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I can't claim to have seen it, but Haunted Mansion must be worthy of this list.

Also, The Black Hole? Best Disney movie.

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Me. It's the reason I bought a Vita, so it's great that it's actually coming out. I love Vanillaware's stuff without exception. Well, I didn't play Muramasa on account of not having a Wii, but that'll be fixed soon enough.

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Once you have it down though, it's such a great feeling. When I got the orbs again in hard mode, I think that section took me around 4 minutes.

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@techhits: It's because Inafune's gone now, and Capcom's actions towards the Megaman franchise since his departure look almost humorously antagonistic.

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Only as far as reading the forums go; I didn't really keep up with them a whole lot to begin with, and the current lack of front page forum news has really changed my viewing habits. I'm also pretty much behind on all video content since the site re-launch, but that's unintentional.

Edit: It's probably just a matter of adjusting to it, but I also find the new forums kind of hard on the eyes.

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I will also say that I rarely had any desire to visit the forums proper and that most of my reading/posting was done using the most recent posts section. I will keep a place for it in my heart until Dave's next better thing comes out.

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Oh, that's what happened to Jay.

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There are so many dumb comments in this thread, but this is fantastic.

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Navigating the Osaka train system is wonderful, it's much more easier than Tokyo's. If you have a problem with anything, ask a station attendant, they're good at helping.

I guess I'd ask what it is you want to do in Den Den Town. If you're into retro games, toys, or just bumming around the arcades for an afternoon, it's definitely worth it. Geo-Front has one of the most comprehensive selection of PS2 games I know of, and their other retro game selection is pretty nice too. You might as well check out the Super Potato, but their selection is a lot smaller than the one in Tokyo. If that sound like your bag, go for it.

Of course, Den Den Town is within walking distance of the Namba station, so there's a lot of other places you can wander around that are less nerdy. As mentioned above, Dotonbori a great, lively place to walk around, especially at night time when all the neon is lit up. A lot of famous imagery associated with Osaka runs along this canal.

I think it's worth checking out the Shinsekai district too, which is where Tsuutenkaku broadcasting tower is, another famous landmark from this region. The neighborhood still has a very mid century feel to it (according to Wikipedia, it received very little reconstruction after the war and is still quite poor), and the atmosphere is quite unique (it's Japan though, so I guess the atmosphere's gonna be unique everywhere you go). It's also really easy to get to. Just take the JR line from Namba to Shin-Imamiya, it's only two stops away. Speaking of unique, it's too bad it's not baseball season yet, or I'd tell you to go see a Tigers game.

Universal Studios Japan is close by too, but I think that's more interesting if you have any connection to either of the Universal Studios in the US (It's the only place left where you can still find the Back to the Future ride).

100,000 for a week and a half may or may not be enough, especially if you like to spend money, but as Orionw said, ATMs are in easy supply. They won't all take international cards, so it's probably best to stick the ones inside 7-11's to be sure. Have fun!

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Over easy with a piece of toast to sop everything up.