Box Art Clichés: Guys-with-guns Edition

Because there are only so many ways you can pose with a gun:

Stock PoseNumber of Occurrences
The Oscar Mike - You've got places to go and faces to shoot. An extra thousand points for every Black Hawk or Abrams in the background.
This is my rifle. There are many like it etc. - A classic pose that somehow always leaves the soldier looking agitated with his current predicament. Covers only one half of the box, usually leaving the other open for explosive scenery.
Sean Connery is about to shoot you - The game is taking you hostage and the fourth wall will not rescue you.
Pistol Pose - I guess we all know who to blame for this one.
The Ominous Look Back - I'm not sure if Dudebro™ is angry with us or just camera shy.
John Woo Presents - Because putting dual-wielding on the back of the box isn't enough.
Triple Threat - Charlie's Angels have got nothing on them.
Oh Look, A Squirrel! - Apparently, you & your mates have found something really intriguing off-camera and can't stop staring & pointing at it.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

25, 26, and 27 look like they might be photoshopped versions of the same photograph!

Posted by Solarus

This list made me genuinely laugh out loud. This thing is amazing.

Posted by CrazedMaverick

haha. this is amazing. by 15 i was like 'wow, this is really ridiculous' then by 25 i was chuckling to myself. 

Posted by Hampe

So fucking hilarious!

Posted by Yummylee

This is beyond fantastic.

Posted by xMP44x

Brilliant list, Sir! One thing though: the European box-art for The Getaway was much cooler. Perhaps it might also be more cliched too? I never looked at videogame covers in this manner before. Now I can't stop! Help me.

Posted by shazb0t--defunct

Loved every single joke on the list. Hell, this thing's bookmarked. :D

Posted by Spacetrucking
@shazb0t said:
" Loved every single joke on the list. Hell, this thing's bookmarked. :D "
Thanks for your kind words!

I'm still working on it but it's great to know someone even reads my lists!
Posted by shinluis
@shazb0t said: 
" Loved every single joke on the list. Hell, this thing's bookmarked. :D "  
Same here! Yes, down to the bookmarking-ness. =D
Posted by beckley205


Posted by AhmadMetallic

Outstanding list!

Posted by Riotisonfire

Rachet and clank up your arsenal can go with this is my rifle i think. other than that this is really funny it made me laugh a bunch.

Posted by Blackout0189

This is outstandingly entertaining.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

You are out of your mind. I love it.

Posted by redfoxbennaton

Why do stealth games always have guns?