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I'd have to go with a couple of the tracks from Top Gear on the SNES, damn do those stick around.

Other than that I think I'd have to give a mention to the opening theme to Monkey Island.

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Hrmm, I don't normally really get into FPS games, at least not modern ones such as Halo and Call of Duty. For what its worth I loved both Portal games and I'm a big fan of classic point and click adventure games and most RPGs largely due to the puzzles or the story/atmosphere. I really want to try Half-Life 2 simply due to my love of the Portal franchise spilling over somewhat, but if Black Mesa is too clunky and dated I might give it a miss. Thanks guys!

EDIT: How long is the Xen portion of the game out of interest? Just curious as to what I would miss if I did try to play the game.

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Confession time, I have never played any of the Half-Life games. Shameful I know, and its made worse by the fact that I bought the Orange Box for pc years ago and they've just been sitting on steam gathering virtual dust. I now have a long weekend coming up and thought I might finally make a start on the franchise but I see that Black Mesa has been released and wondered if I should start with that? Would I get anything out of playing Black Mesa first, or should I wait till after Half-Life 2 and the episodes so the added cameos and injokes make more sense?

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A cross between Dave and Vinny for me. Would also put Patrick in if not for the fact that I normally dislike horror games...

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Escape will always be my favourite (mostly due to nostalgia tinted glasses as it was my first) but even I admit that it was a tad clunkier than the first three. Puzzles seemed less polished overall, like stopping the fiery sushi boat at the EXACT moment was an exercise in frustration, as was the seemingly random customer reference machine in the prosthetic shop. I remember the jokes amusing my 10-12 year old self and I still chuckle at a couple but the rapier wit of the first three had undoubtedly been blunted somewhat by this game.

Despite the problems I still love the game most of all and feel its well worth playing through!

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I have a PS3, 360, 3DS, and a launch wii (that doesn't play dual layer disks, sigh)

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One more vote for Toad, and that goes for any Mario spin off series. Don't really know why other than he seems like a funguy (ba-dum tish)

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Wow, really sorry to hear this, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family Patrick. All your hard work has helped Giant Bomb blossom into a truly amazing site. Hang in there man.

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I watched my brother play many PSone/PS2 era shooters whilst we were growing up, but I guess examples from this gen would be the first Uncharted and Gears of War.

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I need a price cut and whilst I love HD remakes and ports, I kinda need something on top of that to dive in. Some new first party titles would be nice