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Really looking forward to watching this, and I'm happy to see all the positive feedback.

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Totally depends on the game, in Symphony of the Night it was possible to "complete" the game by killing Evil Richter and then walking off into the night with Maria but...if you had the foresight (or luck) to have some items in your possession whilst facing off against him you got a totally different fight and not only a true ending, but an inverted castle to explore! Makes me sad to see the genious in those games and then look at konami now...

That's exactly the good example that I thought of. A bad example would be Braid. I think the hidden stars in that game are ridiculous, and the payoff is arguably even worse.

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Someones getting fired...

Poor bastard doesn't know the PR shit storm that's about to come down on him.

Unless Activision made their caterer sign an NDA, I would think he's in the clear.

If you're catering at an event for an unannounced, unreleased game, you signed an NDA. Games companies will have you sign an NDA to shake their hand.

While that's true, I have to wonder if this guy really did sign something before he took this picture. I'm guessing this was hours before the event, and someone stupidly left that screen on while things were being setup. I think someone either thought he already signed, or didn't think he needed to sign until the show was closer to starting. It's clear that someone screwed up, but I'm not certain it was the caterer.

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I got used to the default settings, but they did feel a bit off at first. I love the idea of an FPS game with level generation, but the "bullet hell shooter" elements detract from the experience that I wanted, so the game didn't really click for me.

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Someones getting fired...

Poor bastard doesn't know the PR shit storm that's about to come down on him.

Unless Activision made their caterer sign an NDA, I would think he's in the clear.

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Because sometimes people get in games that have a bit more lag than they would like, and many of them think the game might be putting too much emphasis on K/D ratio and not caring enough about a solid connection.

Because part of the fun of COD for some people is getting good enough to destroy the other team, and it's hard to do that when you're a good player who is constantly being matched with other good players.

Some players are only bothered by first reason, some are only bothered by the second reason, and some are bothered by both. Others--namely those who don't run into much lag, and like playing highly competitive games against equally skilled players--don't have any issue with the matchmaking.

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What if they made the game F2P (that's already how it is designed) and then made the expansion $60 again?

Will The Comet end up actually being The Traveler? At the end we'll find out that The Traveler just rolled around in some dirt and started flying around and everyone thought it was a comet. At least it would be doing something.

Is The Traveler an allegory for technology? Who the fuck knows, The Traveler didn't do one fucking thing the entire game. It sits there the whole time doing nothing. There's no reason it should even be part of the story. Fuck Destiny, man. What a dumb piece of shit. This is going to be overpriced. 12 more missions seems like 12 more missions that should have filled out that main game a little bit. All the planned DLC combined sounds like just about how much content would have made Destiny an appealing offer if it were all available at launch.

I hope every character in this game dies by the end of this expansion. A comet comes down and wipes everything out. Complete annihilation of everything they made in this trash heap. After the last mission it just locks every mission up and nothing is playable anymore. A gritty reboot for Destiny 2 is more palatable than the snake oil they sold this time around.

Seems like a bunch of scumbags took over at Bungie. I don't trust them any further than Dinklebot can scan them.

I'm pretty sure that it's not actually going to be about a comet. The big expansions between the smaller expansions are internally referred to as comets.

This has been the plan all along. As for price, I'm going to say 29.99 and no more. Any higher than that and they'll be too close to the price of a full game for an add-on that asks you to revisit many existing areas of a game you already own. They can sell it as a value when compared to the pricing of the first two DLC packs.

And it will still be an absolute joke when compared to Borderlands and any other game that does a proper job with their DLC.

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I'm interested in a PS4. I already own an Xbox One. I also have a Vita with PS Plus. Why should I get a PS4, given this info?

If you have friends with PS4 consoles and you've been collecting PS4 games on your account through PS Plus, you'll probably want to pick one up eventually. If not, then not.

I'd also add Street Fighter V to that list above.

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Black PS4 with silver wired stereo headset and Destiny @ Amazon. Or perhaps the bundle that includes The Last of Us and Destiny.

Or better yet, replace Destiny with Far Cry 4.

All of those options are 399.99. Given your choices, I'd go with the camera. It will hold its value, but Shadowfall can already be found for cheap, and will likely be a PS Plus title sometime in the future.

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Pretty sure PHIL SPENCER released a post on why SF5 isn't coming to XBOne, and he said he doesn't want it competing with Killer Instinct.

I seriously doubt he would say that. Do you happen to have a link or remember where you heard that?

IGN Link

Basic Quote from him in that was this

"Business deals happen. We won't do all of them. When we have a first party franchise in a genre I'd rather invest in ours," Spencer said on Twitter, when asked what he thought of the announcement.

Thanks. That makes a bit more sense. He's saying they're already investing in a tournament fighter, so it doesn't make sense to pay for the development of this one. Based on the way it was paraphrased, it sounded more like he was saying that he wouldn't want a 3rd party fighter competing with KI, and would rather Street Fighter be exclusive to their competitor, which would be nuts.