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Off the charts, baby! I think it might be, like, 302, or something. At least that's what Wii Fit said the last time I used it, fat lot of good it did me. To be fair, I'm fat as hell, know it, and kinda don't care, so we're just splitting hairs here.

Honestly though, I'm surprised that the GB community is in as good a shape as it is! It's good to know not all nerds are hugely overweight.

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Well, shit. Thank you for the help though, @jimmyfenix ! Maybe next time!

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Username: SlateFistcrunch

Platform: PS3

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@ewy: I own an Ouya and used it to play Ittle Dew, which it handled just fine. The only other thing I've done with it is the same thing you'd do with an android phone; download a bunch of demos and laugh at how bad most of them are.

All I'm thinking now is where that stock photo of the Ouya came from. Mine does NOT look like that. The sickness I've got that caused me to buy an Ouya in the first place might cause me to buy another one were they to redesign it and it looked cooler. (Oh god, someone help me.)

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I wasn't sure I was ready to pick at that scab, but I'm really glad I did. So, so funny, and, yet, so hard not to cry through the whole thing. Thanks to everyone involved.

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As someone who multiple virtual boys and game boy micros, I feel like I'll end up with a couple 2DSs as well. I only wish I weren't as excited as I am about that.

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I had to choose Other as The Lawnmower Man was absent from the poll.

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It's hard to believe how much I'll miss someone I've never met, never spoken to and never been within 1000 miles of. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that Ryan's personality made you feel as if you were his friend even if he'd never met you. You'll be missed more than you'll know, duder.

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My vita ownership is suddenly justified.

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Yikes, guys. Stuff like this is supposed to encourage intelligent discussion, not shouting 'get over it' louder than the next guy. While I couldn't relate to Papo y Yo on n emotional level, I could at least understand how someone else could. If this isn't your shit, fine. No one is going to make you play it.