Characters You Don't Wanna Be Stuck in an Elevator With

As if claustrophobia wasn't enough.

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Posted by EpicSteve

What about The Emperor? He would just keep going on about giving into your hate the whole time.

Posted by Spacetrucking
@EpicSteve: You have a point. But in the end, I would rather be stuck with the Emperor than Yoda's judgmental ass. At least Palpy is a good conversationalist. Yoda is just going to bore you with pedantic comments in backwards English.
Posted by Shirogane
Everything Yoda says would be very vague or like a riddle too, so annoying. You'd get angry at him, then he'd just tell you you're getting angry, and to control your anger or something weird...and...urgh...whole situation sounds...really really bad. 
I don't agree on snake, he'd be kinda funny, havn't you heard his hilarious codec conversations? Of course, you need him to have his codec on him, or otacon needs to be stuck in the elevator too. 
Actually, no otacon, he'd piss the place...
Posted by Cazamalos

hhahahah @ Morrigan so true

Posted by Spacetrucking
@Shirogane:  Thanks a bunch dude! I totally forgot about Otacon (probably because I mentally blocked him during the game too). Replacing Snake with him :p
Posted by Hashbrowns

I really don't get the common assumption that Ashley's cautious attitude toward aliens is bigotry.  She goes out of her way to clarify that she doesn't hate aliens, but is more concerned with humanity's well being.  You know what?  That makes sense. 
I doubt the Asari, Turians or the Salariens ever spend as much time navel-gazing as humans do.
Posted by Jacob816

Lol, especially at Morrigan.

Posted by dbz1995

Darth Vader?

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Yeah, Kreia is creepy...  And Alex Mercer is thankfully outside of buildings most of the time. 

Posted by TheWesman

The helicopters were my favorite!  haha  We need to start an anti helicopter campaign here at Giant Bomb.  Someone start making a flash game about helicopters and elevators.

Posted by wermax

heh ... id like to be in an elevator with Kratos that'd be an interesting experience

Posted by Ben99

why would I get in hte elevator in the first place ?

Posted by ThePickle

Being in an elevator with a helicopter would be pretty awesome actually.

Posted by maimran91

How about Agent 47? I'm too nervous to look at someone's pistols.

Posted by Hailinel

Actually, in Persona 3, the Velvet Room is an elevator, so you spend a lot of time with Igor in one.

Posted by eqaddictedfool

ow about joker from mass effect.  Hes always gotta be sarcastic. That and if it came down to it and you both needed to escape you would need to carry him up and out.
Posted by Diachron

No, YOU listen.  Take that with C, Navi...

Posted by Sarumarine

Heh, the helicopter one would be the worst. There's no room to run and grab a rocket launcher in an elevator. Plus it's noisy. Great list, I guess I forgot to comment earlier. Sorry.

Posted by Slither_Maggot

#13 made me laugh my balls off!

Posted by Cthulad

Mike Tyson. That is classic. I think it would be the voice more than the punching though.

Posted by HellknightLeon

I would love to get suck with Ashley Williams.