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What he should do is target the overwhelming majority of apathetic people in the middle; that would garner him more attention/hatred.

Yep. Guy had his fifteen minutes of fame when he lost his real job after bashing his employers in his previous game, and now he wants it back.

I have to say, I think "they're only doing this for the attention" is a pretty pointless accusation, because it can't ever be proven one way or another, so why make it in the first place? I see a lot of people on every side of an internet debate throwing this around, and it just seems to be without value to me.

See also: "They don't really care about this issue" and "they're only doing this for the money," both of which are accusations made of people on any side of a debate, as long as they have a little bit of fame or income from their work.

When your argument revolves around your assumptions of how someone secretly feels about a given topic, I don't feel that's a very strong argument.

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This thread concerns a developer denying product to customers based on their social / political beliefs. It's a topic worth talking about, and it's a topic that really has nothing to do with gamergate, other than that being the particular social issue that led to developer doing this.

Please don't discuss the specifics of gamergate in this thread. Find another thread to do that, and don't be surprised if it's locked soon after.

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@spaceinsomniac: the steam version was supposed to have more features if this email is legit, so its possible those buyers would also be excluded from an improved version of the game.

To be fair, in that same email the developer said that all versions of the game will receive those improvements.

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If he gives out refunds who cares?

The people who already paid money for a product that they were told would soon also be available to them on Steam. Many people won't want a refund. They'll want what they were promised. I know people who only buy games that are available on Steam, and won't even bother otherwise. So I'm sure many people only agreed to purchase this game because of the announcement it was coming to steam.

Imagine a restaurant that takes a reservation for a table with a great view of the city. Then the owner notices the customer's "I voted for Obama" lapel pin, and then openly refuses to seat them anywhere other than right by the kitchen door. If they don't like it, they can find another restaurant.

That would be extremely shitty, and extremely unprofessional. And that example doesn't even involve the exchange of money.

"I disagree with you on social / political issues" is not a valid reason for a business to break their commitments to customers.

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I don't know if it made it Stateside, but Icona Pop has a song called I Love It that has the worst verse / chorus switch.


I crashed my car into the bridge...


I don't care!

It's in so many commercials, and understanding the lyrics, I can't help but think how stupid it is to crash your car and be so proud of it.

I always thought that wasn't about being proud of crashing your car into a bridge, it was about admitting a mistake and not letting it affect you. Still kind of stupid lyrics, though, but they they're not complete nonsense.

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@lvl3bard said:

Just bailing on a job is an incredibly shitty thing to do.

You realize that if you just bail, someone else is going to have to cover your shifts? How is that fair?

You're right. I have co-workers who I care about there. Thanks for your post.

All right guys, thanks for the feedback, I'll put in a two weeks notice which conveniently would be right before finals. Hopefully I can actually study before finals.

If possible, I'd suggest putting in your two weeks notice, and then trying to give away your last several shifts to any employee who will take them. It doesn't have to be an either / or situation.

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Only the inquisitor can use potions other than the basic health potions. For that reason, have the inquisitor stick to health regeneration potions, and save the standard health potions for the rest of your party.

No, that's incorrect. They just designed it in a nebulous way. On the "equip potion" screen, click in the right upper corner and you can switch to your companions. There you can choose the setup you wish and then click on the various potions/tonics/bombs to create them for each character individually

Cool. Thanks for explaining.

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I thought you couldn't issue basic attack commands to pary members, but that's only true when you hit pause to out orders. If you enter the tactical mode, then you can set up basic attack commands from there.

And this isn't a tip so much as it's a warning: the companion AI... let's just say it leaves something to be desired. I hadn't noticed until I fought the dragon in the Hinterlands and they were running into fire and standing still in dragon breath while downing potions. Yeesh.

I just recently figured this out myself. After you give your companions a "hold this position" order, they'll no longer be stupidly running into danger. When a fight starts, give your mages and archers "move to this point" orders, and then tell everyone in your party to hold their position. After that, you won't have to worry about your projectile focused classes running into battle and getting themselves killed.

It seems I can only issue the order to everyone, and later cancel it for melee fighters, though. Does anyone happen to know of a way to tell only the targeted character to hold their position?

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A few tips I've noticed from playing:

Only the inquisitor can use potions other than the basic health potions. For that reason, have the inquisitor stick to health regeneration potions, and save the standard health potions for the rest of your party.

Mages tend to be a little more elemental with the damage they do, as opposed the other classes. For this reason, for every mage in your party, have a staff of each elemental type. Many enemies are especially vulnerable to certain elements. There are also certain "doors" that require a specific element to open, so be prepared.

Once you start picking up shards--which are found by using those skull telescope type things in each area--be sure to unlock the quest associated with them as soon as you can.

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So the thread titles don't let you put a lot of information there, but for those who live in the US, you should know that there's currently a nice GTA deal at Target. If you trade in your PS3 or Xbox 360 copy of GTA V, they will give you a coupon worth 30 dollars off the PS4 or Xbox One version of GTA V.

So if prettier graphics, 1080p, 100 new songs, first person mode, etc isn't worth it for 60 dollars, how about 30?

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I'll just leave this here:

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@jeffsekai: @turtlebird95:

If I'm not mistaken, it's also only two-player, and doesn't support any of the campaign missions. Want to take over an outpost with a friend? You can do that. Want to play the story with a friend? That you can't do.