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Here's to my <0.1% chance!

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WT instruments works on RB.

RB instruments do not work on WT.

Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that's right.
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Alaska_Gamer said:
"Twilight said:
"Thanks so much for posting.
Im starting to believe more and more that Nintendo is gonna publish The Conduit. First they show it off at the conference and they Reggie talks about it. But I don't want them to publish it to be honest. Cause then we are gonna get those god-awful friend codes again. I wish EA publishes this game.

We all do, but despite the mistake Cammie said at the conference (she meant to say first-person shooter, but accidentally said first-party shooter), we've been pretty much told that Nintendo isn't publishing it."
She said first-party shooter? Haha. I never even noticed that amongst the couple of times I watched it.
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Does this mean that you'd be able to take VC and WWare games to other people's Wii's?
I'm guessing they'll find some way to system-lock this (people could sell eachother games when they're done with them, then).

Even more importantly…
Doesn't that mean that somehow, people will get the VC/WW game files online, where people will download them onto their SD cards (similar to how people download SSBB files online, or other saves)?

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Jayge said:
"The Wii is a plastic piece of shit (in terms of material costs). How could *anything* cost too much on it?"
The xBox360 and PS3 both have plastic shells as well.
Don't be an idiot; everybody knows it's what inside that counts. (and the machines +electricity+employees+etc.etc. to make the moulds aren't too cheap, either)
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I can't help but find it just a tad funny that people are saying "Well, I wouldn't buy it if it was $50."

Do you actually think that's even possible? Wii Play is $10 (excluding price of remote)!

If it was $10, yeah, I would buy it when I first got my Wii.
I probably still would now. Not necessarily because I love the game, but because if I have somebody over at my house, a middle-aged person, showing them Wii Play or Brawl, or even Kart for that matter, wouldn't really work out that well.

I like Wii Sports because anybody can pick it up and play and have a fun time - in a group. It's probably the best game that I can think of to demonstrate the console to somebody that is not a gamer, nor tech-savvy.

[Please excuse the garbledness of the last bit. I'm tired.]
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I'm really not sure. I'm pretty content with my Wii's graphics thus far. Sure, maybe the Wii can't render 300,000 blades of grass every second, but I really don't think that's necessary.

Just look at some of the best games on the Wii, and you'll see that they have graphics that are not only visually pleasing, but the match the game. A realistic, high-textured, grassy, hairy, bumpy, windy, rain-droplety Super Mario Galaxy? I'd like to see it (just because it'd be interesting what Nintendo would do if required to include those), but it wouldn't provide the same amazing feel that SMG gives.
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Me, when I added the game to the game list wrote:
"In Crash of the Titans, there is an unlockable move called the Norris Roundhouse."