Amazon Vita Order

So, this is kind of weird, but I waited until Amazon had released the Vita before ordering specifically so I wouldn't get the pre-order bonus. When I think of CTA I think of classics like the Wii inflatable race car and the Wii Fit wrist weights, not to mention the wonderful 30-in-1 useless sets of plastic crap they sell. Screen protectors are not always made equal, and I don't want to chance it, even for free. On the other hand, that 25-in-1 Luxury Kit sure looks tempting...


Bing Voice Recognition

So, today I got around to updating my Xbox, and the first thing I did was start playing around with Bing. Okay, actually the first thing I did was find where they moved the Indie games, but Bing was right after that.

I'm really impressed with it. Despite the self-consciousness that comes from shouting at my Xbox, the voice recognition is really responsive. I've been talking as fast as I can, and it picks it up on the first try. I've also found a new source of enjoyment in stringing together nonsense syllables, and seeing what it thought I said.

Here's the problem. Inspired more than slightly by the GB Quick Look, my first search into Bing was "Star Trek". My results were for "Star Track". "Star Track" is what my grandparents would call it. This is not acceptable Bing. Despite enunciating "trek" as clearly as possible, I cannot get it to work. This seems strange given how it has no problems parsing "harrypotterandthedeathlyhallowspartonethemencisoutbacksteakhouse".

Can anyone else get it to recognize the work "trek". Is it just me? Have I lived my entire life not being able to pronounce "trek" and "track" with any discernable difference?