deserve that.

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@bollard: it's a quote from this blog from the ex-boyfriend of Zoe Quinn, whom she cheated on with 5 guys

It's a way to say that Phil Phish was doxxed as a result of his support to Zoe

This is the first time I heard about this whole Zoe Quinn business. That's why I thought the actual Five Guys was referenced in the doxx and not this.

The moderators have been outright deleting any thread that mentions it for days now.

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Many arrested and accused of starting riots are from out of town like New York and California. In fact it was noted that white anarchists were throwing stuff at the police. Most of the Ferguson residents aren't acting out of line.


And this really shouldn't surprise anyone, because assholes will always try to take advantage of fragile situations like this, even if they have to travel to another state to do so.

I believe that I read over 75 people have been arrested at this point, and a grand total of four of them were actually from Ferguson.

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Not quite what was intended with the question... but any of the original versions of songs that Weird Al has done parodies of as I cannot get his lyrics out of my head... and this isn't a new thing, it started when I first heard "My Bologna" on the Dr. D. show in 1979...

1979? I didn't know Weird Al was that old.

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They've been trying to tarnish the victim's character to justify his killing. They conveniently leaked that he had marijuana in his system, because only criminals smoke pot. It completely ignores that THC can stay in the body for up to 40 days. As long as it was detected, some people are going to claim that he was high at the time and charged the police because all drugs make you do that.

Political cartoonist Matt Bors has already beaten you on this point.

Huffington post also put together a compilation of headlines stating as such.

You see, THIS headline said such and such about a dead white guy, but THIS other headline from a completely different journalist AND news source, about a dead black guy in completely different event, that said something else.

Not to say what they're talking about doesn't happen, but the way they went about this is pretty worthless. To really prove the point, they should show headlines from the same reporter, at the same news organization, talking about two very similar cases where the only differing factor was race. That would have been much more powerful.

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Oh please, it was really more like shoplifting. A shove and a stare down afterwards, and some people are willing to upgrade it to robbery.

This got me wondering about the legal definition, so I looked it up.

From wikipedia:

Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat of force or by putting the victim in fear. At common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear.

Provided it's true that he didn't pay for what he took from the store, Brown's actions were the literal definition of a robbery.

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I'm still not sure of the relevance of whether he did or did not steal anything before the incident that cost him his life.

Speaks to character, your honor. Clearly the StL PD were so determined to paint the victim in a negative light, they went forward with the first piece of evidence they acquired without taking the necessary time to learn any of the facts from the involved parties. Not only that, they did not even bother to approach their evidence with any modicum of scrutiny. It's either that, or we believe that they knowingly presented a false account of the "robbery" which would be even more damning.

Before we go throwing quotes around the word robbery, if it were true that no robbery ever took place--and it was all a big argument over who is the coolest Ninja Turtle, or whatever--then why wouldn't the store owner or guy shoved in the video be telling his story to the press?

If I were the store owner and knew that Brown never committed a robbery, I'd be immediately telling my story on the news the first night this footage was released. Instead, the store owner distanced himself from everything, and said that the police forced him to give up that video. He could have even said through his lawyer that Brown didn't steal anything, and that might have even kept his store from being looted and vandalized. Instead, he in no way defended Brown, and his store was trashed.

"We never called the police, a customer called them" is a damn long way from "Brown never committed any crime, and this is all a big misunderstanding."

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I saw the footage of what appears to be the kid stealing cigars, now it makes the deceased look bad but it's quite pointless if they wanted to mitigate some outrage because they said the officer that shot the kid didn't know he was a suspect in anything.

Again, It's not pointless, because it's not about what the officer knew, it's about what Brown knew. If someone just robbed a store, they're more likely to fear being stopped by a police officer, and more likely to become hostile. I'm not at all saying that's what happened, just that the footage isn't pointless.

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One of the main reasons for the protests is that the police officer has not been indicted, and in recent history, many of them haven't been. People want this officer to be on trial, but the government has not made any indication that this is forthcoming yet.
I personally believe it will soon, but the past week has been frustrating for the people for this reason.

I think it will be soon as well, and I agree with you that it would be better if the wheels of justice were turning a bit more swiftly right now. Then again, it doesn't surprise me.

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I have a question for the experts out there. If I want my first playthrough to last as long as it can, should I start on easy, normal, or hard? I ask, because while I'll go through enemies faster on lower difficulties, I'll also get less experience, which might also make leveling up a little too quick of a process. I'm not really looking for a challenge, I just want the best choice for taking my time without testing my patience. Any advice?

This will be my first time playing, and I'm going to be using the Demon Hunter, who I hear isn't the easiest class to solo with. Played the demo with the barbarian and wizard, so I want to try someone new. Crusader I'm going to save for friends who want to use the new class, and I hate the look of the witch doctor. I like ranged combat, and the turrets look like a lot of fun, so that pretty much explains my choice.

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Shiiiit I forgot about Towerfall! Alright PS4 is looking pretty good. How does the controller compare to the PS3 Controller?

Also, big thanks for all the info, duders, I appreciate it!

It's pretty darn good.

As a Sony fan I have to say the Xbox One Controller might be the greatest controller ever made. The Dual Shock 4 is ok but it's also incredibly defective and I haven't seen one where the rubber hasn't started or peeled completely away from the joystick.

To each their own I suppose.

I have two Dual Shock 4 controllers--one of which was a launch unit controller--and neither have had any issues.

Anyone bought a console or controller recently who has had those issues, or do they seem to be ironed out?

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@spaceinsomniac: They were told by the Department of Justice to not release that video because it was irrelevant. Additionally if they were simply complying with requests for information why has there been no autopsy of the murder victim, no statement or account from the murderer and no attempt to interview witnesses?

They did release the name of the officer, which I'm sure they also didn't want to do. I would think most of the other things you mentioned will have to wait for court, especially a statement or account from the accused. I also don't understand how they could be told by the department of justice not to release a video that state law requires them to release.

I will agree that it was incredibly poor timing for information that should have waited until trial, but it will be absolutely relevant to a defense attorney attempting to establish Brown as someone who had reason to fear being stopped by the police, and had a higher likelihood of resisting arrest or fighting with an officer.

I just hope several people saw the entire altercation, and not just after shots were fired. I think people testifying that they never saw Brown go for the officer's gun is the only thing that will absolutely ensure a guilty verdict. Everything else could possibly be blamed on panic / adrenaline, however true that may or may not have been.