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STALKER's Redux mod has everything you mentioned and more. Those games are incredibly realistic to begin with but the Redux takes things that extra mile by introducing hunger, bandages that only stop the bleeding but don't heal, makes weapon maintenance harder and so on and so forth. Just read their notes - most of it is very well thought out as it brings the game world very close to the real. I enjoyed it for a while but the problem is, it is a little too close to reality and makes certain parts of the game a chore (like real life).

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Follow-up questions! Whose got'em?

How mobile/tough/expensive is the Oracle (since we are talking about a harassment unit) ?

Also, did you get a chance to try the campaign or the new mod/DOTA stuff? Kerrigan's gameplay previews look very similar to Dawn of War 2's Force Commander thus far.

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@Branthog: The hostages are on the 2nd floor in Assembly Room #1. There are two paths:

  1. The Door. But it's a Deux Ex game so it's never the recommended way. As soon as you enter, you trip the bomb and only have 30 secs to hack it before everyone in the room dies.
  2. The Vent - aka where you'll spend all your time. The one you're looking for is on the first floor to the right, just as you enter the Assembly room. It leads you all the way to the hostage room and allows you to hack the bomb without a timer and free the hostages. You also get subsequent missions from one of the hostages if you succeed.
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@SeriouslyNow: You and your facts. I make my own facts! Also go see my edit, you big baby you.

Calling me names now? How mature of you. If you can't talk as an adult why even bother to engage with adults? Your edit is meaningless as is the entirety of your argument. You keep misusing the word monopoly and that's the central basis for your argument. Ugh. Children on the internet - how I wish it truely was the information Superhighway - maybe some drivers licensing context would prevent idiocy like yours, at least for a little while.

Stop monopolizing stupidity.

Oh relax. I only meant it as a jest. If I wanted to insult you, you'd know it. But since you like your facts so much, here's a couple for you:

1. Steam is the closest thing to a monopoly in the PC game market

2. Most PC gamers have a hard-on for Valve

3. Steam engages in anti-competitive practices like a monopoly (can't be arsed to look for the links but you're a big boy that knows how to use google. There's plenty of dev testimonials out there. Use that big, mature, driver-licensed brain of yours to find some).

Bonus: Why do you turn everything into an argument? It's not good for your complexion, you know...

P.S. I'd be very interested to read even more of your hard-hitting theories on Internet literacy. A smaller man would probably tell you to try out your own medicine for change, but luckily I'm a great man.. er, child, so I welcome them all with open arms! <3

  1. is the closest thing to a monopoly in the PC game market. GFWL is a close 2nd, with Origin clicking at its heels in 3rd.
  2. True. I keep Kleenex handy everytime I boot up Steam.
  3. No. You should do some searching yourself. Frictionalgames praised Steam sales for Amnesia's sales. Ars Technica even interviewed various indie devs, asking them about Steam sales impact on their business - not a single complaint. Introversion is still making awesome games like Darwinia because of Steam.

Bonus: I'm dark skinned - what are you insinuating Mr. Hitler-mustache? :p

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I still love how people are blaming EA when Valve is the one responsible here. I bet you can still buy DA2 from Amazon Digital, Impulse, D2D, etc along with Origin yet people choose to close their eyes and point a finger at EA and call them greedy.

Valve offers the content and they have a right to charge a percentage to host that content, including the DLC. EA doesn't want to pay that percentage. Those other companies don't host any content themselves beyond the basic game packages. Valve also has a much more successful, community driven approach than any of their competitors, they add a lot to the end user experience and that stuff costs money so they have a right to charge for it because it equates to better sales to a larger audience. EA aren't just being greedy, they are actually being foolish and cutting of their nose to spite their face in the hopes that BF3 and ToR will bring them an audience to equal that of Steam's collective bargaining power. It won't.

But in this case Valve isn't hosting any of the content... EA is, so they have no right to charge for it. Therefore they choose to remove the entire game. Sounds like Valve is the bad guy to me on this one.

And are you honestly trying to use the "We are bigger so we can do what we want" excuse? There's a reason why we have laws against monopolies...

If it's in the ToS between Valve and EA it's fair game. You're acting as if Valve has no right to protect their investment. If EA is indeed breaching contract, then Valve is doing nothing wrong.

You really think it isn't the fact that EA thinks that BF3 and TOR will bring in enough people to Origin to negate having their shit removed from Steam? That's clearly what they're banking on.

No. If they wanted to compete with Steam it means they also want to compete with everyone else and from what Iv'e seen that's not the case. But hey, I get it. People have a hard-on for Valve and think it can do no wrong. I just choose not to see the world from rose-tinted glasses.

@SeriouslyNow: And that phenomenal growth is swiftly turning into a monopoly... I for one, want to see some competition in the marketplace, because... you know... it can only be a good thing. Also the only reason other companies seem to be "quite happy" is because they're not big enough to do otherwise. Just look at Blizzard. You don't see any of their games on Steam yet people aren't bitching about that. But then EA pulls out TOR and BF3 and suddenly the sky is falling.

You've it backwards. EA is the monopoly here.

Steam isn't even trying to beone. It hosts numerous games with DLC that are also hosted on competing downloadable services and independent sites. The problem here is EA and their refusal to allow Steam access to host their DLC content. Refusal to share resources and products with others is the very basis of monopoly. Maybe it is justified by the fact that they created the content but it is still, by definition, a monopoly on that content.

If you are so much against monopoly, then why are you against Valve's attempt to fight EA's attempts at monopolizing their DLC content?

Blizzard also monopolizes its games in the digital download space. No one raises any questions because functions better than Steam. It's deeply integrated into each of their games (WoW & SC2); it's trying something more than just being SteamLite for Blizzard games. If you use, you know how much easier it is to manage your community interactions between SC2 and WoW.

Origin,on the other hand, IS SteamLite for EA games at the moment. Maybe they will integrate it into Battlefield 3 and The Old Republic but until then, it's just playing a losing game. EA also has a rich history of cutting off online access to games after 2 years. Given that we're talking online distribution here, it raises some serious questions about their long term commitment to the Origin experiment.

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Microsoft has merged the Games on Demand service with the Xbox Live Marketplace and even the PC Games on Demand service ( now directs users to The written text from the Games on Demand page (written largely from a PC perspective by me) could probably be copied to the Xbox Marketplace page before deletion.


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This is such a bummer. I was really looking forward to playing this game but knowing all the mess behind the scenes, I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it anymore. Maybe once all this drifts out of my immediate memory...

Also, Brandon McNamara doesn't seem like a very nice guy.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the advice.

@MaximusArtimus: I just ordered it, before Amazon runs out of stock!

@Management: Yeah, the 525M seems to have very similar raw specs to your 9800m GT (actually yours is a bit faster) but with an updated architecture. Hopefully, this one works just as well as yours!

@MattyFTM: Cheers Matt, I did go through the benchmarks before - they are the first result on google! - but their numbers fluctuate a lot. I still appreciate that you took the time to search it for me!

@UlquioKani: Oh! How do you like it? Is the build quality/screen/speakers okay?

#10 Edited by Spacetrucking (1063 posts) - - $899 + a Free Xbox 360 (since I've an Amazon Student account).

The specs are:

  • Intel Core i7-2630QM @2.0 GHz (2.90 GHz with Turbo Boost; 6 MB L3 cache).
  • 6GB, DDR3, 1333MHz, 2 DIMM,
  • 640GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive (might be 5400 RPM - the page isn't clear; regardless I have a good, existing HDD that I'll likely just replace it with)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M with 1 GB (with Optimus)

I really need a new laptop and I like this one, mainly because of the CPU. I tend to run Matlab about 3-4 hours/day and and an i7-2xxxQM could really cut down my execution time.

The only real problem is the graphic card. I would've preferred a 540M but 525M is just a slower clocked version with the same GF108 architecture (and still use DDR3 memory). The next step in laptop graphics (560M) seems to be at $1500+ and I might as well upgrade my existing desktop for the extra $600. I'm hoping it will be able to run the following games at 1366x768 with medium settings & 2/4AA:

  • StarCraft II
  • DiRT 2 and 3
  • Skyrim
  • and maybe Battlefield 3 (this is a big IF)

It would be awesome if you guys could give me an educated guess on how this would do in terms of gaming? Thanks in advance. Good luck, have Pentiums :)