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Everyone who was affected by his loss is in my thoughts. This turned out to be a much harder day than I thought it would be, especially when I loaded up the site and saw the Hotline Miami QL.

I poured a glass of scotch and watched the Harmonix stream, and right now I'm thinking about starting up the week after episode of the bombcast, even though I never thought I'd listen to that episode more than once.

This is what I wrote last year, and I guess it's worth writing again:

Fuck Ryan Davis, for leaving us behind and going much too early. Love Ryan Davis.

Thank you Ryan.

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We still miss you man. It still hurts, and I can't imagine what this loss feels like for the ones who knew you personally. The difference for me now is that this can be a week of celebrating your memory, rather than of mourning. Thank you Ryan.

Love Ryan Davis

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Thank you for this Patrick.

Love Ryan Davis

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You are rad Rorie. You....are...rad!

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That's awesome, congratulations! Does this mean you're a part of Giant Bomb Chicago now?

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I've been listening to the podcast since the beginning of the season, but this was the first race I've ever watched. Holy shit, amazing.

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@behonkiss: You're right, the bombcast went downhill ever since the NintenDownload X-press! was forced out.

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Took me way longer than that.

Strange, it's almost as if how you play it matters.


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What the Puppy is this.