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177020 Tree of Life Game Overview It seems like this is the first project published and developed by this company. You can view their website here: http://www.oddonegames.com/#!home/cqd8 05/25/15 07:58AM 23 Approved
176930 Tree of Life Game Overview This game is made by a small independent Korean developer and is releasing on early access next week (May 27th). The game looks promising and perhaps some giant bombers would be interested in playing together. 05/23/15 05:21PM 10 Approved
172754 Hero Generations Game Overview Just watched the quicklook of this game and wanted to add some details to the page. 04/20/15 02:56PM 41 Approved
158801 Castle in the Darkness Game Overview I'm resubmitting this game for submission since I accidentally plagiarized the description of the game in my last submission. 02/08/15 04:01PM 10 Approved
158714 New Game Game Overview It's a game. 02/08/15 07:37AM 10 Denied