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Hey, have another!


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I want to believe, but I won't get my hopes up. I've been burned enough on trademarks before.
Also, remember the rumor of a Vib Ribbon revival when the PS3 launched?

-From a guy who lives in the US, but imported the game way back in the day.

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3 Subsistence. I really do love all the games though. Portable Ops was the only one I never really got super excited about, and even then I didn't mind playing it, at least once I remapped the controls.

Edit: Oh wait Rising is on that list. Probably not Rising.

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I realized in the latest bombcast that Dan uses 'dork' as both a noun and a verb, with one usage referring to genitalia and the other describing the act of messing around, in a strictly nonsexual manner. The latter usage was incredibly confusing, especially since I had finally understood that when Dan says 'dork' he means 'penis'.

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I'm excited to see Kojima and Del Toro collaborate on something. They are best (twitter) friends.

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Thanks for bumping this, it reminded me that I still have to order a pair. I had the Baller Time color scheme saved at one point with the intent to pick them up when I had the spare cash, but ended up forgetting. Anyone have the schematics?

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I don't know anything about Dota, but here's hoping for LoL vs Potato Day for the final.

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It's most likely a pirate cart. The motherboard is proper Neo-Geo hardware, but the software is a multi-cart.

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Woah. Thanks for the heads up. If this is Outrun with drifting, I'm definitely on board.