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So on the last Powerbombcast they mentioned another good wrestling podcast can anyone tell me what that was called? Thanks.

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Nutella on toast, or just some cheese and italian meat with crackers.

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@Terramagi: Yeah I thought about it but thought it would be a bit on the nose, but well the message seems lost to most people here so I figured if you bludgeon hard enough it might get heard over the shouts of but he said it first...didn't work in 3rd grade doesn't work here either. It was also just a nice excuse to drop some Ralph Waldo bombs.

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To everyone talking about how this term was used by the press before and people didn't yell so now no one can do you deal with that cognitive dissonance? Because black people used to sit in the back of the bus that is how it should always have been? Women didn't have the vote for a long time and no one complained so how dare they complain now? Holy Hypocrisy Batman! People realized that they did some gross things and are now trying to fix it!

I really don't understand this weird love for consistency of thought that seems prevalent in society, as if changing your views based on new situations is a bad really brings to mind a quote as true today as when first penned "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" ~ Emerson

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So I'm trying to get into watching SC2 and I caught some matches on twitch today that were on ESV and it looks like something I could get into especially until football season kicks off but there are so many channels that it's a little daunting trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. Any links to places that have good professional commentary would be much appreciated because without the commentary I get lost really quickly.

Same questions would apply to other eSports as well. Thanks in advance Duders.

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No matter how many times I see this I'm still filled with a sense of awe.