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@white said:

Why is there even a need to rationalize this? Why do we need to contextualize whether the powerless we're oppressing is "bad" or good"? Those are just merely concepts we develop at our own convenience to justify ourselves for our actions; concepts that we freely alter as and when we need to give a positive justification. You're already killing someone. Doesn't matter what/who/how/where/why.

I'm really disappointed in humanity. We can overwhelm weaker enemy soldiers without guilt but killing a kitten or a child breaks our psyche.

How are we supposed to evolve if this keeps up?

You're demonstrating distinct signs of sociopathy. Nearly any human being who causes harm or death to another human being must rationalize it in their own eyes, at the very least. The what/who/how/where/why is, in most cases, EVERYTHING that matters when understanding human violence against each other. Humans are social animals which evolved to co-exist in communities. We rely on communities to survive. It takes something drastic to break that community instinct and to convince one human that it's justifiable to hurt/kill other members of that community -- anyone in any modern military will tell you that the most difficult thing about training raw recruits is instilling the so-called "killer instinct" into the troops

It's disturbing that you seem to be "disappointed" that most people would hesitate to kill someone who is unable to defend themselves and who is, in the vast majority of societies, undeserving of violent death.

It's also disturbing that you think that devolving into bloodthirsty, soulless murders who have no qualms about taking life is "evolution".

I think you might have that the other way around. To me, it read like white was upset that humans justify any killing, because no murder should be more or less justifiable than another.

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Also, and this is just semantics, but I don't think that an absence of something makes it a trope. Not killing children isn't anymore of a trope than not having a talking dog protagonist.

But it is something that doesn't appear very often, so you're certainly right about that. I think developers and publishers just feel that it would be more of a hassle than it's worth. From a gameplay perspective, it wouldn't make much of a difference.

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" So it's troubling to think that a game like Mass Effect or Dragon Age gives young players the idea that nobody will ever treat them differently once they find out they're anything other than straight, rather than give them the tools with which they can start to understand and accept the discrimination they may end up facing in their lives."

I understand what the writer is saying here and it is valid. As a counter point though, I think there are a lot of benefits to showing a completely normalized homosexual relationship (free of bigotry or even comment) to young players that are not gay. Not to say that games are role models, but that idealized fiction shows the flat equivalency of the relationships.

That idealization shows its transgression by being so divorced from the unfortunate reality.

Also, if aliens from another planet show up and bring hyperspace technology to earth--as is the lore of Mass Effect--I really don't think humanity would care all that much anymore about skin color or gay people.

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See a dermatologist and ask what they suggest. I'd ask about Rogaine, but wouldn't spend money on anything much more expensive than that. Aside from that, keep what you have until it gets to a point where it looks bad, and then shave it.

Speaking of hair loss, does anyone know what Jeff has been doing? His hair looks considerably better lately than I remember it looking in the recent past.

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Apparently Edmund McMillen's niece & nephew never actually finished Super Meat Boy.

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One of the games I got really jealous about being on X1 only (for now?). Really hopes this game turns out good and gets ported to PS4. Or Vita. Whichever. Or else I'll have to buy an X1 in 2016 or so.

Yeah, is this confirmed to be fully exclusive, or just a timed exclusive?

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BattleBlock Theater

is going to be the second Games with Gold this month, so don't spend money on it right before it's free.

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(I always assumed the problem with Egoraptor was that he's unapologetically used racist slurs as a joke for his whole career)

I've seen more than a few of his videos, and never noticed this. Do you have a link to back up that accusation?

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My parents first only let me listen to 50s and 60s music, but I discovered 80s music through pop culture, television and movie soundtracks. The early 90s was pretty much the same. When I was a little older, I got into 90s alternative rock. As the decade came to a close, I found myself getting interested in indie music, electronic music, punk, rap, and 70s music at right around the same time. These days, I pretty much listen to newer indie bands and solo artists, along with anything I've enjoyed in the past.