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I'm excited to see Kojima and Del Toro collaborate on something. They are best (twitter) friends.

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Thanks for bumping this, it reminded me that I still have to order a pair. I had the Baller Time color scheme saved at one point with the intent to pick them up when I had the spare cash, but ended up forgetting. Anyone have the schematics?

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I don't know anything about Dota, but here's hoping for LoL vs Potato Day for the final.

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It's most likely a pirate cart. The motherboard is proper Neo-Geo hardware, but the software is a multi-cart.

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Woah. Thanks for the heads up. If this is Outrun with drifting, I'm definitely on board.

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As much as I like hours and hours of content, I'm kind of happy that there's been a return to the old days of the Quick Look, back to when they were, you know. Shorter quick looks seem to indicate more games covered, and I have no complaints about seeing more games.

I've never really been one to care about free vs. premium content, but there's also been a ton of really great subscriber content. I can't say I was interested in the on screen goings on of the WOW feature, but it was super interesting to listen to Dan ask questions and Jeff reminisce about the genre. Just give me that Feeding Dan Ryckert feature, and everything will be perfect.

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Why do I feel that bedroom is scarily accurate?

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This is crazy. I don't have a lot to add save for wishing everyone affected the best and hoping that they get back on their feet.

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I think so. A lot of games I played on Playstation, at least early on, were demos on Playstation Underground discs. I played a lot of Tony Hawk that way.