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A person's tattoo should be whatever they want it to be. It's their own body.

This is the only right answer to this question.

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I've been playing way more of D3:RoS than I probably should and I'll probably end up getting it for my PS4 as well. I borrowed the ps3 version of D3 from a friend and it was pretty enjoyable with a controller. The only downside is that there doesn't seem to be a good way to deal with the inventory management for this type of game on a console. Torchlight and the ps3 version of Diablo both do it reasonably well but its still a little strange. It's been a few years but I believe Deathspank had a decent system for it with the interface and being able to just grind the trash up into currency or something like that.

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I'd like an invite to the group. I tried to message you in game but you weren't responding.

FishyFatTony in game.

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10 million on 360 and 13 million on pc. Do we know what it has sold on phones/tablets? I would have to imagine it has been absolutely huge for mobile.

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I read the title of this thread and thought "It would be nice to move to Sweden." Then I read the first post and got a good chuckle. Sweden seems nice.

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Music is 100% subjective to the person listening to it. Influenced by culture and the people around you. There is no real worse or better when it comes to music. Just account of your personal taste.

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I feel like the resolution of your tv is a lot more dependent on how close to it you are compared to the size of the screen. If you're far enough away from the screen that you can't see that much detail even if it's there it is pointless. For me 1080 on my computer monitor (32") sometimes seems a little low. However 1080 on my TV (46") from 5-6 feet away seems like any more level of detail would be mostly lost.

At the same time it may be possible that even if you don't pick up on the tiny details consciously your brain my pick up on them and will seem to look a lot better even if you can't quite figure out why. For me though the size of your screen relative to the distance of it is a big factor in how high of a resolution I want.

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Going off what I just saw in the quick look for Forza 5 it seems like their claim to take real driving patterns and put them into AI is proven to be true. At least in this case. Jeff does drive like a maniac in racing games. Hats of to the team at Turn 10 that really pulled this off.

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@gilbert64: Nah I've trained myself to not click on ads.

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This keeps popping up in my twitter feed. It would appear that even the Xbox team can't keep the original xbox straight with the xbox one.