PAX East 2014 - I'm a Copy Cat!

So Marino tends to make a list of 100 words that sum up his PAX 2014 and I'm totally doing that because I cannot form thoughts very well at the moment because some cray-cray stuff happened to me in the last 2 days! Woot!

  • Homemade Jerky
  • Dangerous Time To Get Directions
  • Borderline Delicious
  • Ice Cream Bar
  • Ice Cream Bar Part 2
  • Swiggity Swag, What's In the Bag?
  • Assassins
  • Learn You A Thing
  • Tearful Introductions
  • Velvety Smooth Exchange
  • Oprah Moment
  • Large Luscious Labias
  • Dumplin' House
  • SNAX East
  • #NotDrunkEnough
  • Only 10¢
  • Pop Tart Lobby
  • Roaming
  • Making Friends
  • Awkward Handshake
  • Backpack to the Face
  • 4th Row Forever
  • Game Dad!
  • Beating The Irish
  • Photo-Op
  • #StillNotDrunkEnough
  • BFF Bracelet
  • Uh-Oh
  • No Sleep
  • Trin It To Win It
  • Cat Farts and Education
  • Jazz Hands
  • Island Survival
  • Goodbye, Bro
  • Weddings and Wine
  • Tokyo Spies
  • HUGS

Thanks, Mr. Davis

So, I'm not entirely sure what to say here. But I felt it best to try and articulate myself and throw my feelings out here like everyone else is.

Still kind of feels like a dream, I was out all day and read about this news in a PM amongst the mods. I was being careful to avoid Twitter and the site's landing page because I knew if I did, I would have been distracted from the tasks I needed to complete today. It read as some kind of joke and no last name was said, so I assumed it couldn't have been thatRyan.

Ryan was that affable ass with a heart of gold that every duder admired in some aspect. With the amount of time I've spent lingering around here at Giant Bomb, all the guys (and some of you in the community) feel like the cool cousins that I wish didn't move so far away.

I'm remembering back to the first time I met Ryan back at PAX East 2012 at dinner and being my first time meeting the staff I was pretending to text my sister and I just took a bajillion stalker creepy photos of the staff. ...Anyways... His personality was something I've always admired from afar and so I was incredibly terrified to approach him out of all of the staff. I felt like my significance paled in comparison to someone as energetic and loud as Ryan. But he was very gracious and exceedingly kind. Every tease and joke aimed your way was super soaked with acceptance and sincerity and just, god dammit, the man was beyond kind.

Yet I was still intimidated by these personalities I'd been following for a few years now. I remember approaching Ryan at the Giant Bomb meetup for a brief moment of some one-on-one time before I headed back to bed for the night. He was smoking a cigarette and just being jovial and in such a great mood for being dead tired. Instinctively, I opened my arms up for a hug and had a brief moment where I felt like a part of an extended family. It was awesome.


Fast forward to PAX East 2013 and it's dinner and I started an accidental trend of dropping silverware and moved Ryan's silverware out of my way when he stepped out and it unrolled his napkin and it just fell everywhere and no one knows it was me who did that by mistake and oh god I wanted to die it was just raining flatware all over the place and Patrick just laughed and I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide because I did that and ohgodohgodohgod. (At this point, I was intimidated by the staff again, but everyone was super nice and relaxed until Vinny was all "Let's talk about serious stuff" and I died on the inside again.)

I made the mistake of trying some of Max Temkin's present to the staff after their panel so I don't remember much because I was what I call "Sweep Drunk." I think I made Jeff uncomfortable and I was bouncing off the walls because the panel was awesome.

My last interaction with Ryan Davis was after the Cards Against Humanity panel. Most everyone had taken their milk and cookies by then and the crowd was thinning out. I remember talking to PsEG and Ozone and being so excited over such a great time I was having and really loving my cookie (seriously, they were amazing) that I was being really freaking weird and twirling/skipping around and I nearly barreled into Ryan. He made a face and said something like "look out, she's crazy" and I nearly ran into him about 2 more times after that and, yeah. That's my terrible story.

Also going to throw into the end here that you all are a wonderful and beautiful community. As a mod, I've seen quite a bit of the bad but it is immensely outdone by how great you guys are and how well we all come together as a whole. I've never felt more comfortable around a group as massive as y'all. It's still so exciting and new to me, thanks for being so god damn great during these recent events.

I love you guys.


GOTY 2012

Also known as "The Blog That Ruined Christmas."

I don't know how exactly, but... My Christmas has been a mixed bag of awkward and such. And because of that, I decided to spend some time writing up my Game of the Year stuff instead of figuring out how to work those new-fangled gifts! (Also formatting is annoying and I stopped doing pretty pictures at the end. I know. I'm lazy!)

Onward! Starting with

Number 10: Pokemon Conquest

Okay. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Dynasty Warriors and an even bigger adoration for the Pokemon franchise. This title kind of threw me off guard and I think was missed out on by quite a few people. It's set in a feudal Pokemon world, that idea alone is incredibly dumb and I love the incredibly dumb and how this was a bit of a strategy game.

It was good for passing the time and decently memorable. Words aren't my strong suit. MOVING ON.

Number 9: Scribblenauts Unlimited

I have a WiiU and Scribblenauts seemed like a no brainer. I was just looking for any excuse to make it rain shining handsome dapper sugar daddies much like I have always wanted in reality...

Wait what? Pfft, as if! Team Tiny Pink Cthulhu all the way! >.>

Number 8: Lollipop Chainsaw


I've always had a bit of a massive and completely uncontrollable lust for crush on Tara Strong. Her taking the role of Juliet Starling was insane happy making for me, since I'm always looking for titles that are lighthearted, silly, and chaotic. Much like the persona that Tara seems to have. I'm quite alright with playing "Fan Service: The Game" and don't have much else to contribute since I'm still a bit busy collecting all of the outfits. And giggling at the

Number 7: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Rhythm games have always been fun on the go. Final Fantasy has a bit of an impact on me as well. (One-Winged Angel, anyone?) It had a play style that reminded me greatly of Elite Beat Agents and just the assortment of characters to bring back some Final Fantasy nostalgia. The game just felt and looked really really good, with enough challenging aspects to have me paying all of my money for more songs. It was a real treat. Even if I still have no idea how one would exactly say "Theatrhythm."

Number 6: Paper Mario: Sticker Star


Number 5: Botanicula

I like whimsy, puzzles, mad clicking, and mushrooms. Something about how vibrant it was and such made me think of a cross between two movies from my childhood: Ferngully and Once Upon a Forest.

The more I think about the beginning of Once Upon a Forest, the more my eyes well up. Poor Michelle. :(

Botanicula is just visually appealing and quirky.

Number 4: Mass Effect 3

All of the issues surrounding the end of the game aside, the journey to that point was worthwhile. Sure, the urgency of my tasks didn't feel very believable and a whole slew of other constant issues... (Javik is ESSENTIAL, god dammit) I had a wonderful time. My expectations were wildly high for this title, but I'm glad that it was able to reach an end. I liked seeing the major and even minor decisions I had made previously carry over. I mostly liked sweet talking Liara and paling around with Legion... The multiplayer hasn't grown old yet and I doubt it will for some time to come.

Number 3: Journey

It didn't feel so much like a game as much as it did a visually and audibly stunning experience that had me connecting and discovering with people who are very much unlike myself. Journey also made me wish I knew how to chirp and could wear a 30-foot long scarf without tripping.

Number 2: The Walking Dead

Racially ambiguous children are pretty common. And Clem's my favorite in a game. And everything nice that could be said about this game has been done... I adored growing fond of and attached to protagonist's that don't fall under the norm of a middle aged white guy. Love ya, Lee. <3

...I love ya so much. T_T

Number 1: Borderlands 2

More of the same! And I loved the first game. Just pump it straight into my veins. AW FUCK YEAH. TORGUE TORGUE TORGUE.


So... Yep. Those are my games and I'm not one for blogging as I'm lazy as hell. But here are some honorable mentions for you~

Games That Didn't Quite Make It Because I Spaced On Them Existing or Didn't Get In Enough Time For A Real Opinion!/Honorable Mentions!

Gravity Rush, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, ZombiU, Persona 4 Golden, Nintendo Land.

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I'd put some effort into some sort of Giant Bomb meet-up but that ended up being like... 2 people last year. And I'm lazy.

I am going to make chainmail for a monkey plushie and it will look like shit and everyone ever will be jealous of my sub-par crafting skills. And and and... Yeah. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY CONVENTIONS.

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I think I'm in love

So I went on a little mission when I went to PAX East to hug as many people as I could. I would write more about my experience, but it all still feels like a weird fever dream and I've already missed that window of opportunity because it feels like that was forever ago already! So, uh, I'm just going to put two of the best moments of my young adult life down here, cool?


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Shot of Whiskey Community Podcast - Mass Effect Edition

For those of you not aware, I sorta of made an offhand comment saying how I'd love for people to join me for a oneshot podcast about Mass Effect. Surprisingly, I had quite the turnout of users who wanted to join in and then we decided to do something silly. I'm not sure if oneshots of podcasts like this will continue, but we'll see! This was a lot of fun to record and we do go over some spoilers, but avoid most of the Mass Effect 3 goodness. If you'd like to listen to people like @slowbird, @DocHaus, @damswedon, @Matt, and myself rattle on about things like alien lifestyles and how Liara T'soni is the best (<3), then get to it! :D

Also would like to thank @MattBodega and @Alaska_Gamer for wanting to be a part of this, but missing out because timezones suck! :(


Pass The Whiskey - Ep 10: The Crying Podcast aka THE LOST EPISODE

This episode will forever be known as THE LOST EPISODE. Below is the document we had written for when this was meant to go up. As you can tell, it is super late, but, hey, that’s what lost episodes are all about, right? Please do enjoy this timely and relevant podcast, brought to you by Being Busy With Real Life™. (BTW, we're still on a hiatus. All of these links are dated. And I want to talk about shitty Halloween costumes again. Digging up the past is weird, y'all.)

THE MOST TERRIFYING EPISODE YET. ...Considering it’s right before Halloween and all. We’re joined by a terrifying beast of a moderator, Screened’s FinalDasa, as we talk about ponies, fan-fiction, and all those other things that only Sparkly and Slowbird really care about!

Download MP3

Special Guest: FinalDasa

When he’s not off fighting crime or being a raging alcoholic, FinalDasa is doing moderator tasks over at Screened. He’s got a love for Rorie that could rival my own, but that’s debatable! This silly old dude also mans the ScreenedPups Twitter page where he flexes what he has to share and what the community for Screened has done. He, as well as Scancase, are both to thank for the community showcase there. So let’s send some love and be awkward about it! (I’m mostly saying that because FinalDasa gets more excited about this podcast than anyone else I know... It’s creepy.)

Featured User: Paulrus

Ladies, gents, bronies... I welcome you to the herd. Paulrus has been completely attacking the wiki at Screened with some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TLC. His latest updates give a good in depth synopsis to this season’s latest episodes and even provide the lesson that has been learned by our favorite little fillies! I cannot help but feel as if my adoration for these ponies pales in comparison, seeing as Paulrus needs no help. He is on it! And you know what this calls for? A PARTY!

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Forza Motorsport 4 Artwork - Giant Bomb users band together to show off who can make the most beautiful of Forza 4 cars and take the most rad photos!

Casting Call - User CrimsonAvenger has been blogging his dream casting for a variety of movies including the eventual Assassin’s Creed series and Uncharted movie.

Keep in touch with us!

Missed our last episode? Catch it here!

Marvel Genesis - User CapFanboy has put together an amazingly comprehensive writing initiative based on the Marvel universe, and Blacklightning13 created a thread compiling all of the community’s work together. Seriously, just take a look at that thread. Is your mind boggling? Mine sure is.

CV Link 1

CV Link 2



Also, wow, that was a lot of Pony Talk. Erm, um, heeheeheehee?


Sparkly's Game of the Year - 2011

So, trying to recall all that I played this year that had a big impact on me was a bit tough. Most of the titles that I played were either remakes or things to have released in years prior as I attempt to whittle down my backlog. Or released so close to the end of last year that I'm not sure if they'd count. (Like Raskulls for example. A game I really liked, but just another option and all.)

I guess we'll start at the tail end of this! That's fun, it'll be like I'm building suspense and tension. And everybody loves that.


10. Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

I know this is typically more of the same, but something about Harvest Moon just keeps drawing me back in to it. It's got a charm and a whimsy that I can really get behind. The gameplay overall comes off as being incredibly simple initially, but once you dig deeper in, you find out that, like previous games, there is a that extra level of complexity to give this innocent little game a whole lot of depth. The contrast between the towns and the attempt at actually making a story that didn't start off as most of the others ("Grandpa died and gave me his land") was an interesting pace. I've spent quite a few nights perfecting what it is I need to do be productive as time passes and the towns grow/change. It may not be at the top of my list, but it does have a special place in my heart. <3 Oh nostalgia~

9. Gears of War 3

After playing Horde mode with some of the duders here, my opinion of this game series took a pretty dramatic shift. The first two Gears games really weren't something for me. I could enjoy them, but that was mostly because I was too busy focused on talking down to what the game was since, well, I'm a close-minded silly filly who thinks that Gears tries to hard to be a "man's man manly-mcman" sort of game. (And, well, it kind of still is? A bit? (I really should not be doing this write up so late, but whatever. Onwards!)) The way everything handles in Gears 3 just felt different somehow, a whole lot better. Playing offline with my dad for the co-op ending up being a blast, making me instantly regret not taking my time with this series sooner and writing it off as quickly as I did. Good game! Lesson learned! Oops!

8. L.A. Noire

Oh. My. Good. Lord. I can't drive for shit. Erm, what I meant was: The way that LA Noire mirrors the classic film noire to a tee is still overwhelming to me. I approached this title with the intention of playing it in that classic film style and with as little outside help as possible, and that definitely didn't lessen the experience. If anything, it really added an extra punch to make it that much more enjoyable. I really adored the different personalities and wide range in the colorful cast of characters, even if their dialogs didn't always quite fit during interrogation or even if they were a gigantic asshole. (Yeah, Roy, I mean you. You are a dick.) The accuracy of the city and the amount of awe-inspiring detail and technology put behind the faces of the people is one thing, but the presentation of the cases and whatnot is what really makes this one of my top games this year. I'm used to playing games that have moments that shock me and whatnot, but never as gritty or dark as this. I can anticipate that from a film, but in a game was completely new to me. Anyways, I guess what it comes down to is... Are you a size 8?

7. Forza Motorsport 4

The single player isn't why this is making an appearance on my list. Not to bash on it or anything! But that's not why I go "Oh man, I cannot wait to play this today!" I go in to play to collect profits from my storefront and make My Little Pony related art for the upgrade in the multiplayer. It's almost pointless to me to pour my heart and soul into making the most fabulous car with all the junk in her trunk if I have no means to wreck her into the tail end of a Hummer as it is being pushed up a mountain or slam some of the most courteous and kind big-headed and loud mouthed doo-doo heads into a wall because I want to be the one to make the winning goal. In a traditional race, I'm the back of the pack... Always. All the time. Never not last. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying myself. I always learn a different thing, too. Whether the new thing is hearing different little tips and tricks to how everyone tunes or if Slowbird came up with a new bad joke, something always happens. ...Although I do totally love to just make vinyls and plaster them all over my car. I'm 5 at my core and I still love the fuck out of stickers.

6. You Don't Know Jack

Trivia games tend to be that sort of game that if I go in with a group of friends, we leave as enemies at the end. This isn't the case when it comes to YDKJ. The humor and pop culture references turn what could have been a bloodbath with my buddies into a laughfest. At the end, the points mean nothing, just that we all had a great time and learned a few useless facts that we can use for new jokes. (Like how the Facebook Creeper of our group is named Nate. And Natesbook means "ass"book. Lololololololol. (I sound like a damn turkey when I say Lolololol outloud. The price I have to pay.) Even in single player, it's still a great time and the prizes are just bad enough to make you want every single one. Although the points do matter if you ever play online. Especially true if you play with a numbers-loving-jerkwad, but hey! That can be fun, too, right?

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Would this be higher if no one took my sweetroll? Good question. Skyrim is a phenomenal time sink. In previous Elder Scrolls titles, I know that they said you can do whatever you want, but for once, when it came to Skyrim, I actually believed that. In Oblivion, I remember starting off doing whatever I wanted, but then when it came to spending points and becoming stronger when I leveled, I felt incredibly restricted and almost punished for not doing specific tasks. This is definitely not the case with Skyrim and it's overwhelming to be given so much freedom like that. The core story of being the most Specialist-Special-Person-Of-Ever doesn't even have time to bring me down because there is a whole world to explore and dragons who need to have their lives brought to an end. That to me is absolutely fascinating and delaying the progress of most of the questlines makes running around as an ordinary lizard wizard that much more appealing.

4. LittleBigPlanet 2

I think Pinkie Pie said it best when she earned her cutiemark. "I'd never felt joy like that before" is a very accurate description for when I got my grimy little hands on the sequel to LBP. The minor advancements to the previous Little Big Planet formula were great, the story tweaks, and the amount of new stuff for me to create with is really something. LBP2 encourages you to create and imagine more, while giving you a chance to play and share with friends. The dedication that some people put into making breath taking levels is definitely not something to sneeze at and the amount of joy and glee I get from solving puzzles, jumping on goofy looking enemies, and tagging my friends with stickers is unmatched anywhere else.

3. Catherine

I have to confess, I played the ever loving shit out of Catherine. The story, drama, and dynamic between all of these characters and the circumstance they're in won me over. The game play can be really repetitive, but the added complexity and need to speed up and power through was enough to have me think of blocks outside of it. Catherine was a bit of a summer obsession for me. I was dreaming of blocks and the questions that were asked of you as you played made me take a step back and evaluate my own stance with relationships. It was almost scary. Catherine is one of the few games I can say that started to infect my day-to-day, I was analyzing responses to minor questions and imagining what sort of challenges I'd have to solve next to go from floor to floor. That's not something I've done in years and that honestly shocks me.

2. Bastion

The Kid sat for a bit, and struggled to come up with a way to convey how she felt about one of her favorite games this year. She then realized that using the narration style to give her opinion would be silly, so many had gone down that same path before her and so many excelled at that writing style better than she. But she went on anyways, telling her tale of triumph as she saw each task before her set out to completion. So, wow. Bastion. Incredibly moving for a game made by a team so small that, last I check, I had more fingers on one hand! (That was a joke. I don't have 8 fingers on my hand-OH MY GOD, WHERE DID YOU THREE COME FROM?) Everything that could be said about Bastion would just be me echoing the sentiments of a million others. This game is beautiful and I would totally live there if things weren't falling apart. Ah well.

1. Portal 2

SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE. Portal 2 learned that loads of the same isn't always a bad thing and I can respect that. The story went a lot deeper than I had originally thought that it would and... Okay. I'm going to be honest.

This is number one because I love Wheatley. There. I said it. He's my little darling and he can do no wrong in my eyes. I will go with him 'til the end of the world. To the moon, even. That adorable little bastard.


And there you have it. My Game of the Year list. Honorable mentions include: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Pushmo, Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures, Jamestown, and Saints Row: The Third.

Skylanders would be somewhere on this list, but seeing as it just entered my life as the year was ending? I'm not going to count it. I'm too busy running around town trying to add to my collection and that scares me.

The last game on this list that I would like to mention would be ' Bullet Bill 3. Like I said, this list of games is for those that had an impact on me. And seeing as how I was given the opportunity to test and be one of the first players for something a friend of mine has been working on? That's really cool and something I'm pretty proud and happy to say I've been a part of. I still think the game is difficult (Darn laptop!) but I've enjoyed it nonetheless and I honestly can say that I can't wait to see what else Psycosis has up his sleeve for his next game.

Thanks for reading, you potentially crazy person, you! <3


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Horrible Things I Do -- 11/28/11


Creepin' At Work

Oh god, I am so going to get fired. Here's a brief list of things that I do that could probably get me into some hot water (which would be nice, actually. It's fuggin' cold here, you guys. Almost like it's winter or something!)

But we'll get to the creepin' in a moment, for now, enjoy this (not-so-brief) list of Things I Do That I Could Probably Get Me Fired™:

  • Disney's Phoebus, depicted by David Kawena
    Spell out "ANAL GLAM" with the monogram mugs
  • Get caught chuckling at conversations I'm not a part of
  • Stare daggers at the mean girl at work
  • Sleep in and be an hour late
  • Play my DS at a high volume in the break room (Accidental, really!)
  • Cheer to myself over being my high scores on the arcade machine
  • Give nicknames to co-workers

Now the creepy part of this is the nicknames. The tame ones are Earrings, Cool Hat Dude, Nice Arms Guy, and Great Butt Guy. I, uh, may or may not do my assigned tasks out of order so that I can work in the same area as Great Butt Guy. But he looks so much like Phoebus, only with shorter hair and a Southern hospitality that rivals those on True Blood.

It's gotten borderline dangerous. I just want to hug Great Butt Guy into oblivion and it's only going to get more obvious. I see him every single day I work and god damn dat ass. But he looks a lot like Phoebus! ...I could have an excuse to dress up as Esmeralda! ...And he could dress like Phoebus. It's a win-win for everybody! And a double win for me~

Bein' Creeped On

I'll keep this short.

I was cashier. Gentleman in his 50s/60s. He was staring.

Old Guy: I like your nametag...

Me: Oh, uhm, thanks!

Long pause.

Old Guy: Kort... ney... *Creepy smile as he walks off with his purchase, glancing back over at my "nametag"*

Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures

I had to make the wiki page for this. Am I ashamed? Not really. But I do feel like a creeper, considering when I purchased this game, I was near a little girl who was all "OH WOW, A NEW COOKING MAMA GAME. MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY~" and I sort of did the same thing, only to my friend Vicki. >.> Didn't help that the woman who was ringing me up was all "Did you get this for a kid sister?" No. "Niece?" ...Nope. Funny looks get! I also got those same looks when in GameStop and asked by my mom what game I wanted for Christmas. Stone cold fuckin' serious about Skylanders, sister's co-workers be damned, son!

But, yes. This is a game that I have played and find to be absolutely marvelous. It's a good change of pace from past Mama games and I like being able to play as her daughter, she's just too cute. This whole game is cute and it has a collection concept. So, uh, sold. Yep. I'm going to have all of the butterflies.

Makes me wish I hadn't given up on Animal Crossing. Or Harvest Moon... Someday.

Oh yes, that day is today.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

I'm, uh, just starting on this and don't really have any feedback to give. Although I do know that I'm playing as a cute little lady and am going to grow all of the crops. All of them. Try and stop me.

I can't wait to get married and whatnot in this game. It's been awhile since I've played a Harvest Moon... (Like, nearly 7 months. Madness.) So I'll be chuggin' along here, hopefully.

I really haven't played much else. That's insanely dull for a blog that should have more to do with games. Ah well. Phoebus on the brain.

Christmas Shopping

I am completely and absolutely done with my immediate family. I've never been done this early before and it feels pretty damn good. Granted, my sister will be getting her piece late, but I'm sure she'll like it. I'd detail it, but, y'know, homegirl knows how to use the Internet. She mustn't know.

I also went a little loco-in-the-coco and gifted a small handful of memberships to users here, nearly broke bank there, too. DERP. Meaning that a few of my real life friends aren't going to get much from me. But... But those yearlies were 35 bucks, you guys. Bucks as in luchadeer or some other poorly done joke. But, whatever. THE HOLIDAYS. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. SNOW. I love two of those three all caps things. And I'm glad to have knocked some people off of my list. :)

...And other minor great things happened, but not enough to really go on about. I'm going to be over here thinking of creepy dumbshit. Like Great Butt Guy and Totally-Super-Duper-Crazy-Awesome-Crush-Person-Who-Can-Be-Kind-Of-A-Bully because I'm mentally still in middle school. D:<


Horrible Things I Do -- 11/13/2011

Oh man, remember when I wrote these? ...I don't, either! And as far I care, the only date format is MM/DD/YYYY. The ONLY format. GOD BLESS AMERICA, USA, USA, USA!

*Cough* Anyways, I'mma slap some words up and this is the part where everyone shakes their head in shame. I know it's what I'd do! But maybe doing things I would do is dangerous. Not everyone is a fan. Trust me, or not. Regardless, that power is YOURS.

Pass The Whiskey - Hiatus AKA I am employed now and it kind of sucks but money is always nice

I haven't announced this anywhere! Nor did I inform my co-hosts, PsEG and slowbird. But, uh, I've got shitty Internet, you guys. I can't do much as of right now with it and that episode we did with our not-so-special-special-guest is just going to have to be a lost episode. But those are fun, people like those, right? I know that as soon as I submit this saying "We takin' a break, you guys!" we'll probably scrape up something within a week or two. That's how everything goes with me. :D

But that seriously may not see any updates for a hot minute. I've been so busy working all the time so that I can build a rocket that sends all icky things straight into the sun attend PAX East next year. Nearly there, too! I'm going to have so many dolla-dolla bills. :D Gonna be dope. Unless, well, Mom enters the No Fun Zone™ and makes me be responsible. Pfft. AS IF, LADY.

Now that I think about it, money sort of sucks. Gets you things, sure, but it's, ugh, I don't even want to think about. Why? Because hospital bills are stupid and I hate them. Loathe. Despise. Would much rather be stuck with rainbow pee for forever over that. ...actually, that'd be interesting. My body could generate gross rainbows on command.

Making Dolls

Man, and I thought I was done with these. I guess not. I'm not even going to upload all the other ones I've done. But here is what I have from the summer:

I have an addiction. And no, I don't wish to be cured.


My sister messed up the USB port... things... on my 360 by yanking stuff out from across the room, like play and charge stuff. Or our Rock Band controllers and the like. She also jammed up my disc tray because it opens a bit slower than hers. I was napping and she really wanted to play Skyrim so she started messing with my stuff and now there are weird gashes all on it. Thanks, sis, you're too kind. <3 Knotting my headsets after you used them is sweet, too. I love those random buzzing noises so much!

I don't mind her using my things, I just wish she'd, y'know, take a bit more care of them. She's not very delicate with her own things, but at least show some respect for stuff I bought, goodness. Leaving games and other discs out is also a pain. OR PUTTING THEM IN THE WRONG BOX BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WANT TO STAND UP AND TAKE TWO STEPS. HNNNNGH.

Also a bit grumpy that I had to sit with her in a small room and a guy she liked. Sorry, Mom, I couldn't babysit anymore. It was so gross holy fuck.

You know what helps me not make dolls or grump over my sister? Playing stuff. I actually have been playing an assload of different games, but I'll just cover the big three for me right now.

Call of Dookie Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Heehee, dookie*. Anyways, I've only tampered with the single player so far and... Well, I'm not exactly won over. Sure, it's mindless fun. But the way they take you by the hand are all "Okay, Sonny, we're going to be right here and shoot some guys. When we're ready, we'll move up a few more feet. And don't worry about getting lost, we're going to make this linear, alright? Don't get too far out of my sight, though! It's dangerous in that big bad world out there!" (Actually, having Price say something like makes me laugh. Must be the facial hair of his.)

And I'm approximately a third of the way through the game. It's had a lot of vehicles. I know I'd heard about there being a lot, but I don't remember being on foot much for some reason. It's, odd. But that just makes it more hand-holdy it seems. Like "Okay, m'boy, we're going to sit you in this truck and give you this big shiny gun. Remember, lad, it isn't a toy. But you don't have to worry about being lost, I'll drive and tell you when it's okay to get out." or something. I haven't touched the multiplayer at all, but I'll be sure to once I've gotten deeper in. I won't be treading Spec Ops until I've "earned it" by completing the story. I don't remember Veteran going by this fast previously. Either I've improved or-Hey, loosen your grip, Soap, I can't feel my fingers! :P

*I like this game, just something is a bit grating, no hate! Just teasing. <3 Although this franchise would improve TREMENDOUSLY if everytime you saw Price his mustache grew. 'Til you get to the end of the game he's just a mustache with a hat and gun. I'd love that so much.

This is the music I shoot dudes to, btw. Try it. It makes it more fun. :D

Forza 4

It's... Basically more Forza. But I love it. Everything is so shiny and wonderful. The amount of gloss in this game rivals the amount of gloss on a prostitute's lips. ...Meaning that Forza 4 is sexy. Yeah!

I've mostly done things like make cutiemarks of various My Little Pony characters, Nyan Cat, and working on some Legends of the Hidden Temple and GUTS logos. It's hard to make driving a priority when I'm in the storefront all of the time, but it's so much fun. I didn't really get deep into that before in Forza 3, but now? Oh man. So many cutiemarks.

I've also started trying to play with no assists. I'm usually that squirrely car fishtailing all over, spinning out, and is covered in rainbows. Avoid me, please. It's not safe.


It tickles my fancy that in started snowing here when this game was released. I haven't done much of anything at all, mostly due to sharing one copy, but what I have done is phenomenal. I could sit and cook, smith, enchant, chop wood, mine, etc. for forever. I have so much raiding the pantries and gardens/farms of others. I'm a sucker for getting myself "established" in a town and trading and getting familiar with the villagers and the citizens in Skyrim. At least the amount of repeats isn't as bad as before. :D That makes this so magical for me.

I've also got more characters than I have any right to, but I've been setting up the guidelines I want my playthroughs to follow early. I'm five like that. I've barely scratched the surface on the main story and have been all over just meeting people and poking my head in a few dungeons and caves.

I... I don't want to fight dragons. I just want to live in a nice house with a husband with a good job and have all of the babies and a pony and keep a plethora of cabbages in barrels for the rest of my life in Skyrim. I want to make everything smell like cabbage. This is the ultimate goal.

Now for the rest of this blog that you probably don't care about! Maybe I should retitle this to "Who Really Gives a Shit? I Don't!" or just "IDGAF" or something equally classy!


As miserable as going to work is, I'm super glad I can say I'm working. I mentioned it above already, but I work a small amount of hours but I make a pretty decent amount. I'm a little bummed about working Black Friday at 4am, but what can you do? I work 4am to 9am every day anyways. But that day just worries me a bit. I'll survive, though. I'm a big girl! :D

Being a "Big Girl"

That happy moment up there was short! But I was lying a bit when I said I was a big girl. I've been losing it, so HA. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. TAKE THAT, BODY FAT, I WILL VANQUISH YOU. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT. YOU WILL WISH THAT YOU HADN'T MESSED WITH ME. I mean, I'm still the size of a brick house, but now I'm nearing the size of an affordable brick house. I owe working a bit more to this, really. So these go hand in hand in a way. I'm fine with that.

Unrelated, but it's a part of image, right? I've got purple hair now. It's dope. I'm so happy about it. Makes me just a wee bit giddy. <3

Membership To The Elite Troll Squad

...Oh, that's not what the red Moderator tag means? OH FUCK, I HAVE DONE ALL OF THIS WRONG. I really don't want to focus on this for too long, but thought I'd bring it up in case people who are all "The fuck? Who is Sparklykiss?" and now they can know a little more! Or something! I'm not huge on posting constantly, but I do try to be as active in other ways. So that's really cool, right? If you see a massive influx of purple in the chats here, pretty good chance that's me. ...So, uh... hi! Let's be friends or something! I'll post on your wall and refresh your page a few times to give you quest points! But don't take that as flirting, that'd be weird. OH GOD, that'd be weird.

But sending out Mod Blasts isn't! There need to be more happy making messages there. Or pony talk! I love Pony Talk! :D


I don't know what to put at the end of this, really. But I do believe that TheDudeOfGaming will be proud. I don't think I said y'all at all this time!

'Til next time, y'all!

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