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Belle. Also, this is without a doubt my favorite video that has ever made:

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It turns out that 43 percent of Giant Bomb members who voted in this poll admit to either buying one of the two most recent Call of Duty games, or pre-ordering / planning to buy Advanced Warfare. I have to admit, I honestly didn't expect the numbers to be that high. This has been a pretty interesting poll.

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Has anyone tried Diablo 3 Share Play and had the guest use their own PSN account? I have a save file on my friend's PS4 from before I had one, so we booted up Share Play with D3 on his PS4 on Wednesday, but it only let me use a guest account. Do I need to have the D3 save on my system or in my cloud in order to use my account? Or that just a restriction of share play?

If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably because when you played at your friends house, you used a different account other than theirs to play local multiplayer, right? It works by virtually handing your friend the second controller, which I don't believe allows you to use a different profile.

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@spaceinsomniac: I assume this is the same technology used for Playstation Now. Have you tried that service, and would you say the experiences are comparable?

I never tried PS Now, because I already have enough of a backlog, and because I doubt my internet speed wouldn't be up to the task.

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@sarahsdad: I had tried it when the update was just released but the person I was trying with told me that accepting the invite basically froze his entire PS4 interface and after several minutes of trying we just gave up. I've also been unable to upload a clip onto my YouTube account, but I did successfully upload an image to Twitter once. PSN as a whole seems to be kind of a mess right now.

You Tube updates were not working for me either at first, but after the late night PSN maintenance the other night it seems to work fine. You should try it again.

I had a chance to try this last night, and at least as a host it worked well. @spaceinsomniac played Spelunky for a few minutes, and then we did a bit of co-op with Towerfall Ascension.

He said there was some lag at his end, and the graphics were a little... fuzzy I think.

I don't know how much connection speed effects things; I could host, but the system said he couldn't, due to connection.

FWIW, I tested my connection and was getting about 30 both up and down.

Has anyone tried a three or four player co-op session ? Just curious to know if it would even work.

I'm happy to say that the graphics were really not that bad. Maybe it lowered game detail to 720p at worst. The real issue was the lag. It created probably between 1/2 or 1/4 of a second of controller lag, which was just enough to make the early sections of Towerfall still playable. The later sections of just about any game would be nearly impossible, though.

But a lot of the issue likely had to do with my internet speed. I get about five down, and one up. And the share play feature only worked when I wasn't hosting. When I did try hosting, the system quickly tested my connection and told me that it wasn't fast enough.

So what about the rest of you? Have you hosted games that responded a bit more favorably, and found things to be a bit more playable?

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I can tell 30 vs 60 in games and with GB videos, but I've tried multiple 60fps videos on youtube using chrome and I've yet to see a difference. I'm convinced something's not configured correctly for me.

Play that KI video above, right click and select "Stats for Nerds" and see what it says.

The thread creator should also do this. If it does show up as 720p60 or 1080p60, then another thing it could be is your monitor. Especially if you're using a TV as your monitor, some older models might not be able to display 60fps. To test that out, find a friend who says that they can see the difference and then ask them if they can see it on your screen. You could also visit a friend and try using their monitor.

Either way, perhaps something will work.

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I've been here since the beginning. I like how the join dates aren't seen in every post. Too many forums have people who look down on newer members, and I'm glad none of that BS happens here.


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Maybe try this video:

If you run that in chrome, full screen and 720p 60 or 1080p 60, that I hope would do it. If not, then I'm not sure what to tell you. I've been watching this guy play KI for months now, and this video makes it look like he's playing a completely different game. For me personally, the difference was pretty big.

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See, the appeal of D&D is that there's far, FAR fewer restraints on what you can do compared to what you can do in a video game. Want to try to reason with the kobolds? Sure! Want to steal their kobold blood, use it to poison the town well, and then "accidentally" burn down the local tavern? Why not?! The appeal is that it's so open ended that you're pretty much just limited by your imagination. Granted, there's still rules, you still have to roll to see if you succeed, and you need the DM's approval, but it's still vastly open ended.

This reminded me of a story. I never did get into D&D, but my parents did in the 70s. I remember once being told about the time when my mother was dungeon master for the first time. She decided to put an ordinary McDonald's restaurant randomly in the middle of a dungeon, thinking it would be fun. She thought it was less fun when the rest of the players decided to brutally slaughter everyone inside. I guess at the time those other players didn't want whimsy invading their role playing as bad-ass dungeon raiders.

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Is it actually 7 hours long? Cause that is way longer than most other games in the series and may just tip me to get it.

Yeah, that's probably the case. I'm pretty sure that the developer said something about the campaign being longer this year. I had my doubts, but this seems to confirm it.

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For anyone wondering if cross-gen might be limiting the new Call of Duty, I recently found some video of the previous gen version, and the difference is MASSIVE. At this point, I really don't see the concept of cross-gen being an issue when it comes to graphic quality anymore.

Both are videos of the same map, and both will run at 60fps in Chrome when the option is selected. Quite a difference, here.