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Friend, I've "been here" as long as you have. I've also had lots of great discussions about those "controversial" topics in these boards. And I've too many times seen those conversations destroyed before they end by people who can't help but disrupt something they claim to not even care about in the first place. I'm sick of that. And I don't think trying to create a minimum standard of respect in those discussions is too much to ask.

Giant Bomb is precious to me, and I assure you, I won't "get there soon enough" because I still value being able to have fun and discuss games and culture with people who value them like I do. Your apathy is a choice, not an eventuality. But I guess, fuck me for caring. :/

Agreed. I've been here since day one--as if seniority actually mattered with this situation--and I can say this directed towards anyone who disagrees with this:

The Mods don't like empty quote posts. The mods don't like "lol" posts. Contribute some actual discussion, or don't post. If you don't think the thread belongs on Giant Bomb in the first place, flag it an move on.

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How about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? It's candy themed, and most of those kids are monsters in their own right.

And then there's that the boat ride scene.

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The moment you realize that you are reading a 3 year old thread.

It's a thread about a three year old movie, so that moment came pretty quickly for me.

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I always assumed the movie was racist. But not in the kind of racist thats thrown in your face. Its more the somewhat subtle storytelling. Its the idea that this black character would be completely lost without this white main character. This same type of storytelling is done so many times in some many different ways its not even funny. I think "The Help" is actually another example of the same thing. The idea that these black character would be living these quiet forgotten lives if it weren't for this white character that rolled into town. There's actually a great article that talks about this exact same topic.

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I love the original song, which is probably why I didn't really care for seeing it in this ad.

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At least it beats the heck out of the only Xbox One ad that Microsoft has created so far.

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The last time I simply typed 'lol' it got flagged and deleted. I'm being oppressed!

I'm very happy to hear that. After the second or third time of being a recipient of an "lol" reply from you, I've just not been responding to your posts anymore. Why bother trying to have a debate with someone and taking your time to type out your thoughts, only to have them basically laugh in your face as a reply? I'm glad to know that the moderators dislike seeing it as well.

And yes, I'm aware of the irony of responding to someone's post to tell them that you haven't been replying to their posts. This reply is more for the benefit of others, mainly to let them know to flag those "lol" and "empty quote" posts whenever they see them.

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@spaceinsomniac: Nowhere in my post did I say it was a problem unique to this industry. I didn't even come close to making such an implication. I don't buy used media. But playing through a game and returning it 4 days later means you're enjoying the product of millions of man-hours without the developers seeing any of your money. He can do it all he wants (though I suspect he'll be stopped sooner rather than later). I'll still call it shitty. And it's also an abuse of a system that helps the consumer. People whine and scream about how terrible GameStop is but the second the have a system in place that's absolutely good for the customer, they abuse it like crazy until it's taken away, making them whine and scream some more.

We actually agree. See my other post in this thread, directly above yours. I thought you were attacking the practice of selling used games in general, which was my mistake.

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So give Gamestop a used game that they'll get 100% of the profits for, while the developers get nothing? That's a pretty shitty thing to do.

It's how the right of first sale works with literally every form of media. Games are not somehow a special exception.

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Working in retail myself, I can tell you right now--if what the OP said is actually true--that the company is almost certainly well aware of any possible exploits, and have decided that it would be in their best interest to extend the offer to their honest customers, and accept the minimal damage by those who will abuse the system.

As time goes on, the company will carefully watch the promotion, and it WILL be discontinued if too many people are taking advantage of the promotion. Then honest customers will once again be stuck with a game that they realized was crap after playing it for less than an hour, and they'll have no one to blame for that other than the people who took advantage of the system, and forced EB Games to discontinue this offer.

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And its official, the 80's are dead again

Not really, they're just not as easy to find as Miley Cyrus. Two of my favorite recent examples:

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