ESRB Description Histrionics

Along with their usual ratings, ESRB publishes extensive descriptions to warn parents against specific content in a game. When spoken aloud, these lurid details often lead to unintentional hilarity.

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Posted by sagesebas

great list dduer

Posted by LordAndrew

I keep forgetting to try attaching a steak to a baby to attract lions. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Posted by ahoodedfigure

We should blind all babies so that they don't see their mothers' breasts.  They'll thank us later, assuming they survive.

Posted by Hailinel

I truly wonder what goes through the minds of the people that are actually paid to write these descriptions.

Posted by Kyreo

This is pretty great!

Posted by Ramone

This is taken (haha) from the BBFC's guidelines for the film Taken

'In addition, the film also contains a crunchy scene where a man is shown to be hit forcefully by a truck'

Got to love those crunchy scenes