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No way am I going to pay 5000kr/€655/$870/£560. I guess I'll wait 14-18 months before I buy this thing. Price wasn't entirely unexpected, though.

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how about people write what region they are from, and maybe include that in the list? You know, for ping-times and such. Right now, all I see is a whole bunch of gamertags, but I've got no idea if they're on the other side of the world from me, or if they only play Madden 2964 or something along those lines..  

I'm in Norway by the way. I love RPG's, and play some XBLA games and the occasional shooter.

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I guess you could make a Norwegian/Swiss/US account and play it there.

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Norwegian poweeerrrrr. 
/blows steam whistle 
I was about to download it right now, but suddenly Microsoft decided to sneak-patch me. Damn your downloading tardiness, mobile 'broad'band.

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@AgentJ said:

I suppose so, but I imagine many of these games aren't even available in Norway, my heritage country. besides, at this point most DS games that will be available won't be brand new. 

Why would you think that? If it's out in Europe, it's out in Norway (which is, obviously, in Europe). 
But yeah, didn't think about the fact that the price drops in most cases, I'll give you that one. I did a quick search of a couple of Norwegian web-shops, and most older DS games cost around $35-55. 
But no biggie, I mostly just needed to vent a bit about how expensive shit is here ;p 
Edit: Oh, and also, WarioWare D.I.Y. came out a year and a half ago.
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@AgentJ said:
Have 30, 20, or even 10 bucks just burning a hole in your pocket?  
You need to fix this to reflect Giant Bomb's international audience. New DS games typically cost $73 here in Norway, with some popular titles (like the Pokémon games) cost as much as $91.
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I don't think it's possible to "fill up all your upgrade meters", if i remember correctly.     That's how it is in most games anyway. 
Also, level/upgrades have got nothing to do with how much Renegade/Paragon you have.

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Me no likey wheels d'racing

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@InertiaticESP said:
 The worst part about the taper isn't even the physical withdrawal symptoms. With that, I know what to expect, and I know how to remain as comfortable as possible. The tricky part is actually the psychological dependence to opiates.
So true. 
I stopped playing video games entirely for almost a year during my 'bout of dependency, and it feels great to get back into the whole scene.
That's almost exactly what I did too, for a year or two there was only very sporadic videogaming. (and what I played I can't remember very well..I need to replay GTA4 someday) 
Keep on toughing it out :)
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@TooWalrus said:

" @Spacemonger: Uh huh... are you trying to get some racism out of me? I know a few Muslim girls from high school, and they're cool, but I'm not one of them. I told the Mormon guy I was, so he'd leave me alone. That's it. "

So you're telling me you becoming a Muslim is somehow related to your F2M sex change operation?