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Oh Dan...

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@csl316 said:

Duder isn't tied to any particular gender. Everyone here that isn't a dick is a duder.

This. It's actually a discussion that's been had before, i.e., is there a female form of duder, and the consensus was duder.

I'm a duder. He's a duder. She's a duder. We're all duders.

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I said it in the mailbag: I not sure I trust Dan Ryckert yet. If he were to eat Hockey Pulver on camera though....

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I will eat anything once. I don't really have any strong dislikes, and there's nothing I'll "refuse" to eat. Truth be told, if you are a picky eater (or God forbid, someone who wastes food), and that is the first thing I learn about you, it is going to be very difficult for us to be friends. I'm not saying it's impossible, but you are going into my book with a question mark next to your name.

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My first response was "Hunter Pence who?", because there was no possible way I could see it being THE Hunter Pence.

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Before you go down the AES route, I'd try to figure out how much the games you really want go for. When I got into Neo collecting I was originally looking at an AES, but after realizing how huge the price difference was between the home and arcade carts I went down the MVS route instead. The very early Neo Geo games on the AES aren't generally that expensive, but games can get pretty astronomical. Especially if you want a copy of Metal Slug. That was almost the singular reason my interest in getting a home console died immediately.

I really have no idea what the current AES market is like, but I imported an MVS copy of Windjammers from Japan for a little more than a hundred USD. I'd recommend signing up at the Neo Geo forums if you have questions.

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I kind of hate that Rorie has to be the one to deal with the worst of the worst, but he is amazing at it, and continues to do a fantastic job interacting with the community all around. Someone get that man a delicious Coca-Cola® beverage, cooled to exactly 33°C.

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If your NES has the problem that all toaster NES's tend to have (the connector pins need replacing) it is a super easy job. Even if you're super mechanically inept it shouldn't take more than a half hour at most.

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Seeing it in action made me realize that it was neater than I had given it credit for. Since I still own and play the systems it covers, I really don't tend to pay attention to these sorts of devices, but the stream sort of caught my interest. Even if it's just software emulation, it goes far enough that I could at least get the feel of playing old games with it, and the auto saving and time skipping features would really come in handy. In the end though, the stream did just as much to discourage me from a purchase. The apparent touchiness of the hardware, and the fact that you can only have one game plugged in at a time removes some of the convenience. If the inevitable Retron 6 fixes the problems of its predecessor while including a region switchable Hucard slot, well, that would be something else entirely.

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I guess I'm in the very small majority of those that enjoy seeing them play old games. Partially because that's where my collecting habits lie, and partially because Jeff tends to be really knowledgeable about stuff. I mean, those are the games he grew up playing (for fun!), and cliche of "Negative Jeff" aside, it's fun to see them really get into it. I really loved the C64 and Amiga stuff, because that is something that I literally have no connection to and I like seeing what shaped people's gaming habits. As far as the Freedom Stream goes, I'm also not a fighting game guy, but watching Jeff take on Dan and Jason (and having those guys almost beat him) was genuinely exciting. The only part I don't really enjoy is the "pick a Japanese game at random", because let's face it: when you buy a lot of 100 old games for 100 dollars most of them are going to be inscrutable and/or terrible.

At any rate, it's not like they only focus on retro stuff. Sometimes you'll enjoy the show, and maybe sometimes you won't. It happens.

Edit: Having Brad try to beat his milestones silently was kind of weird, especially since you couldn't see what was happening, but Dan's introduction to DOTA/the Compendium and the complete befuddlement that followed was amazing, and probably my favorite part of the whole stream.