Funny looking back at my first week here

I did some !!RESEARCH!! in context with answering a recent topic here on the site --  What's your first post on this site? 
Anyways, my cr4zy !!RESEARCH!! included looking over the history of my posts on the forum to find the first so I could get integrated with this topic, during that time I naturally looked over some of my other very early posts to see what I wrote back then. Thing is, like the third post I did on the forums was on a topic regarding abortion and weather or not it was right or wrong to get abortions and in some cases, under what circumstance is getting an abortion "awkey". 
Before giving my thoughts on the subject of abortion I pointed out that I thought abortion was a weird topic for a gaming site. And now looking back at that comment I made, I realized that most of the threads on the forum is mostly off-topic and most are just about really dumb-stupid / hilarious and NOT gaming related discussions. But I've been thinking. Maybe there is a little too much of the off-topic stuff. Most of it is fun, and I don't really mind it. But perhaps there technically should be more discussion about games?? 
Now, what do you think? Do you experience the forums on GB as a place where the users makes jokes and fuck around or is there a decent amount of gaming related discussions going down?  
Just for the record, I'm not saying either way. I just finally noticed there really is a lot of shenanigans happening in the forums (which I, again, don't mind) and not as much gaming related stuff as maybe a person unfamiliar with the site would probably expect from a gaming site.


The genius is about to "complete" his masterpiece!

The genious that is Pavel Dolgov is back at it again! He announced April 27 that he has begun working on a Complete mod for the great and awesome game, STALKER Call of Pripyat. I am personally super psyched for this! There is definitely some time till we'll see the mod in full motion, and the full release is most likely months away. But again, just that he actually is making a mod for this game is awesome! There is no details on the project yet, but I figure we'll most likely see most of the same things we've seen in the other mods for both previous games in the STALKER series:

  • Redone textures
  • Renewed and improved sound design + extra soundtracks
  • Bug elimination (there ain't too many bugs in CoP though)
  • And probably other new features which might improve the experience of the game

Call of Pripyat is by far a much more polished game than the previous ones. So when Dolgov made the Complete mods for those games that really changed the experience of the games in a positive way. But I am excited to see what improvements he can make for Pripyat which is already so good looking and functioning so well.
Check out his site at:

I am sincerely about to be drunk countinously for about a month!

Yes! I actually am. You see, I'm a Norwegian graduation student this year, and tomorrow the celebration begins. The thing is, when Norwegian students graduate we don't just have one crazy party where everyone meets up and drink till they fall. In Norway, we drink and party for an entire month! This means all students who is a part of this wears colored pants (mostly red) and we buy vans and busses which we decorate according to a choosen theme we want to stick by for our time as graduates. We call this celebration "Russefeiring", which means Russ-Celebration. When you as a student partake in this event you are a "Russ".
So this year I'm a Russ, and all this starts tomorrow. I am totally stoked for the coming month and can't wait to get my beer drinking on! 

  Tryvann is just one of the huge events happening in the thirty day period of the celebration.

Losing my virginity!

Well, some day I might start bloggin' away here at Giant Bomb, but for now I'm just gonna make sure I get that one quest which entails me having to blog. So here it is!