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Best wishes Ian. Hope you can stop in from time to time.

Edit: Maybe he's going to go run, or however it was misspelled.

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This is admittedly unhelpful, but I clicked on the thread thinking it was about cereal.

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My ID is the same as my GB username. I'm playing as Finfin, at least until the next wipe.

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Hope to check in soon and do some digging. Started a fish lady named Fin Fin since the last wipe.

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They stopped making movies.

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If someone wants to spoil the end for me, I'd be real interested how it managed to top 3's ending in terms of awfulness.

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I still want to play this someday, mainly because I remember Vinny saying on the Bombcast that it was his least favorite game of all time.

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I really don't get all the death knells. I'm guessing that Atlus will probably continue being Atlus.

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When they played Time Commando on Unprofessional Fridays a while back. I had completely forgotten how much I used to play that game; in fact, I had forgotten of that game's existence altogether. Having all that rush back felt literally like an attack.