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It doesn't really matter to me if what they've said is spin or the truth. I think the EA thing is just a garbage offering and a grab at more money from people without offering much for it.

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I would agree with the solo part of this. Stuff is more enjoyable when the content creators have someone other than themselves to talk to. I find this true in most cases. Even with podcasts I listen to it is always way better when its a conversation rather than a monologue. With the exception of Hardcore History and The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr. It's just easier to convey a point and explore thoughts and opinions on things if you have someone to talk to about them. I really like Patrick in discussions and things he writes. However I don't find most of the games he likes that interesting so I tend to get bored a few minutes into his video coverage and more so when he's alone. It would be awesome to have more Patrick all around though.

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I really like Brad as the host. I think Jeff fits just being on a show more than hosting it. That might have something to do with him being the boss. Either way I really like the way things are going around here. Dan is great and I think Brad hosting the Bombcast will only be good.

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I'm not sure why this is all of the sudden being responded to since it was 9 months ago when the question was asked and AcidBrandon18 already made a purchase. However in case anyone is looking at this for their own information besides Brandon. You should know that if you're going to finance through a dealership that the negotiation for price does NOT stop at the price tag. You can and should also negotiate the interest rate down as well. They will tell you that whatever rate they say first is a great rate. You can be sure that you can get better. Dealerships make a lot of their money off the financing and not necessarily the listed price of the car.

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Mustard! Fuck mayo and Fuck ketchup.

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Here's hoping the 360 version is as good as the last one. This was one of the few games that I knew was coming that I wanted a xbox one for.

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This is great. I can listen to Jeff talk about games all day.

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A person's tattoo should be whatever they want it to be. It's their own body.

This is the only right answer to this question.

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I've been playing way more of D3:RoS than I probably should and I'll probably end up getting it for my PS4 as well. I borrowed the ps3 version of D3 from a friend and it was pretty enjoyable with a controller. The only downside is that there doesn't seem to be a good way to deal with the inventory management for this type of game on a console. Torchlight and the ps3 version of Diablo both do it reasonably well but its still a little strange. It's been a few years but I believe Deathspank had a decent system for it with the interface and being able to just grind the trash up into currency or something like that.

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I'd like an invite to the group. I tried to message you in game but you weren't responding.

FishyFatTony in game.