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It's his head. He raises his hand not to punch, but to pump his fist in victory. Because he just broke a block of bricks by headbutting them.

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I would have been drawn to Crash. Do people remember what it was like to play games then? Do you remember how blown away you were the first time you saw a game in 3D? In 1990 there was literally nothing else like that. Rayman is definitely the more impressive game now, but back then I still understood that style of gameplay.

Of course, if you put them side to side with Crash playing on a 24" CRT and Rayman on a 60"+ flat screen, that makes the question a lot more complicated.

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I know man. I know.

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This is still the same roommate that put a deadbolt on his room and spray tanned the bathroom orange right? Dirtbag seems like too good a choice.

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Hi @amikron

I was wondering why I kept losing my connection to the server today, and finally came in to read the thread. It took me forever, but I got around to making my community page; could I be added to the steam group?


Fin Fin

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Best wishes Ian. Hope you can stop in from time to time.

Edit: Maybe he's going to go run, or however it was misspelled.

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This is admittedly unhelpful, but I clicked on the thread thinking it was about cereal.

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My ID is the same as my GB username. I'm playing as Finfin, at least until the next wipe.

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Hope to check in soon and do some digging. Started a fish lady named Fin Fin since the last wipe.