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I think "I am close with the person am reporting on" and "the person I am defending in this article has a PR person, and that person donates money to me on a regular basis" are kind of two different things, and the latter was kind of worth mentioning. That's payola.

She did mention it though. It was the Guardian that decided it wasn't relevant. If anybody deserves to be criticized for journalistic integrity, it's them, not Jenn Frank.

Agreed, and they probably should be criticized. If a PR representative from Electronic Arts donated money to Jeff Gerstmann, and Jeff wrote an article denouncing people's anger with EA, that would be a pretty big conflict of interest.

But again, The Guardian deserves the blame here, and I'm sorry that Frank got caught up in all of this.

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I saw a video on my You Tube subscription feed that instantly reminded me of this thread, so I thought I'd share it.

And my condolences to JadeGL and anyone else here who had to experience such loss at such a young age.

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Not in the least. I tell people all the time. No one in my family ever watched sports, so I never got into them either. If anyone has an issue with that, I couldn't care less.

I do understand most sports a bit from going to an occasional baseball game and playing sports video games as a kid.

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People are starting to harass Jenn Frank. That's about when I decide to stop paying attention to this issue cause those people are not people I wanna listen to.

"People are starting to harass JonTron. That's about when I decide to stop paying attention to this issue cause those people are not people I wanna listen to."

This works both ways, and it accomplishes nothing to let rude or hateful voices prevent you from listening to moderate, respectful people on either side of an issue.

[edit] I'm sorry to hear that she's leaving game journalism over it, though. I was not aware of that when I wrote the above, and think it sucks that anyone would be ridiculed into silence.

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There's kind of a self-fulfilling prophesy in situations like this. People assume that everyone is going to be as nasty as internet nerds always are, so they hustle over to the exact OPPOSITE stance as fast as they can and give no quarter.

It's not surprising really, considering the bullshit that seems like a constant goes down in internet "geek" spaces, that pretty much the entire industry, all at once, decided to draw a very pronounced line in the sand. "If you're with these people, explicitly or even just implicitly, then WE'RE against YOU. Full stop." It may not be particularly fair, but it leaves absolutely no room for misinterpretation and it's pretty much the only thing you CAN say without accidentally empowering a bunch of horrible little cretins to keep being horrible. Even saying basic shit like "Critique is good, misogynistic harassment is bad" will inevitably lead some people to just go "Oh well I totally agree that sexism and harassment are bad, but I'm not harassing that whore. I'm simply giving the stupid bitch a strong critique of both her personal and professional life! Repeatedly! On every platform I possibly can!"

People are going to troll no matter what, and that's true for any side of any issue. I find it sad that people on both sides of this debate would let that fact stop them from respecting one another enough to have a civil discussion. You're doing it right now.

I can promise you that there are those on the other side of this issue who would say something like "I don't think every game has to be about killing people. Gone Home is a pretty cool idea, and I think it's great that people have choices" but they don't, because they're convinced that it might be "empowering" the sort of bloggers who outright call specific developers misogynists, and make hateful assumptions concerning their character.

You don't let the most belligerent assholes of any debate control the discussion. If you do, then there is no point in even bothering, because you're never going to convince anyone of anything. At that point, the trolls have already won, and you might as well be yelling at a brick wall.

@wolfgame said:

This whole thing is just sad, no one is "winning", I can say that without hesitation. We have two groups fighting for their own version of what is "right". Both make very valid points but refuse to make any concessions for the sake of actual progress, so the war goes on and on...

And on, and on, and on...

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Is it that hard to accept that geek culture is not welcoming to new people, take the blame and then try to make it better.

Yes. Yes, it is. That isn't true of myself, it isn't true of my friends, and until you can somehow prove that allegation as it relates to a majority of everyone who plays video games, I will continue to view it as a form of pre-judgmental bigotry.

I don't think that's true. Geek culture is growing exponentially by the year. That wouldn't happen if it wasn't welcoming. Geeks are basically my favorite kind of people on the planet. Why do you think the 'new kid' ends up at the geek table when no one else lets them sit with them?

These are both excellent points.

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The term MRA and / or SJW used as either a positive or negative in the first post = flag.

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Regarding critics hating Event Horizon, @bigsocrates pretty much nails it. Your average newspaper critic probably doesn't appreciate this type of film. It's for a niche-crowd, albeit it does have a bit more mainstream appeal since it's very bombastic at the very least.

Thanks for the feedback to those who wrote some. Much appreciated!

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No mention of Bloodsport? I'm disappointed, Giant Bomb.

I totally name-dropped that in the first paragraph of the opening post.

I stand corrected.

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No mention of Bloodsport? I'm disappointed, Giant Bomb.

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The Smashing Pumpkins released their album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness in 1995, but I didn't get a copy of that album until early 1997, right around the time Final Fantasy VII was released. I got a PlayStation before my friends, so after I played the game myself, I played through it with my friends by going over to their house once or twice a week. When I wasn't there, I would spend hours and hours listening to Mellon Collie and leveling up over and over again.

We were using a gameplay walkthrough to make sure we didn't miss anything the second time around, and we would frequently run into a situation where the guide would say something like "if you have Bolt 2, use it," and we would have Bolt 3. We flew through that game thanks to my absurd amount of grinding--a term that I wasn't even aware of back then--and even now it's one of our favorite gaming stories to tell.

To this day, my favorite Smashing Pumpkins album and my favorite Final Fantasy game are forever linked in a really beautiful way.

I played through Secret of Mana for SNES with them as well. A 30+ hour Super Nintendo RPG in 3 player simultaneous local co-op with two great friends. My gaming memories don't get any better than that.

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@make_me_mad: Is this the supposed harassment that happened at a wedding? (trying to keep this vague so as to keep the thread from getting locked) That's the problem with this entire story- there's no hard proof of anything, yet some people are spreading rumors and smoke as fact, which only gins up more anger and hatred.

As I've said before:

Phil Fish publicly and viciously verbally attacked another developer for making a sexual harassment claim--after the developer expressed concern that he might become a pariah before the information was shared--and the result is that the accuser apologized profusely for his claim without retracting it, and ended up promoting a game made by his alleged harasser. That makes it news.

If a female game developer in the community of high-budget retail games made a sexual harassment claim, and then was shouted down, bullied and silenced by a well-known developer--all the way to the point where she used her twitter account to promote her harassers video game--and did so after she posted that she feared it would happen due to the harsh and exclusive clique that is major retail game development, if that happened it would be the ONLY thing that the gaming press would be talking about. Does anyone here believe otherwise?

The story isn't developer A accuses developer B of sexual harassment. The story is developer A accuses developer B of sexual harassment, developer C says of developer A: "You crashed that wedding, you little shit. Nobody wanted you there. You're slime."

The story isn't the accusation, it's the response to the accusation.