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needs pics

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Okay, here's a question. When you see a spammer leave something that is obviously spam, but doesn't include any links or commercial material, what exactly are they trying to accomplish? I see this on blogging sites a lot, where the comment is something like, "Your blog is so informative, what platform are you using/etc", and the same thread is filled with variations on that comment by different accounts.

Are they just trying to initiate contact so they can send you phishing attempts later? That sounds like needlessly complicating the process.

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It's his head. He raises his hand not to punch, but to pump his fist in victory. Because he just broke a block of bricks by headbutting them.

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I would have been drawn to Crash. Do people remember what it was like to play games then? Do you remember how blown away you were the first time you saw a game in 3D? In 1990 there was literally nothing else like that. Rayman is definitely the more impressive game now, but back then I still understood that style of gameplay.

Of course, if you put them side to side with Crash playing on a 24" CRT and Rayman on a 60"+ flat screen, that makes the question a lot more complicated.

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I know man. I know.

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This is still the same roommate that put a deadbolt on his room and spray tanned the bathroom orange right? Dirtbag seems like too good a choice.

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Hi @amikron

I was wondering why I kept losing my connection to the server today, and finally came in to read the thread. It took me forever, but I got around to making my community page; could I be added to the steam group?


Fin Fin

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Best wishes Ian. Hope you can stop in from time to time.

Edit: Maybe he's going to go run, or however it was misspelled.