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These are fantastic, thanks. Followed, and I'm sending you a PM with some general questions about your process, if you don't mind.

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@jamessmarion: You seem like a pretty cool guy, but it's the Darth Vader gig that earns you a follow.

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I was like, 'ugh, this is all wrong', and then I changed it to black. I think it looks pretty cool, though I haven't fooled around with it yet. I like the new user icons, it makes me feel like I've won something.

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Thank you Notch.

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Less than $6,000 and 12 hours left means that I can get some sleep and stop constantly watching the KS.

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At this point, I'd give part of a finger off of my non-dominant hand to see Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter done in English. I actually have copies of S.C. and Valkyria Chronicles 3 in "the pile" (which is a literal pile), but I really, really want to see SC released. There's something I find comforting about playing the game in your native language.

And yeah, I'd like to see what the Dangan Ronpa games are about. The premise looked really interesting from the demo, unfortunately the crime solving part requires a very fast reading ability that I don't possess.

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Thank you.

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I still haven't ever beaten Super Mario Brothers, which I feel kind of bad about. I always end up using the warp zones, and then shortly after lose interest because I feel like I'm cheating. I've never beaten a 3D mario, is that weird?

For reference I've beaten: SMB3, Super Mario Land 1 and 2, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, if that counts, and Super Mario RPG, which probably doesn't. Oh, and the first New Super Mario Brothers.

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Good job on this. I hope this gets a nod on the front page before the Kickstarter is up. Most of my favorite video game memories involved playing with someone else, and reading people's thoughts that local multiplayer is dead was what convinced me to back this earlier today, despite not owning a Move. I want to believe.

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You know what? I've flipped. Partially because of all of the "local multiplayer is dead" comments, and partially because I hadn't really given the Kickstarter a chance. For instance, despite having visited the page several times since it started, I had never watched the introduction video before today. These are games that should be made. Backed.

Also, they'll be livestreaming the games tonight at 7:30 EST at