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On the podcast the other week Dan saying saying Buckfast sounded a bit too fancy was hilarious. As someone from Glasgow, Buckfast is the poller opposite of fancy.

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Prey 2 seemed to have potential.

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@mandude: Yeah at first I was trying to correct to misconception of the Mac/Mc but then I stated, yes it can be Irish its just more common with Scots.

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@mandude: Scotland and Ireland share a lot of Celtic ancestor. The thing is Mac/Mc is Gaelic for son of. When people say Irish(Language) they mean Irish Gaelic. But there is also Scottish Gaelic. In this case your name is what Clan you belong to. If you look at a list of Irish Clans hardly any of them have Mac/Mc. Looking at the Scottish Clans on the other hand most of them are Mac/Mc. The Mac/Mc is much more prevalent among the Scots.

The main point I was making though was that there is some silly notion that Mac is Scottish and Mc is Irish which is just completely wrong.

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@mosespippy: Mc is not Irish. Mc is Scottish. It's just a shortened version of Mac.

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Glasgow, Scotland

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Sadly the controllers with plug in kits don't work with the pc as easily. Because it is a wireless controller you'll need to do what MrFlacon suggested and buy a Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver. Or you could buy a wired controller.

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The first one is my favorite, I feel it had the best story and very strong antagonist. Plus the music and atmosphere was so good.

Also one of the main aspects to these games is the fact you take this one character that you create through all the games the decision you make go with you, people telling you to skip one game is bad advice in my opinion.

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That was great to listen to, thanks a lot for posting.

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It shows that in the last 5 years Johnny has gone from a complete bad-ass to a week meth head, his arc in the TLATD was already a dark depressing one. Now because he isn't the man he once was he dies in quite honestly a pathetic way. Its fitting for his story if you think about the themes of TLATD.

It also introduces us to how terrifyingly insane Trevor is, it gives you an immediate impression of him.