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This is crazy. I don't have a lot to add save for wishing everyone affected the best and hoping that they get back on their feet.

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I think so. A lot of games I played on Playstation, at least early on, were demos on Playstation Underground discs. I played a lot of Tony Hawk that way.

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Oh Dan...

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@csl316 said:

Duder isn't tied to any particular gender. Everyone here that isn't a dick is a duder.

This. It's actually a discussion that's been had before, i.e., is there a female form of duder, and the consensus was duder.

I'm a duder. He's a duder. She's a duder. We're all duders.

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I said it in the mailbag: I not sure I trust Dan Ryckert yet. If he were to eat Hockey Pulver on camera though....

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I will eat anything once. I don't really have any strong dislikes, and there's nothing I'll "refuse" to eat. Truth be told, if you are a picky eater (or God forbid, someone who wastes food), and that is the first thing I learn about you, it is going to be very difficult for us to be friends. I'm not saying it's impossible, but you are going into my book with a question mark next to your name.

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My first response was "Hunter Pence who?", because there was no possible way I could see it being THE Hunter Pence.

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Before you go down the AES route, I'd try to figure out how much the games you really want go for. When I got into Neo collecting I was originally looking at an AES, but after realizing how huge the price difference was between the home and arcade carts I went down the MVS route instead. The very early Neo Geo games on the AES aren't generally that expensive, but games can get pretty astronomical. Especially if you want a copy of Metal Slug. That was almost the singular reason my interest in getting a home console died immediately.

I really have no idea what the current AES market is like, but I imported an MVS copy of Windjammers from Japan for a little more than a hundred USD. I'd recommend signing up at the Neo Geo forums if you have questions.

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I kind of hate that Rorie has to be the one to deal with the worst of the worst, but he is amazing at it, and continues to do a fantastic job interacting with the community all around. Someone get that man a delicious Coca-Cola® beverage, cooled to exactly 33°C.

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If your NES has the problem that all toaster NES's tend to have (the connector pins need replacing) it is a super easy job. Even if you're super mechanically inept it shouldn't take more than a half hour at most.