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there's really no moral high-ground here; if they were reporting on some sort of industry abuses or shady business practices, I could see myself being more sympathetic to their plight...

So you want the company to report on itself?

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Shorter version: Basically, treat Ciri as an independent adult and not a complete child and don't be a total dick and do sidequests.

Not really. Like everything else about the Witcher, there's a lot of gray area. I can easily see someone messing up two or three of these choices, especially one and four. I missed number three in my first playthrough, because I felt like I should go with Ciri to support her. This is even more the case because Ciri comes to you to ask your help with the situation. "You'll be fine on your own," just struck me as turning down her request for support. I also missed number four, because throwing a tantrum in the middle of a frustrating situation struck me as the least adult response possible.

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So I was playing some Black Ops with another forum member the other day, and one of the people playing was named nickelbackr243, or something like that. It made us wonder if that person is a big Nickelback fan, or if their taste is music has changed and they REALLY want to change their PSN name about now. Not to pick on Nickelback or their fans, though. That band gets far too much crap, and music is crazy subjective. Still not a fan, though.

Anyhow, according to a recent poll on this website, 35% would like the ability to change your PSN ID. That's a pretty high amount. It got me wondering, what's so awful about your PSN user names? Why did you pick them in the first place, and what did you name yourselves? If you had the chance, what would you change them to?

I have a feeling there might be some interesting stories, here.

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Had some nice games with secondhands and a couple of other community members so far, so join us if you're looking for some multiplayer fun. It's a double XP weekend (active now) for both multiplayer and Zombies, so it's a good time to hit the level cap and / or prestige if you're into that sort of thing.

You also now get more cryptokeys the longer you stay in the same playlist, and bunch of the weapons received nerfs or buffs. The full patch notes can be found here:

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Good for Kotaku on attempting actual journalism in this industry, but that article reads a lot like a guy ranting on facebook about how his ex isn't picking up his phone calls.

You either get the scoops and post potentially business-relationship damaging material to get the clicks, or you play by the book. You can't have your cake and eat it too. I'm not sure how they thought they can pen articles based around NDA breaking leaks and then expect these companies to be like "ahh you got us haha oops, cat is out of the bag now haha oh man you guys are good, anyway Fallout 4 is in the mail!"

Yep, I think you nailed it right there. Also, Kotaku has done enough shit articles and displayed enough hypocrisy for me that they sound kind of stupid claiming some sort of moral or ethical high ground here. I'm pretty sure they're still owned by Gawker media, and I'm pretty sure that makes them highly worthy of a blacklisting to me.

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The Witcher 3 has more than one possible ending, although each ending changes depending on your other accomplishments and choices. This thread is meant to be a guide that allows players to reach the conclusion that they would prefer, while remaining as vague as possible with the exact details.

What this will vaguely spoil: Near the beginning of the game, you find out that you're looking for two women, and you're asked by a powerful character to bring one in particular to meet him. Once you've at least reached the part where you learn about this, the only main spoilers will be quest names--which are also thankfully vague--if you ever find one or both women, and if that powerful character is ever given the chance to meet them. You will also learn the names of your two primary romance options, when the point of no return is, and a rough idea of how much of the game is left at that point.

I thought this might be useful for those who haven't finished the game yet, because the determining factors that decide which ending you get are kind of subjective, and you could possibly pick too many of the wrong choices if you're not careful.

Spoiler text will go into more detail to make required choices a bit more clear, but will still attempt to not ruin the story. Still, I suggest only reading spoilers if you don't understand and require more detail.

At a certain point in the game, you will be prompted to save your game, and told that it's the point of no return. This is true, but only for certain quests and ending alterations. Choices made that affect which conclusion you eventually reach do not occur until shortly after the start of the quest "Blood on the Battlefield. It's important to note that at this point you will still have several more hours of gameplay until you reach the end, but save your game at the start of this quest just in case.

You'll be on a mountain and looking at a large fire.

From this point on, you will eventually make five choices that determine the ending of the game. All five choices have to do with the character Ciri, and she will be present for all of them.

#1 - In the quest "Blood on the Battlefield," Ciri should be cheered up, instead of being told not to worry.

After the battle, attempt to lift her spirits, instead of telling her that she doesn't have to be good at everything.

#2a - In the quest "Blood on the Battlefield," you're faced with a choice unlike the rest. There is arguably no strict "good" or "bad" choice here, only a personal preference. There's also no way to be vague about it, but it's something that has been talked about since the beginning of the game. Do you go directly to your destination, or do you take a detour?

If you view Geralt as Ciri's father figure, and the Emperor as someone who should be avoided, do not take Ciri to see the emperor. If you view the Emperor as Ciri's father, and believe that he should have a strong influence in her life, take Ciri to see the emperor.

#2b - If you do decide to go, remember that you brought Ciri there for her, not for you.

Do not take the reward.

#3 - In the quest "Final Preparations," Ciri doesn't need you to speak for her. Give her some space, and show that you have confidence in her.

Let Ciri speak to the sorceresses alone.

#4 - In the quest "Child of the Elder Blood," Ciri should be encouraged to vent her frustration, instead of being encouraged to remain calm.

Tell her "go for it," not "calm down."

#5 - In the quest "Child of the Elder Blood," Ciri should be allowed to mourn, instead of being told that there's no time.

Be sure to visit her friend's grave.

Other things to keep in mind:

Any and all secondary quests given to you by people Geralt seems to know should be completed as they are presented. Many of them determine your relationship with these characters, and what happens to them. Most are also as well-written and designed as the other major quests.

The only true side quests in the game are related to contracts, fistfights, horseraces, and random people saying "I heard you're a Witcher. Can you help me?"

The quest "Now or Never" should be completed immediately after it becomes available. Do not do any other quests until it's finished.

If you're interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, pick a love interest and stick with her. Just know that you can't keep your options open until the end.

During the quest "Last Wish," if you're in a relationship with Triss, you must breakup with Yennefer in order to remain in a relationship.

To pursue a relationship with Triss:

Kiss her when you have the chance, immediately help her with the "Now or Never" quest, and tell her that you love her during that quest.

To pursue a relationship with Yennefer:

Kiss her when you have the chance, and tell her that you love her during the quest "Last Wish."

If you want the dark / sad ending, do the opposite for the five decisions. Better yet, just look it up on You Tube after you finish the game with a good ending.

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@atwa said:
@finaldasa said:

If you have a problem with how the game and it's DLC is priced/packaged then don't buy it.

So you can't discuss it?

For me, it stopped me from buying the game. I don't want to pay 90 for a full game.

For me, the deciding factor was the game featuring a TWO player horde mode in 2015. That's even more ridiculous than Destiny's three player limit.

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@bane122: @sergio: @wallee321: @corvak:

For all you saying that you'd like a folders feature, I assume that you want that as an easier way to find your games. If that's the case, you do all know that you can use voice commands to instantly start any game on your system, right?

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Here's my attempt i just published on Xbox One. It's published under the title "" so others can download it. My gamertag is Old Man Light. Enjoy.

The image seems to be broken right now, but I saw it when it was working, and you did a darn nice job. For those who can't see the image, it was basically the entire Giant Bomb logo, text and all.


Yours is pretty good too. And I'm glad to see that you joined the community. I should be online some today--Wednesday--and a lot over the weekend. The official Treyarch twitter account posted a poll asking if people would like to have double XP this weekend, and the only options were two ways of saying yes. It should help me finally hit the level cap.