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@spaceinsomniac: They were told by the Department of Justice to not release that video because it was irrelevant. Additionally if they were simply complying with requests for information why has there been no autopsy of the murder victim, no statement or account from the murderer and no attempt to interview witnesses?

They did release the name of the officer, which I'm sure they also didn't want to do. I would think most of the other things you mentioned will have to wait for court, especially a statement or account from the accused. I also don't understand how they could be told by the department of justice not to release a video that state law requires them to release.

I will agree that it was incredibly poor timing for information that should have waited until trial, but it will be absolutely relevant to a defense attorney attempting to establish Brown as someone who had reason to fear being stopped by the police, and had a higher likelihood of resisting arrest or fighting with an officer.

I just hope several people saw the entire altercation, and not just after shots were fired. I think people testifying that they never saw Brown go for the officer's gun is the only thing that will absolutely ensure a guilty verdict. Everything else could possibly be blamed on panic / adrenaline, however true that may or may not have been.

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@ajamafalous said:
@spoonman671 said:

I played it when it first released on PC, and haven't felt the need to pay any more money for the console versions. I'd probably try it out if it were free or even heavily discounted for owners of other versions.

@ajamafalous said:

There is no "I have it on PC and am not buying a console version because the PC version is objectively superior" option.

Don't come at me with a "Not if you want couch co-op/controller!" response. That may be a feature that you want that sells you on the console version, but it doesn't mean the PC version isn't still the better game up and down.

I just don't understand why PC fanboys feel the need to open their big mouths and make all of us look socially inept and self-important. That's not an option in the poll because it was specifically about people who ARE buying the most recent iteration of the game.

I'm not a PC fanboy by any means, I can just recognize that the PC version of Diablo is a far better experience.

Again, if someone prefers to play it on the couch or with a controller, that's totally fine, but that doesn't make it a better game from an objective standpoint; it just means that, to them, it's worth losing some other features to gain couch co-op or controller support.

Also, the poll doesn't say "this is only for people who are buying the most recent iteration" because the OP specifically says "Just curious how many people will be buying this for the second time or more," not "I am only looking for answers from people who are." My response is "I am a person who is not buying this for the second time or more."

Hi, I'm the person who made the thread. This poll has been placed in the Ultimate Evil Edition forum, and is specifically titled "Buying Diablo III? How many times will that make it?" You're not just wrong, you're objectively wrong.

Also, if one version of a game includes features that another version lacks--which is certainly the case here--neither version can be considered objectively better.

Interestingly enough, the whole issue will be even more divisive soon, when the console version has several features that the PC does not, and the PC version gains a really cool seasons mode that won't be supported on console, due to an increased potential of cheating.

For those interested, here are the new console exclusive features, as taken from the official thread on NeoGAF:

Apprentice Mode

Apprentice Mode allows two characters at different levels to level up easily with each other. Using a side-kick type of system, the lower level character is temporarily boosted up to the higher level for that play session. Both characters get experience and gear according to their base level, as they level together. The lower level character gets a bit of an extra experience boost, to help them level up even faster.

Player Mail

Player Mail will be available, to let players send items to an ingame mailbox of other players on their friends list. It isn't explicitly stated, but it appears that Legendary items won't be bind-on-account to the same degree that they are now in the PC version of Diablo III.

Player Gift

When a Legendary drops for a player, there is a chance for an extra Player Gift to drop, specifically for someone on the friends list. It can be opened by any character on the friend's account, and the item will roll a Rare or Legendary appropriate to that character.

Nemesis System

A fun feature is the Nemesis system, which was previously called Avenger Kills in the previous developer discussion at BlizzCon 2013. If a monster kills your character, there is a chance that it can level up, turn into a different creature, gain new abilities and jump into a portal (and out of your game). Later on that same monster can show up with ominous music in your friend's game, with a name making it clear that it was the monster that killed your character. If the monster kills your friend's character, it gets even more powerful, and can go on to someone else on their friends list! If the monster is killed, there are Player Gifts that can be sent back to the character who it originally killed.

Improved Massacre Bonuses

Some parts of Diablo III haven't had a big impact so far, and are being boosted for this edition to give the game a more "arcadey" feel. Massacre bonuses are being boosted to give more experience and prominence in the display, and each new level reached of the Massacre bonus (10, 20, 30 monsters killed, etc.) provides a chance of dropping a Nephalem Glory globe. The Destruction bonus from destroying 5 or more pieces of furniture or barrels, now provides a little speed boost. Killing enemies with traps like chandeliers is being experimented with, to possibly provide a resource boost.

Improved Class-Specific Loot Assignation

One of the areas that was a little tedious on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of Diablo III was dealing with loot in a local multiplayer game, where only one person could have their inventory open at once. To help with this further in the PS4 edition, loot in a local multiplayer game will automatically be assigned to a character who can use it. When it shows up on the ground, it's marked for Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, or Player 4. For example, if a Demon Hunter picks up an item with Strength, it will automatically go to the Barbarian in the group, since that's who it was really dropped for.

@hailinel said:

I still haven't bought it. Kind of wish there was an option in the poll for me to vote so I could see the results.

One easy way around this is to either log out for a moment, or open an incognito window.

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@ares42 said:

I'm curious about the ps4 version, but considering I already own and have played a ton of the game on PC already I'd really want to try it before I buy it. Would suck to buy the game again only to realize that it's just an inferior version.

If you already have the reaper of souls expansion, probably don't bother. If you only have the main game, I think it might be worth it. Lots of people seem to really enjoy playing it with a controller, and I believe a demo is available for PS3 and 360 if you want to get a rough idea of how using a controller with the game would feel.

There are also some console only exclusive features, but the next PC update will bring its own set of exclusive features--mostly tied to leader boards--so do your research before you decide which to pickup.

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By the way, if anyone was wondering about what's going on in Ferguson, things took a turn for the worse last night and a curfew has been put in place for tonight starting at midnight. A lot of people seem to anticipate that tonight could get ugly and there's has been a very heavy police presence already.

@extomar said:

This seems to be a case where the police are making every mistake they can make even though they are trying to act in good faith at multiple points. At this stage the only way to get this to stop is to get the governor involved and the national guard because none of the local authorities have shown they are any better than circus clowns making up the act as they stumble along.

@brodehouse said:

A curfew is not law being enforced, a curfew is a new law. A curfew designed to prevent people from being capable of committing crimes is like a restriction on entering banks designed to prevent bank robberies.

I used to work overnight shifts at a gas station (because I'm privileged!), and I can imagine how upset I would be to be treated like a criminal for walking to work. This evening, after I finished my shift (at a different company and position, thank Fuck), I walked to a 24 hour store and bought root beer, and I can imagine how upset I would be to be treated like a criminal for buying groceries.

@themasterds said:

@viciousbearmauling: Then martial law were declared, a curfew put in place and the thugs came back out to play.

Something probably worth noting for those blaming the curfew on the local police:

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in Ferguson, Mo., Saturday.


"If we're going to have justice, we must first have and maintain peace," Nixon said of the curfew at a Saturday afternoon press conference. "The eyes of the world are watching."


Margaret Huang, deputy executive director of Amnesty International USA, disagrees with the curfew.

"It's clear that the community doesn't feel heard," Huang says. "It's hard to build trust when the governor won't meet with community members and restricts their movements with a curfew. The people of Ferguson should not have their rights further restricted."

For those who might be wondering about political affiliation, Jay Nixon is a democrat.

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@viciousbearmauling: Cops started smear campaign on the boy to justify his murder. No effort was put into the murder, no witnesses were talked to. Instead the police have focused on character assassinating the kid who was literally assassinated. Then martial law were declared, a curfew put in place and the thugs came back out to play.

Both sides wanted something different and it couldn't work out. The protesters want justice and the cops want absolute impunity.

The cops released that video / information because they had to under Missouri's sunshine request law. It's pretty obvious that such an action would lead to more hostility, so I don't think they would have done so without someone forcing their hand. The same information could have just as easily come out in a courtroom months from now, after tensions had died down.

It would have been just as beneficial then to the defense attorney, who will probably attempt to tell a narrative of a man who robbed a convenience store, and was therefore more likely to resist arrest / fight with an officer than a random black guy just walking down the middle of the street. Ultimately, witness testimony is going to be the most important thing, especially if someone witnessed the entire event, and not just what happened after shots were heard. One or two people saying that Brown never reached for the officers gun, and I would hope this would be an open and shut case.

If that were true, the officer couldn't even claim that the adrenaline got to him or whatever, because he would be lying about what caused him to draw his weapon in the first place.

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I'm playing it, but so far stealth isn't very easy for me at the beginning of the game, and I know that killing too many people will get you the bad ending, which kind of sucks. I'm probably going to just say screw it, finish the game killing everyone, and then watch the good ending on You Tube. I've never been a big fan of stealth in FPS games.

But yes, it's a great title for Games with Gold.

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@spaceinsomniac said:

@spraynardtatum said:

That video is terrifying and exactly why they shouldn't be in control of the cameras. Also, we would have evidence of Michael Brown being shot if their was simply a dashcam.

You keep saying that, but I don't think you're explaining yourself very well. WHY should they not be "in control" of the cameras? You're acting like they're going to edit footage as if they were creating a movie or something, but either the footage would be UNCUT or it wouldn't. There's not much of an issue being "in control" of video that you have to present in its entirety, uncut and unedited.

Perhaps I'm wrong and there's something I'm overlooking that you're not explaining very well. If that's the case, then I'll be happy to listen to a better explanation.

Lastly, a dashcam wouldn't have picked up any video from the side of the car, which is likely where the majority of the altercation took place.

People don't like to be filmed. Especially when they're caught doing something bad. Or if they're being accused of doing something bad. 99% of people wouldn't want to be filmed while being questioned by a police officer, that statistic may be completely made up but I think it should be higher. People are already on edge when they're being questioned by cops and the last thing the officer needs is another excuse for their perp to feel cornered.

It would severely hinder the usefulness of our Miranda Rights. The right to remain silent disappears. Innocent people/guilty people could inadvertently incriminate themselves without knowing to a much further extent than right now. Unless we all just hired lawyers to walk around with us at sporting events or around police cars.

Now I understand a little bit more where you're coming from, but if you're being arrested and you're going to be interviewed by the police, you're already going to be recorded. It's not a matter of not wanting to be filmed by a police officer while being questioned, because it's already going to happen.

If you've never seen this before, I highly recommend watching the entire video. It's very informative and entertaining.

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@inspectorfowler: Thank for your input. Not that I'm going to ask you to be too specific, but are you a police officer in the US, and if so which state?