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Hehe, sick if it's true.

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Nah. Price is not the issue. It's what I'm getting for my money that is important.

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They had a lot of games, but it was a pretty weird mishmash, the only game that looked like something I would definitely be interested in was Titan Fall and that's coming to PC anyway.

Mishmash could also be seen as diversity. I think it was a pretty good, varied list of games. Sure, I'm not interested in all of them, but that is to be expected. We'll see what Sony has to show during their press conference. But I'm not sure I want a new console to be honest, getting a new PC is looking more and more like the right option for me. Weird times, could not see myself saying that a couple of years ago.

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I liked Mirror's Edge plenty, but I kinda feel the hype levels are getting a little out of hand. It wasn't THAT good, you guys.

You're missing the plot. Its the ideas. The way you play. The possibilities in the IP. People have been wanting more Mirror's Edge for years.

No, I get all that, I'm just not as sure as everyone else apparently is that they'll fix all the issues. The fact that they start off with a trailer focused on fighting should get some warning lights blinking.

Hehe, well, It's a trailer, what did you expect? For an announcement teaser I would say it did a pretty good job on showing stuff that a lot of us liked from the first game. They won't cut down on action, I just think they will differentiate it even more from your typical FPS. They have a lot of feedback from fans, so none or less gun play is pretty much something we can expect. More traversal puzzle sequences, run and chasing through cool environments etc.

DICE really care about this franchise, and have been pushing for it to be made for a long time. And since they already deliver a great FPS for EA in Battlefield, there's no reason for them to make another one of those, would just water down their portfolio. Both DICE and EA know they're unto something different and exciting here, so I think there are plenty of reasons to be hyped about this announcement.

Also, it's concept is still a fresh breeze compared to everything else in the genre. That's a reason good as any to be excited.

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Best news yet, it's finally happening! Can't express how happy I am right now.

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Trying to find my eyeballs right now, seems like they popped out of my head. Damn.

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I pay a little over $4 a month to get everything. That's a hamburger. Which is a sandwich. I pay a sandwich every month. That's at the full $50 price, even though they have sales on year long memberships.

Guys, a sandwich.

I hate this line of reasoning. The price isn't the issue. It's that this site that used to provide a ton of free content is now putting all of that behind a pay wall.

Ok, so if the price is not the issue, it's the principle of producing content that some members are willing to pay for, and others are not? They haven't really moved any of the free content behind the pay wall. Quick looks and other features are still free, so nothing has really changed for non-subscribers.

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Wow dude, this is fantastic. Great work!

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Hard to say. Maybe not the best game as a whole, but the most amazing experience I had was playing through the first Mass Effect. Pure magic.