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@MushroomSamba: You're not alone. I had similar trouble with Jack dieing on Insanity. I tried quite a few combinations but turning down the difficulty did the trick for me. I'll give it a few more tries but I think Insanity might require full loyalty for every crew member.
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@Spiritwolf99: I'm sorry about that. I've been busy for the last couple of days, I'll update the list sometime later tonight. A lot of people have reported success/failure with existing combos so I have to clean up the list a bit. Thanks for the info though.
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You know what will solve a majority of those problems ? A better search feature. You should be able to search anything on the site from the search button on top right. Right now, you need to go through hoops to search for blogs, guides, lists or forum posts. Everything is buried under loads of classifications like games, platforms, genres etc etc. This is probably a headache from a design standpoint but this feature is becoming more necessary as the community reaches 100,000 users.

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Question: How do you take screenshots in Mass Effect 2 without a third party software ? Print Screen gives out a blank page on Windows 7. Is there a special key inside the game ?
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@Napalm said:
" @Killjoi said:
" @Napalm: It's a known technical issue on the site. A lot of user reviews for different games are lost due to some kind of database linking error. No conspiracy theory here. "
Do you have a link to where it's been stated it's a known issue? I'd just feel better knowing I see the documentation itself. Curiosity gets the best of me sometimes. "
[Bug Report]
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@Napalm: It's a known technical issue on the site. A lot of user reviews for different games are lost due to some kind of database linking error. No conspiracy theory here.
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After reading the first couple of paragraphs, I felt like I got suckered into a bad car deal. Shouldn't we lock these kind of threads when the OP is obviously advertising for cheap hits ?



"Apparently, someone from the bomb crew erased most of the reviews. It really upsets me to think that brad (since he reviewed the game) would erase all the reviews so the game could maintain a 5/5 user rating. "

Are you serious ? You're blaming a site started by THE Jeff Gerstmann for fudging user review facepalm pic can represent my disappointment in you.
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@Napalm said:
" Blade Runner. "
Dude, Omega is so awesome! They nailed the Blade Runner feel, right down to the music in the sewers.
@HatKing said:
" Shepard is basically a combo of Capt Kirk and Han Solo. "
My lady Shepard disagrees :p
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" Just want to report that I did #9 and it didn't work.   Vents: Tali 1st Squad: Garrus Shields: Jack 2nd Squad: Miranda Escort: Grunt End Team: Miranda/Thane  I had everyone loyal. I was renegade. Lost Mordin when Grunt was escorting back. No idea what I could have done differently. This is nuts. But I love this game for it. "
Try switching Mordin to escort - that should work. I'll remove #9're not the only one who failed with that combo.