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Incoming Arthur Gies review complaining about no female protagonist.

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@spaceinsomniac: I think if there was a separate place for debates it will just turn into nothing but flame bait threads, but I guess that all debate threads are to being with.

GameSpot has a forum called System Wars where they allow all of their worst fanboys to just have at it. (Or at least, that was the case when I last visited the site years ago.) It's as bad as you think, and I can't imagine a forum dedicated to debate topics being any better.

It's not supposed to actually make anything better. Everything will be the same, but you could filter it out if you wanted to, and the standard forums link wouldn't show any posts that have anything to do with these "social justice crusaders," as someone else put it.

The problem with that solution is that tons of people visit the forums by simply hitting that Forums tab up on the upper right. With a dedicated flame bait board, these people will still be seeing the most recent topics made regardless of where its from.

Not if the forum filters actually were fixed and worked the way that they're supposed to. That's the point. If you don't want to see topics like that, you shouldn't have to.

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I don't know about anyone else, but all the social justice crusaders killed any interest I have in posting here. Enjoy the content and go about your day, OP.

Which is why I think a debate forum that people could filter out would be the solution to this problem. It's easy enough to avoid those threads, but I'm sure that some people don't even want to see the titles.

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Were you perhaps replaying the start of the game with your level 13 siren? I know that if you are fighting enemies that are too far behind you in level, you do not get XP.

If you resume your own game and killing enemies that are your level doesn't result in XP, then try contacting Gearbox support:

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I just preordered the thing through the microsoft store and got free release day delivery and 1600 free points. I did this essentially feeling no hype for the game and never playing a GTA. I own Red Dead (one of the top games of this generation) and LA Noire so I'm hoping I'll get hyped once I start to play the game.

I have faith that it'll be a good game.

Release date delivery, or release date shipping? Because just a few days ago, they had absolutely no delivery guarantees at all.

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@castiel: Notifications should be working. Can you check your settings to see if they're flipped on?

I'm guessing everyone's notifications were turned off at one point somewhat recently, and--ironically--no one was notified that would be happening, so a great deal of people just assumed that the feature was broken. I know that is true for me.

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I think Rockstar is uniquely equipped to write a really compelling and strong female main character and I would love to see one in a GTA game. That said, it's their game. The gender of their characters is entirely up to them. If they had a female lead and she was a stereotypical airhead bimbo only there to serve the men or something equally stupid, I would absolutely see why people would be mad. But they have ultimate say over who their leads are in their story. And we haven't played the game yet. Rockstar isn't just going to ignore females entirely. Remember Bonnie MacFarlane in Red Dead? She was easily one of the strongest, most interesting, well-written characters in the game. Have a little faith in their writing. And maybe play the game first.

There have been strong females in GTA before, just not as protagonists.

Although compelling might be a stretch for most of the characters in GTA IV.

And yes, Bonnie MacFarlane was fantastically written. It actually kind of pained me to move on from her character, and not see her for the second half of the game. I felt the same way with Far Cry 3, when you kill the primary antagonist at the halfway point of the game.

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And the forum filters don't work, and the reply notifications are broken, and things get automatically double posted all the time, and posting attempts sometimes timeout, and we for some reason have to be told that someone deleted their post, etc.

The forums on this site really have gone downhill lately. :(

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A new generation always creates lots of "fanboy" attention. Many people pick a side early on and will defend that console and badmouth the other one. And the lack of direct empirical data on the performance or sales or popularity of a console makes speculation rife, further worsening the situation.

We do moderate trolling and flaming posts, so if you see anything that is unnecessarily fanboyish behaviour - please let us know and we'll deal with them. It's not always easy to keep on top of every single post that infringes on our rules. But if you flag it and/or PM us (PMing us is normally the quickest way to bring something to our attention) we'll deal with it.

Last generation, Sony crated "fanboy" attention with 599 US dollars, and this generation MS created it with what the original DRM limitations of the Xbox One. If it wasn't for these sort of things, I don't think these console launches would be anywhere near this polarizing. Now that MS has reversed their polices, I think we're seeing a lot less arguing and a lot more polite discussion. Hopefully that will only get better as we get closer to the release of the new consoles.

As far as all the sexism posts go, would you think a "debate and discussion" sub-forum that people could filter out might help things? Any "serious issue" posts could go there, and member could just add it to the filter of forums not to display under the "customize your feed" sidebar.

Although that sidebar doesn't seem to be working right now anyhow. Any idea of when that and reply notifications will start working again?

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@nodima: Thanks much, I kind of got on a role. I never consider what I write all that great, so your compliment is much appreciated. :)

No, I often enjoy your posts as well. Even if I don't always agree with every word, you do a good job with seeing the shades of gray and the subjectivity required to discuss issues like this in a respectful manner, while still being able to share your own feelings.

The thing is, this stuff is important to me, no matter how small and nit-picky it is and no matter how tired I get of the people making mountains out of molehills. I have said this in other threads, but I have been playing games for a long time, pretty much my entire life. Games are part of my earliest memories, and they were the glue that strengthened the bonds between my older brothers and I. My brothers helped me learn how to run games on the Commodore 64, and they even made me a save disk for The Legend of Black Silver, a game that starred a male protagonist, but who was named "Lady Marie" in my save because my brothers understood that I wanted to be in the game, just like they could be in the game. They didn't shake their heads and say "Silly girl, this game stars a MAN and only a MAN and you should be happy with it as it is!" and I thank them every day for giving me my female protagonist in a game that really didn't have a place for one.

While I can certainly understand a child wanting to be the focus of a video game, I think that eventually, people relate to feelings and emotions more than a need to be the center of every story. When listening to rap music, I can't relate to most of the situations involved, but I can absolutely relate to the emotions. I never feel like I can only relate to white rapers. When reading Pride and Prejudice, I again can't relate to the situation, but I can absolutely put myself into the place of the female protagonist, and imagine how I would feel, what I would think, and what I would do. When reading that book, I never once felt that I should be only reading things from the perspective of a man, nor did I feel 'unwelcome' because the novel was written from the perspective of a woman.

Having said all of this, I do still think that there should be more female protagonists. In fact, in most games that allow you to choose, I normally do select the female option. I like a good deal of variety in my games, and with only a handful of exceptions, that's probably the best way to play a game with a well written female lead.

But yes, calling out every major game that is released without a female protagonist is probably going to do more harm than good. "Us vs them" mentality rarely helps accomplish anything, and enough of that sort of thing could result in women feeling less welcomed when it comes to video games, which would certainly not be the desired effect.