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What really makes me think this is off is when he's playing that really arcadey PS4 game and goes on about how he likes to play arcadey games with the D-Pad and that it's insanely integral in his purchase decision BUT HE NEVER USES THE D-PAD FOR THE ARCADEY GAME.

Wait, what? Do you honestly expect him to play a racing game or a 3D platformer with a d-pad? THAT is what makes you think this is somehow "off"?

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@k9: Not for nothing, but you sound like a jerkass with a far-too-high opinion of yourself.

Ad hominem. Doesn't impress me.

And calling people "Philistine" is what again?

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@hailinel: @jakob187: Burning it all down isn't the solution.

It's not just the Republicans that are dumb, Hailinel. Clearly there is no one up there smart enough or strong enough to do anything but bicker. Obama sucks. Congress sucks. We need new people in office, preferably all of which have a year's experience in minimum wage jobs.

bicker? What else can the democrats do? If they capitulated to the republicans at any point in this process, then they can do this every time they don't like a bill. Which is pretty much any bill that includes spending for things that aren't part of the military.

This shutdown is entirely the republicans fault. No Democrat out there is saying that defaulting is a good idea, but they are plenty of republicans who are saying such things (most of them in the suicide caucus) Plus the republican poll numbers about the shutdown have been dropping the longer the shutdown's gone on.

I seriously want to know why you think the democrats are dumb.

Do you honestly see that happening? Don't you think that just about everyone would loathe any political party who did that? Do you think this might have a little more to do with the fact that this is a social program which pretty much eliminates the chances of it ever being stopped once it started?

Imagine a Republican bill to use taxpayer money to pay for low-cost guns for every household in America. And on top of that, the bill would fine any household in America who didn't own a gun. And now imagine that once that bill was passed, it would be almost impossible to repeal. And finally, imagine how hard Democrats would fight that bill.

Of course, it's insane to suggest that anyone be fined for not owning a gun, but it's not much more insane to suggest that people should be fined for not wanting to be forced to buy healthcare. Healthcare is a GOOD thing, but that doesn't mean it should be FORCED on anyone who doesn't have the money to pay for it, or doesn't WANT to pay for it. And this "affordable" care act is arguably anything but for some people.

If Democrats want free healthcare for everyone in America that's fine, but they need to "Dave it up" and find another way to come up with the money, not just continue to drive us further and further into debt. An actual universal healthcare program would be better than this "forcing you to buy healthcare" crap that so many people seem to be willing to accept, at least if we could at the same time find a way to stop spending ourselves towards financial ruin.

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If only, you sweet, naive, idealistic movie.

While we're making crazy wishes, how about not allowing congress to opt-out of ANY social program that they stick the rest of us with?

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I can honestly say I have never played a D pad intensive game on my 360 so it has never mattered to me. What has mattered for me at least are its great ergonomics, and great triggers and buttons. I have never had a problem with the D pad on the 360 for what i use it for. For huge fighting game fans it might make a difference, but at that point buy a fight stick. I understand that a lot of people play platformers with d pads as well, I am not one of them.

Would you want to pay for two fighting sicks, for what would likely be the cost of a new game each, and only be useful for an extremely small amount of games?

Then I wouldn't go suggesting "at that point buy a fight stick." Aside from that, I don't actually like fight sticks. I grew up playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat on consoles, not in arcades. I'm never going to care about tournament fighters enough to buy and learn how to use a fight stick, but I certainly care enough about them to not want to play them on a crap d-pad.

And the 360 pad is so awful that you can not even reliably press right or left without many games registering as you pressing up or down. If MS can even fix that much, it will at least be some progress. Probably enough for everything but tournament fighters.

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I'm open-minded but the song you have embedded here is awful...IMO. sounds like a weird Nicki Manaj mash-up and Miley doesn't have the gravitas to pull it off.

With precious few exceptions, pop music has been shit since the late 90s. Judging from that song, Miley Cyrus is not one of those exceptions.

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@spaceinsomniac: I presume you haven't used it? It's kinda weird, its clicky now, doesn't feel like a spongy piece of shit anymore. I dislike it still, but that might be more because I think D-Pads are just a bad form of input. At best they are just 4 buttons like WASD on a keyboard with worse spacing, but when they are all attached to a single plate? Blah.

You're not very old are you? I don't mean that in an offensive and stupid "you don't agree with me, you must be a child" kind of way. I mean I can't imagine someone saying that who grew up with the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis.

Clearly, analogue sticks are superior in most ways--and with most games--but would you rather have two good analogue sticks and a good d-pad, or two good analogue sticks and a shitty d-pad?

And seriously, "worse spacing?" Try playing a Mega Man game on a keyboard and get back to me with your results.

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I've felt for a long time that one of the most ridiculous mistakes MS made during this last generation was their refusal to fix their d-pad. They even made a special revised controller, with a special d-pad that twisted and elevated for a better experience, only it actually still felt like the the same piece of shit that they had been packing in with their consoles since day one.

It's really said too, as I've been playing Xbox 360 exclusively for this entire generation, and otherwise the 360 controller is pretty much perfect.

And now I see someone who has used both the PS4 and Xbox One controllers, and who claims that the Xbox One d-pad is only an improvement, and says that it still feels bad.

Is this actually correct? Did MS once again not make a d-pad that works well and feels good to use? Does anyone know of someone who used both controllers, and claims that both d-pads feel just as good as one another, or did Microsoft actually drop the ball on this again?

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And it's complete bullshit. Just blew all my money on the 120k medium apartement and you can't do heists if you don't own a 200k apartment or higher. 120k for basically nothing.

Now I'll spend a good amount of that stimulus package on an apartement instead of saving for a nice car or helicopter. Just don't buy a garage or sub 200k apartement, they're pretty much useless now.

Well then, it's a good thing that for all the headaches and issues people had with launch, Rockstar is giving all players 500,000 dollars.

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An entire game mechanic about starting fights and getting men to apologize to you?! That's priceless!

I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes.

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Portal will help you learn first-person controls in relaxed environment, and with scratch that puzzle fan itch. I'd suggest that. Just buy a copy of "The Orange Box" for the 360, and it's included in that. You should be able to find it fairly cheap. If you like it, you can try Portal 2, which is a much larger game.

I think she might do better in Portal 2 than Portal 1. Although she might miss some of the story, Portal 2 does not have puzzles that require timing, precision and speed (not in the single player campaign, at least). Some of the stages in Portal 1 can get demanding, specially for someone that is not used to playing FPS games with a controller.

Other than that, most of the suggestions here are pretty good. I will add some:

I would advice you to play Costume Quest, since its a pretty easy JRPG, which serves as a good introduction to the genre.

I find Burnout Paradise to be a good introduction to racing games. Just lay back, ignore the events and have fun running around the city.

Also, try The Walking Dead, in particular the new episode (400 days later). As far as point & click adventure games go, its fairly simple and not particularly difficult, but it has one of the best narratives of recent years.

No. No, no no. NO. Do not play Portal 2 before playing Portal 1.

The story in that game is so important, and so good. And the game doesn't require too much timing until near the end. Hopefully by that point you would already have somewhat of a feel for the controls, but no one should ruin the story of Portal by playing the sequel first. Have someone play any hard parts for you if need be, but do NOT skip the original Portal.