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Nah. It's just PR damage control. Ubisoft is pretty good at that. They have to be since they put their foot in their mouth so much.

They mentioned this on Gamespot and I don't really believe anything substantial will come of it.

"We are working to adapt our services and communications with consumers accordingly, both by changing the way we work with reviewers and by offering customers open betas or other early access to some games, all so that they have the information they need and want."

What does that even mean? I mean, I know the words, but it's just nice words put together that don't really amount to anything. So... their response is to have more betas that gamers can partake in? I don't see how that fixes the problem of them releasing broken games. I can't complain (I don't have much of a problem with Ubisoft), but I'm just saying. This is meaningless.

It reminds me of a Simpsons quote. "I can't promise I'll try, but I'll try to try."

Embargoes that go on for even an hour after the game has already been released are incredibly anti-consumer, and should be treated with nothing but hostility and contempt.

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I'm curious about the game, but I kind of skipped over the first Dragon Age and not sure if it's worth going back. I've also heard nothing but bad things about the second one.

If you want to learn about the lore and the game's universe, I'd strongly recommend this video series:

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Spartan Abilities

They dabbled with mods before in reach and halo 4, here they are just giving it to everyone, equal starts for all

  • Thruster (works multi direction)
  • Ground pound
  • Clamber (really hard ledge grabs work like classic crouch jumps for good players)
  • Slide (full sprint velocity then crouch to slide)

Great minds think alike?

Seriously though, your shields only recharging when you're walking sounds like a great move. This already looks much better than Halo 4.

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@hunkadunkasaurus: I can't help but think a lot of advice in this thread is being given by people who have played other COD games, and assume that AW is more of the same. It is actually very different.

Do everything you can to win gun battles, and stack the odds in your favor. Keep using the same gun--I'd suggest the BAL--and unlock the attachments. The quick aim grip and the recoil reducing grip both give you a large advantage. Use primary gunfighter and make your third attachment a laser sight if you like to engage at close range, or a sight if you feel you need one for long range. Silencers are also good, but can add an extra bullet to the amount you need for a kill.

Speaking of guns, try to pre-aim before you round a corner, or enter a section where you expect any enemy. If you do unexpectedly see an enemy at close to medium range, start to shoot at the same time as you start to aim. While your aim isn't anywhere near as good when not aiming down your sights, aiming before you start shooting is a sure fire way to slow down the process. The combination of a lucky hip-fire bullet hit and/or the assurance that you'll be shooting your weapon from the split second that you're aiming down sights is often enough to make the difference.

Watch your radar, as for the first time you can see an indicator explaining which of your teammates is firing their weapon. When you do kill someone, expect there to be someone else near by who will have been watching their teammate shoot at you, and expect them to want to engage you while you're reloading.

If you've been shot from a long range and have yet to hit your enemy, consider pushing in on the left stick and back in any direction to quickly boost away into cover. Once you've been attacked first, the odds are not in your favor. If you're shot from far away, you'll have a much easier time escaping the fight, as it takes more bullets for a kill at long range.

Unlike other COD games, keep moving. There are attachments to even make silenced weapons appear on the minimap, so you can and will be found often. The minimap has changed a lot, and unless you can get a friend to watch your back, it's pretty much impossible to successfully camp in this game. Here is a good video explaining the changes. Because of this, I'd suggest that you either try to sick to the outer areas of the maps in team death match, or play objective modes such as domination or hardpoint.

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@historyinrust said:

@starvinggamer said:

I already own one, and this doesn't make me want the other

The poll really needed this option.

Polls seem to be broken right now anyway, but yeah. It was an oversight, and I noticed it before the second post in this thread.

@hunkulese said:

How is GTA a system seller when it's already on everything. Is anyone buying a PS4 because of GTA?

GTA is a system seller in the same way that COD is a system seller. There are a good deal of gamers who ONLY play GTA or COD, and barely touch other games. They wouldn't even own a gaming console if it wasn't for GTA or COD.

Full list of Grand Theft Auto V record-breaking achievements:

1. Best-selling action-adventure videogame in 24 hours

2. Best-selling videogame in 24 hours

3. Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion

4. Fastest videogame to gross $1 billion

5. Highest grossing videogame in 24 hours

6. Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours

7. Most viewed trailer for an action-adventure videogame

This according to Guinness World Records. And yes, I believe there will be people who buy a new console because of a better-looking GTA, especially if they hear that they can now play it "like call of duty."

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@ian280291: Just like politics, the console wars are a two party matter how badly we need a third.

As far as I'm aware, there are currently no announced Black Friday deals for the Wii U. If and when that changes, Nintendo will be relevant to this discussion.

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@thehbk said:

I have seen places like Fry's discounting the Xbox One to 330 already and the Sunset Overdrive Bundle. I think Sony is close to going back to their "we can do no wrong" mentality. With how they handled the update debacle and Drive Club still not working, their lack of vision in software and services is showing and Microsofts muscle with the cloud is starting to show. We need to see what impact Sony's games next year will have.

How did they handle the update debacle? They released an update that broke the rest mode, suggested that everyone to turn their consoles off completely until they were able to fix things, and then they fixed the problem several days later. Seems like the right way to handle the situation to me. Did I miss a stupid PR comment or something?

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I just noticed that I forgot to include a poll option for "I already own one, and this doesn't make me want the other." Sorry about that.

@ian280291 said:

What about the Wii U there are three systems in the console "wars"

That's a very good question. Either Nintendo isn't being very aggressive with Black Friday this year, or Target doesn't care very much about the Wii U, because the system is nowhere to be found in their Black Friday ad. Best Buy still hasn't leaked yet, so perhaps there's still hope for Nintendo deals after all.

[edit] Wow, polls are just stupid broken on this website right now, aren't they?

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@humanity said:
@sterling said:

Ya'll be trippin'. XB1 is straight up hot garbage son. Console Warz!

I'd rather it didn't degrade into that. I honestly didn't make the thread to start a "whos better!" battle.

But you did make a thread and completely ignore the huge update that Sony just released that added themes, additional library features, additional voice commands, background music options, you tube support, the ability to share games online, and the ability to play any local co-op multiplayer game online.

Can I play the single player campaign of my friends copy of Sunset Overdrive without needing to own the game itself? Then maybe that's something worth thinking about being saying something like this:

@humanity said:

In stark contrast Sony has been doing what seems like nothing with it's XMB

Yeah, PSN can be slow sometimes. It is a problem, and it's something that Sony needs to improve. That might have made a better topic for a thread, and would have been less "console wars-ish." Instead, you started with "Microsoft lets you put achievement art as your background, but Sony has done nothing for their customers," and you suggested this less than a month after the biggest PS4 update yet.

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The latest update, coinciding somewhat with the recent 360 re-release, adds native controller support but takes away a lot more.

Highly recommend manually stopping it if you can, as many iconic songs are now gone due to licence expiry purposes (full list below).

All hail the digital future. Seriously, if you already own the game and the files are on your computer, what the hell right does any company have to remove / disallow that content due to a licensing issue? I can understand removing it from future versions of the game that are sold, but this is ridiculous.

Publishers can have my physical media when they pry it from my cold dead hands. Or whenever publishers stop selling physical media. Whichever comes first, really.