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That and the Super Solvers games were pretty awesome.

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My relationship with Mahjong helps me understand Brad and Dota. If this is the beginning of some weird mahjong fad on GB I have no objections.

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I actually thought that it was an automatic filter. The world just became a little less special to me.

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It took me a moment to find it. That's wonderful.

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Yes, I'm on the side of Deckard being a replicant. I think it's a fantastic touch. If like Ford, you see the movie's message as the struggle of man versus machine, that detail makes no sense. However, I think it's about the nature of what it means to be human, and it makes the film much more powerful for me.

It might not be convincing if you're in the Human camp, but I always thought that since the escaped replicants were combat models (and they showed their, *ahem*, power levels at the beginning of the film), that it made sense that different replicants would have different abilities, especially if they were unaware of being a replicant, like with Rachael for instance.

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I posted this as a reply to Thecreamfilling on Jeff's Jar time video, so I'll repost it here. Basically, there are cheaper ways to do it piecemeal and still get a nice looking setup, and I don't really recommend anyone buy a new consolized MVS, just because the mark up on those is really crazy.


A consolized unit is going to be real pretty, but there are some easier and probably cheaper ways to go about it. I'd suggest you go to the forums on, which are a little anarchic, but in the good, Giant Bomb sort of way.

I'd look for a used supergun, which will plug into your TV and then connect to any JAMMA compatible motherboard (e.g., Neo Geo, CPS-2, most late 80's-mid 90's arcade games). A bare 1-slot Neo Geo motherboard, depending on the revision will go for about 40-100 dollars on ebay (I just sold a couple). A used supergun, depending on how nice it is will probably go anywhere from 100-250 dollars. These usually have an assortment of video out options, so look for one with component.

Then there is the universe bios, which is an awesome chip made by a good dude named Razoola. It's 25 euros and you can buy it straight from him. Despite the homegrown looking nature of his website, this is the universe bios guy. Most (but not all) of the Neo Geo motherboards have a socketed BIOS chip, so it's completely a plug and play swap.

At the top end, you'd probably be spending near to the same amount for a consolized set up, but deals can be found, and in the end it gives you a lot more flexibility if you want to go deeper down the dark path of playing arcade games at home.

Anyway, is the place to ask questions, and there's a lot of info to get started. There's also a sales forum, so you might be able to find a complete package. Another thing to note is that there are a ton of bootlegged MVS carts out there, but they are super easy to spot once you know what you're looking at.

Also, about the serial numbers on the carts. Arcade operators often removed these once they left their possession. They didn't want the carts to be traced back to them, since these weren't supposed to be available to the general public. Nowadays, no one really cares. If you want good looking carts with clean labels, they're out there, it's just a matter of digging.

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needs pics

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Okay, here's a question. When you see a spammer leave something that is obviously spam, but doesn't include any links or commercial material, what exactly are they trying to accomplish? I see this on blogging sites a lot, where the comment is something like, "Your blog is so informative, what platform are you using/etc", and the same thread is filled with variations on that comment by different accounts.

Are they just trying to initiate contact so they can send you phishing attempts later? That sounds like needlessly complicating the process.