Sparkly's Game of the Year - 2011

So, trying to recall all that I played this year that had a big impact on me was a bit tough. Most of the titles that I played were either remakes or things to have released in years prior as I attempt to whittle down my backlog. Or released so close to the end of last year that I'm not sure if they'd count. (Like Raskulls for example. A game I really liked, but just another option and all.)

I guess we'll start at the tail end of this! That's fun, it'll be like I'm building suspense and tension. And everybody loves that.


10. Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

I know this is typically more of the same, but something about Harvest Moon just keeps drawing me back in to it. It's got a charm and a whimsy that I can really get behind. The gameplay overall comes off as being incredibly simple initially, but once you dig deeper in, you find out that, like previous games, there is a that extra level of complexity to give this innocent little game a whole lot of depth. The contrast between the towns and the attempt at actually making a story that didn't start off as most of the others ("Grandpa died and gave me his land") was an interesting pace. I've spent quite a few nights perfecting what it is I need to do be productive as time passes and the towns grow/change. It may not be at the top of my list, but it does have a special place in my heart. <3 Oh nostalgia~

9. Gears of War 3

After playing Horde mode with some of the duders here, my opinion of this game series took a pretty dramatic shift. The first two Gears games really weren't something for me. I could enjoy them, but that was mostly because I was too busy focused on talking down to what the game was since, well, I'm a close-minded silly filly who thinks that Gears tries to hard to be a "man's man manly-mcman" sort of game. (And, well, it kind of still is? A bit? (I really should not be doing this write up so late, but whatever. Onwards!)) The way everything handles in Gears 3 just felt different somehow, a whole lot better. Playing offline with my dad for the co-op ending up being a blast, making me instantly regret not taking my time with this series sooner and writing it off as quickly as I did. Good game! Lesson learned! Oops!

8. L.A. Noire

Oh. My. Good. Lord. I can't drive for shit. Erm, what I meant was: The way that LA Noire mirrors the classic film noire to a tee is still overwhelming to me. I approached this title with the intention of playing it in that classic film style and with as little outside help as possible, and that definitely didn't lessen the experience. If anything, it really added an extra punch to make it that much more enjoyable. I really adored the different personalities and wide range in the colorful cast of characters, even if their dialogs didn't always quite fit during interrogation or even if they were a gigantic asshole. (Yeah, Roy, I mean you. You are a dick.) The accuracy of the city and the amount of awe-inspiring detail and technology put behind the faces of the people is one thing, but the presentation of the cases and whatnot is what really makes this one of my top games this year. I'm used to playing games that have moments that shock me and whatnot, but never as gritty or dark as this. I can anticipate that from a film, but in a game was completely new to me. Anyways, I guess what it comes down to is... Are you a size 8?

7. Forza Motorsport 4

The single player isn't why this is making an appearance on my list. Not to bash on it or anything! But that's not why I go "Oh man, I cannot wait to play this today!" I go in to play to collect profits from my storefront and make My Little Pony related art for the upgrade in the multiplayer. It's almost pointless to me to pour my heart and soul into making the most fabulous car with all the junk in her trunk if I have no means to wreck her into the tail end of a Hummer as it is being pushed up a mountain or slam some of the most courteous and kind big-headed and loud mouthed doo-doo heads into a wall because I want to be the one to make the winning goal. In a traditional race, I'm the back of the pack... Always. All the time. Never not last. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying myself. I always learn a different thing, too. Whether the new thing is hearing different little tips and tricks to how everyone tunes or if Slowbird came up with a new bad joke, something always happens. ...Although I do totally love to just make vinyls and plaster them all over my car. I'm 5 at my core and I still love the fuck out of stickers.

6. You Don't Know Jack

Trivia games tend to be that sort of game that if I go in with a group of friends, we leave as enemies at the end. This isn't the case when it comes to YDKJ. The humor and pop culture references turn what could have been a bloodbath with my buddies into a laughfest. At the end, the points mean nothing, just that we all had a great time and learned a few useless facts that we can use for new jokes. (Like how the Facebook Creeper of our group is named Nate. And Natesbook means "ass"book. Lololololololol. (I sound like a damn turkey when I say Lolololol outloud. The price I have to pay.) Even in single player, it's still a great time and the prizes are just bad enough to make you want every single one. Although the points do matter if you ever play online. Especially true if you play with a numbers-loving-jerkwad, but hey! That can be fun, too, right?

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Would this be higher if no one took my sweetroll? Good question. Skyrim is a phenomenal time sink. In previous Elder Scrolls titles, I know that they said you can do whatever you want, but for once, when it came to Skyrim, I actually believed that. In Oblivion, I remember starting off doing whatever I wanted, but then when it came to spending points and becoming stronger when I leveled, I felt incredibly restricted and almost punished for not doing specific tasks. This is definitely not the case with Skyrim and it's overwhelming to be given so much freedom like that. The core story of being the most Specialist-Special-Person-Of-Ever doesn't even have time to bring me down because there is a whole world to explore and dragons who need to have their lives brought to an end. That to me is absolutely fascinating and delaying the progress of most of the questlines makes running around as an ordinary lizard wizard that much more appealing.

4. LittleBigPlanet 2

I think Pinkie Pie said it best when she earned her cutiemark. "I'd never felt joy like that before" is a very accurate description for when I got my grimy little hands on the sequel to LBP. The minor advancements to the previous Little Big Planet formula were great, the story tweaks, and the amount of new stuff for me to create with is really something. LBP2 encourages you to create and imagine more, while giving you a chance to play and share with friends. The dedication that some people put into making breath taking levels is definitely not something to sneeze at and the amount of joy and glee I get from solving puzzles, jumping on goofy looking enemies, and tagging my friends with stickers is unmatched anywhere else.

3. Catherine

I have to confess, I played the ever loving shit out of Catherine. The story, drama, and dynamic between all of these characters and the circumstance they're in won me over. The game play can be really repetitive, but the added complexity and need to speed up and power through was enough to have me think of blocks outside of it. Catherine was a bit of a summer obsession for me. I was dreaming of blocks and the questions that were asked of you as you played made me take a step back and evaluate my own stance with relationships. It was almost scary. Catherine is one of the few games I can say that started to infect my day-to-day, I was analyzing responses to minor questions and imagining what sort of challenges I'd have to solve next to go from floor to floor. That's not something I've done in years and that honestly shocks me.

2. Bastion

The Kid sat for a bit, and struggled to come up with a way to convey how she felt about one of her favorite games this year. She then realized that using the narration style to give her opinion would be silly, so many had gone down that same path before her and so many excelled at that writing style better than she. But she went on anyways, telling her tale of triumph as she saw each task before her set out to completion. So, wow. Bastion. Incredibly moving for a game made by a team so small that, last I check, I had more fingers on one hand! (That was a joke. I don't have 8 fingers on my hand-OH MY GOD, WHERE DID YOU THREE COME FROM?) Everything that could be said about Bastion would just be me echoing the sentiments of a million others. This game is beautiful and I would totally live there if things weren't falling apart. Ah well.

1. Portal 2

SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE. Portal 2 learned that loads of the same isn't always a bad thing and I can respect that. The story went a lot deeper than I had originally thought that it would and... Okay. I'm going to be honest.

This is number one because I love Wheatley. There. I said it. He's my little darling and he can do no wrong in my eyes. I will go with him 'til the end of the world. To the moon, even. That adorable little bastard.


And there you have it. My Game of the Year list. Honorable mentions include: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Pushmo, Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures, Jamestown, and Saints Row: The Third.

Skylanders would be somewhere on this list, but seeing as it just entered my life as the year was ending? I'm not going to count it. I'm too busy running around town trying to add to my collection and that scares me.

The last game on this list that I would like to mention would be ' Bullet Bill 3. Like I said, this list of games is for those that had an impact on me. And seeing as how I was given the opportunity to test and be one of the first players for something a friend of mine has been working on? That's really cool and something I'm pretty proud and happy to say I've been a part of. I still think the game is difficult (Darn laptop!) but I've enjoyed it nonetheless and I honestly can say that I can't wait to see what else Psycosis has up his sleeve for his next game.

Thanks for reading, you potentially crazy person, you! <3


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Horrible Things I Do -- 11/28/11


Creepin' At Work

Oh god, I am so going to get fired. Here's a brief list of things that I do that could probably get me into some hot water (which would be nice, actually. It's fuggin' cold here, you guys. Almost like it's winter or something!)

But we'll get to the creepin' in a moment, for now, enjoy this (not-so-brief) list of Things I Do That I Could Probably Get Me Fired™:

  • Disney's Phoebus, depicted by David Kawena
    Spell out "ANAL GLAM" with the monogram mugs
  • Get caught chuckling at conversations I'm not a part of
  • Stare daggers at the mean girl at work
  • Sleep in and be an hour late
  • Play my DS at a high volume in the break room (Accidental, really!)
  • Cheer to myself over being my high scores on the arcade machine
  • Give nicknames to co-workers

Now the creepy part of this is the nicknames. The tame ones are Earrings, Cool Hat Dude, Nice Arms Guy, and Great Butt Guy. I, uh, may or may not do my assigned tasks out of order so that I can work in the same area as Great Butt Guy. But he looks so much like Phoebus, only with shorter hair and a Southern hospitality that rivals those on True Blood.

It's gotten borderline dangerous. I just want to hug Great Butt Guy into oblivion and it's only going to get more obvious. I see him every single day I work and god damn dat ass. But he looks a lot like Phoebus! ...I could have an excuse to dress up as Esmeralda! ...And he could dress like Phoebus. It's a win-win for everybody! And a double win for me~

Bein' Creeped On

I'll keep this short.

I was cashier. Gentleman in his 50s/60s. He was staring.

Old Guy: I like your nametag...

Me: Oh, uhm, thanks!

Long pause.

Old Guy: Kort... ney... *Creepy smile as he walks off with his purchase, glancing back over at my "nametag"*

Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures

I had to make the wiki page for this. Am I ashamed? Not really. But I do feel like a creeper, considering when I purchased this game, I was near a little girl who was all "OH WOW, A NEW COOKING MAMA GAME. MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY~" and I sort of did the same thing, only to my friend Vicki. >.> Didn't help that the woman who was ringing me up was all "Did you get this for a kid sister?" No. "Niece?" ...Nope. Funny looks get! I also got those same looks when in GameStop and asked by my mom what game I wanted for Christmas. Stone cold fuckin' serious about Skylanders, sister's co-workers be damned, son!

But, yes. This is a game that I have played and find to be absolutely marvelous. It's a good change of pace from past Mama games and I like being able to play as her daughter, she's just too cute. This whole game is cute and it has a collection concept. So, uh, sold. Yep. I'm going to have all of the butterflies.

Makes me wish I hadn't given up on Animal Crossing. Or Harvest Moon... Someday.

Oh yes, that day is today.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

I'm, uh, just starting on this and don't really have any feedback to give. Although I do know that I'm playing as a cute little lady and am going to grow all of the crops. All of them. Try and stop me.

I can't wait to get married and whatnot in this game. It's been awhile since I've played a Harvest Moon... (Like, nearly 7 months. Madness.) So I'll be chuggin' along here, hopefully.

I really haven't played much else. That's insanely dull for a blog that should have more to do with games. Ah well. Phoebus on the brain.

Christmas Shopping

I am completely and absolutely done with my immediate family. I've never been done this early before and it feels pretty damn good. Granted, my sister will be getting her piece late, but I'm sure she'll like it. I'd detail it, but, y'know, homegirl knows how to use the Internet. She mustn't know.

I also went a little loco-in-the-coco and gifted a small handful of memberships to users here, nearly broke bank there, too. DERP. Meaning that a few of my real life friends aren't going to get much from me. But... But those yearlies were 35 bucks, you guys. Bucks as in luchadeer or some other poorly done joke. But, whatever. THE HOLIDAYS. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. SNOW. I love two of those three all caps things. And I'm glad to have knocked some people off of my list. :)

...And other minor great things happened, but not enough to really go on about. I'm going to be over here thinking of creepy dumbshit. Like Great Butt Guy and Totally-Super-Duper-Crazy-Awesome-Crush-Person-Who-Can-Be-Kind-Of-A-Bully because I'm mentally still in middle school. D:<


Horrible Things I Do -- 11/13/2011

Oh man, remember when I wrote these? ...I don't, either! And as far I care, the only date format is MM/DD/YYYY. The ONLY format. GOD BLESS AMERICA, USA, USA, USA!

*Cough* Anyways, I'mma slap some words up and this is the part where everyone shakes their head in shame. I know it's what I'd do! But maybe doing things I would do is dangerous. Not everyone is a fan. Trust me, or not. Regardless, that power is YOURS.

Pass The Whiskey - Hiatus AKA I am employed now and it kind of sucks but money is always nice

I haven't announced this anywhere! Nor did I inform my co-hosts, PsEG and slowbird. But, uh, I've got shitty Internet, you guys. I can't do much as of right now with it and that episode we did with our not-so-special-special-guest is just going to have to be a lost episode. But those are fun, people like those, right? I know that as soon as I submit this saying "We takin' a break, you guys!" we'll probably scrape up something within a week or two. That's how everything goes with me. :D

But that seriously may not see any updates for a hot minute. I've been so busy working all the time so that I can build a rocket that sends all icky things straight into the sun attend PAX East next year. Nearly there, too! I'm going to have so many dolla-dolla bills. :D Gonna be dope. Unless, well, Mom enters the No Fun Zone™ and makes me be responsible. Pfft. AS IF, LADY.

Now that I think about it, money sort of sucks. Gets you things, sure, but it's, ugh, I don't even want to think about. Why? Because hospital bills are stupid and I hate them. Loathe. Despise. Would much rather be stuck with rainbow pee for forever over that. ...actually, that'd be interesting. My body could generate gross rainbows on command.

Making Dolls

Man, and I thought I was done with these. I guess not. I'm not even going to upload all the other ones I've done. But here is what I have from the summer:

I have an addiction. And no, I don't wish to be cured.


My sister messed up the USB port... things... on my 360 by yanking stuff out from across the room, like play and charge stuff. Or our Rock Band controllers and the like. She also jammed up my disc tray because it opens a bit slower than hers. I was napping and she really wanted to play Skyrim so she started messing with my stuff and now there are weird gashes all on it. Thanks, sis, you're too kind. <3 Knotting my headsets after you used them is sweet, too. I love those random buzzing noises so much!

I don't mind her using my things, I just wish she'd, y'know, take a bit more care of them. She's not very delicate with her own things, but at least show some respect for stuff I bought, goodness. Leaving games and other discs out is also a pain. OR PUTTING THEM IN THE WRONG BOX BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WANT TO STAND UP AND TAKE TWO STEPS. HNNNNGH.

Also a bit grumpy that I had to sit with her in a small room and a guy she liked. Sorry, Mom, I couldn't babysit anymore. It was so gross holy fuck.

You know what helps me not make dolls or grump over my sister? Playing stuff. I actually have been playing an assload of different games, but I'll just cover the big three for me right now.

Call of Dookie Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Heehee, dookie*. Anyways, I've only tampered with the single player so far and... Well, I'm not exactly won over. Sure, it's mindless fun. But the way they take you by the hand are all "Okay, Sonny, we're going to be right here and shoot some guys. When we're ready, we'll move up a few more feet. And don't worry about getting lost, we're going to make this linear, alright? Don't get too far out of my sight, though! It's dangerous in that big bad world out there!" (Actually, having Price say something like makes me laugh. Must be the facial hair of his.)

And I'm approximately a third of the way through the game. It's had a lot of vehicles. I know I'd heard about there being a lot, but I don't remember being on foot much for some reason. It's, odd. But that just makes it more hand-holdy it seems. Like "Okay, m'boy, we're going to sit you in this truck and give you this big shiny gun. Remember, lad, it isn't a toy. But you don't have to worry about being lost, I'll drive and tell you when it's okay to get out." or something. I haven't touched the multiplayer at all, but I'll be sure to once I've gotten deeper in. I won't be treading Spec Ops until I've "earned it" by completing the story. I don't remember Veteran going by this fast previously. Either I've improved or-Hey, loosen your grip, Soap, I can't feel my fingers! :P

*I like this game, just something is a bit grating, no hate! Just teasing. <3 Although this franchise would improve TREMENDOUSLY if everytime you saw Price his mustache grew. 'Til you get to the end of the game he's just a mustache with a hat and gun. I'd love that so much.

This is the music I shoot dudes to, btw. Try it. It makes it more fun. :D

Forza 4

It's... Basically more Forza. But I love it. Everything is so shiny and wonderful. The amount of gloss in this game rivals the amount of gloss on a prostitute's lips. ...Meaning that Forza 4 is sexy. Yeah!

I've mostly done things like make cutiemarks of various My Little Pony characters, Nyan Cat, and working on some Legends of the Hidden Temple and GUTS logos. It's hard to make driving a priority when I'm in the storefront all of the time, but it's so much fun. I didn't really get deep into that before in Forza 3, but now? Oh man. So many cutiemarks.

I've also started trying to play with no assists. I'm usually that squirrely car fishtailing all over, spinning out, and is covered in rainbows. Avoid me, please. It's not safe.


It tickles my fancy that in started snowing here when this game was released. I haven't done much of anything at all, mostly due to sharing one copy, but what I have done is phenomenal. I could sit and cook, smith, enchant, chop wood, mine, etc. for forever. I have so much raiding the pantries and gardens/farms of others. I'm a sucker for getting myself "established" in a town and trading and getting familiar with the villagers and the citizens in Skyrim. At least the amount of repeats isn't as bad as before. :D That makes this so magical for me.

I've also got more characters than I have any right to, but I've been setting up the guidelines I want my playthroughs to follow early. I'm five like that. I've barely scratched the surface on the main story and have been all over just meeting people and poking my head in a few dungeons and caves.

I... I don't want to fight dragons. I just want to live in a nice house with a husband with a good job and have all of the babies and a pony and keep a plethora of cabbages in barrels for the rest of my life in Skyrim. I want to make everything smell like cabbage. This is the ultimate goal.

Now for the rest of this blog that you probably don't care about! Maybe I should retitle this to "Who Really Gives a Shit? I Don't!" or just "IDGAF" or something equally classy!


As miserable as going to work is, I'm super glad I can say I'm working. I mentioned it above already, but I work a small amount of hours but I make a pretty decent amount. I'm a little bummed about working Black Friday at 4am, but what can you do? I work 4am to 9am every day anyways. But that day just worries me a bit. I'll survive, though. I'm a big girl! :D

Being a "Big Girl"

That happy moment up there was short! But I was lying a bit when I said I was a big girl. I've been losing it, so HA. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. TAKE THAT, BODY FAT, I WILL VANQUISH YOU. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT. YOU WILL WISH THAT YOU HADN'T MESSED WITH ME. I mean, I'm still the size of a brick house, but now I'm nearing the size of an affordable brick house. I owe working a bit more to this, really. So these go hand in hand in a way. I'm fine with that.

Unrelated, but it's a part of image, right? I've got purple hair now. It's dope. I'm so happy about it. Makes me just a wee bit giddy. <3

Membership To The Elite Troll Squad

...Oh, that's not what the red Moderator tag means? OH FUCK, I HAVE DONE ALL OF THIS WRONG. I really don't want to focus on this for too long, but thought I'd bring it up in case people who are all "The fuck? Who is Sparklykiss?" and now they can know a little more! Or something! I'm not huge on posting constantly, but I do try to be as active in other ways. So that's really cool, right? If you see a massive influx of purple in the chats here, pretty good chance that's me. ...So, uh... hi! Let's be friends or something! I'll post on your wall and refresh your page a few times to give you quest points! But don't take that as flirting, that'd be weird. OH GOD, that'd be weird.

But sending out Mod Blasts isn't! There need to be more happy making messages there. Or pony talk! I love Pony Talk! :D


I don't know what to put at the end of this, really. But I do believe that TheDudeOfGaming will be proud. I don't think I said y'all at all this time!

'Til next time, y'all!


Pass The Whiskey - Episode 9: PsEG Must Die

We hire a stand-in for Slowbird and see how we can fly this thing in this action-packed episode of Pass The Whiskey! Disregard the Deal or No Deal playing in the background. If you hear it at all. WHO KNOWS.

Oh, and PsEG may or may not be setting up his own death in this.

Download MP3

Special Guest: Pascual

Pascual is a cool Englishman and he doesn’t talk like Dick Van Dyke’s character in Mary Poppins at all. He’s here to talk to us about his Extra Life initiative, where he’s going to play games for 24 hours straight with the Giant Bomb community.

Featured User: Marino

Marino is a dude and he’s posted old blogs he wrote about his times at E3, it’s like a time capsule of regret! Not only that, but he’s done quite a bit for the wiki at Giant Bomb. Those points all didn’t come from approving submissions, either. Most of those top pages of his all have a strange thing in common. Could it be that they all start with the letter E? Are some sort events? Things that pertain to video games? Nah, that’d be bonkers. Time travel with him or die!

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Want to know more about Extra Life and support our guest or a PTW member? Check out the links below!Pascual’s Extra Life thread

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Sparkly’s personal donation page

TEAM BACON - RAH RAH RAH - Newly made moderator lane has yet to update us on a winner. Shame on him! But we talk about Team Bacon, anyways!

Android Whiskey Media Video Buddy - User Soup_Menu joins to tell about the Whiskey Media Android app he developed. (I don’t have a fancy phone, so... That sort of, yeah!)

The Month DC Brought Sexy Back... Sorta - HexThis goes over how DC has made a change for the scantily clad and do-nothing sort of heroes and heroines.

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Pass The Whiskey - Episode 8: The Whole Show is Outtakes

Let me be the first to apologize over a lack of content. I have no idea what I’m doing. I AM SO SORRY.

Moving on...

We’re joined by GreggD and don’t know how to stay focused with topics. Why? Because casual talk, homie. Happens. Happens ALL THE TIME. We are just so casual, y’all. Never not casual, always not formal. Professionalism, wazzat?! Don’t believe me? You should check the links of useless stuff that we covered. But just so we’re on the same page: Pandora Boxx is not useless. She is absolutely wonderful. Love her. Please do enjoy this full featured episode of outtakes. And disregard the part where I disconnect and we lost a question. Not my fault!

Download MP3

Special Guest: GreggD

GreggD is a fan of Adult Swim programs and a frequent user of Giant Bomb. But he also spends a lot of time in his Castlevania Ultima union and would love for you to check it out. If that isn’t your thing, there is a Steam group if that tickles your fancy instead. GreggD also brought forth Ghostbusters talk and Batman. Did you know Batman’s parents are dead?! What a spoiler. Some people just have to ruin EVERYTHING.

Featured User: DocHaus

DocHaus not only tries to breathe new life into the Anime Vice community with his hosting position on the unofficial Squadcast, AlphaVictor; but he does seasonal previews of anime that far surpass many of the inaccurate descriptions you see on Netflix. True story. More notably, he’s been blogging it up quite a bit over on Screened. He’s been blogging about his experience as being the lead of an independent flick. He gives a funny, quirky, and detailed insight of everything the process of getting an indie movie off of the ground requires.

Top-Shelf Community Content:

The First Annual Tested Forum Olympics lane from Tested has organized an Olympic event of sorts to get the community to be more active. Go cheer for Team Bacon! (Or Churro, pfft.)

THE BLOG INITIATIVE Beefy moderator Sweep wants YOU to blog. What about? Doesn’t matter! Be sure to check out what other bloggers have been up to!

Stuff That Sort Of Came Up:

Sexy Lady Ghostbusters Costume- I’m buying this. STOP ME, I DARE YOU.

"Sexy Jeff Gordon" Results - God dammit, PsEG. God. Dammit.

Pandora Boxx - Get it? Drag Race? She’s just so damn cute.


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Pass The Whiskey - Episode 7: The Pieces of Egg Edition!

Welcome to Episode 7 of Pass The Whiskey: The Pieces of Egg Edition! The format for this podcast this week is just a wee bit wonky considering we’ve had a shift in the members. Our new regular was given the spotlight as a guest since, well, structure has never been our thing. So enjoy, as we take questions from our beloved *cough* listeners and herp-derp our way all the way through to the end. And also laugh at the fact that Sparklykiss cried during a part of this episode. She just loves Roland that much. :D Also: Ducks.

Download MP3

Special Guest: PsEG

We’re joined by Giant Bomb’s racing crazed and loyalty neutral moderator this time around. Some call him P-Seg, others Seg, Peace Egg, Quest Guy... But if you want to be right, his name is Pieces of Egg. I would know, I’m a speech expert. The proper way to pronounce that deceptively complicated name isn’t the only topic with this guy, promise! Because this dude went to PAX Prime 2011! (Are you jelly? Because I know I was totally jelly. (Of the strawberry variaty, btw.)) Oh, and he plugs some other stuff he’s done. But you wouldn’t want to listen to a rival podcast now, would you? ...Guys? (Strange to see its a rival, considering Slowbird is a regular over there... OH DEAR GOD, THEY’VE INFILTRATED. MOVING ON.)

Featured User: fesak

Comic Vine’s own fesak does one of the greatest things any person could have done this year at all. Something that was only brought to my attention because of a “Whiskey Media top editors of 2011” blog by another user we’ve talked about before. But that’s not important. What IS important is how absolutely quackers he is. And by quackers, I mean ducks. And by ducks, I mean Disney ducks specifically. This lovely drake has given the details to many a mallard and all you’d need to know on the flock. He’s also done a lot of coverage on Mickey and Goofy to keep me busy and entertained for a looong time. Go dive on in and be in awe over the gaggle of Wiki entries that I think *you* should know about. :D

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Portal Ninja -- GakAttack makes a video. With Portal. And ninjas. My face was like this ---> :D

The wrong choice is right around the corner. -- Bo17 talks about a really intriguing and under-loved web series called The Booth at the End.Does anyone use a binary clock in real life or on their PC?? Does anyone use binary clocks? Baskerville Manor wants to know all about it, so let’s talk about it! YEAH!

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Pass The Whiskey - Episode 6: Our Tallest Episode Yet!

The number one rated podcast about Whiskey Media and its community is back! We can totally say that, we don’t have much competition! We, the regulars, are joined this week by the one and only GlenTennis. Content is on the slim side this episode, but hey, quality over quantity, right? And we only like quality. (Actually, that’s a lie. Yes, we love everything thing.) We look forward to any feedback, questions, or love advice you may have. And if you like what you hear, don’t forget to follow the podcast on Twitter and everything else, which you can find links to at the bottom of this post. Since, well, I got a little bananas and made those pages. Yep.

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Special Guest: GlenTennis

We’re joined this week by one Mr. Andre The Giant Jr., also know to most as Big Ben. Or Benny-Boy. Or the Tall-tern. Or even GlenTennis. Sometimes people go as far as to call him GlenBenTennis or some other name. I prefer to call him by “Hey, just how tall are you?” It suits him quite nicely. With the amount of attention that we as a podcast give to our guest, we don’t get to talk about as much of the super-fun-and-awesome-intern-stuff that Big Ben got to do for this summer. D’oh. He’s contributed quite a bit to some of the live shows, though, and proved to be an-almost-champ at Act Raiser. He BSed his way through a Meta Game and did you know he likes his cereal soggy? Do you know how disgusting that is? That’s so gross! Because of that he will be missed considerably less. (I’m a liar, hopefully school doesn’t take over and we still get some sort of Internal Affairs podcast. Wouldn’t that be lovely?)

Featured User: FoxxFireArt

Anime Vice’s own and rather lovely home-bro, FoxxFireArt is always up to something. He’s pretty much an Olympian when it comes to editting the wikis of Anime Vice, he makes quite the effort to flesh out (heehee, flesh out) pages to things you’ve never even heard of! Gettin’ educated on anime and manga, son! He goes above beyond as a moderator and has the army of images he’s contributed to help showcase how insane he is. Those wiki points show that he means business. And he bakes cakes! I know I’ve said that before, but... Cakes! They’re so cute.

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Anime Vice Wiki Update -- FoxxFireArt occasionally summarizes his extensive Wiki activity on Anime Vice.

second rate super heroes (and villains) -- SteveRodgers calls all Comic Viners to come up with the most creative B-List heroes and villains.

Brewing Beer for Vinny! (WITH PHOTOS!) -- elsux0r documents his creation of “Vinny Caravella's Casually Racist Black IPA”

Cherry's Choice - 2011 Teen Choice Awards -- CherryBomb breaks down which styles worked and which didn’t at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.

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PTW - Episode 4: Don't Go Breaking Fourth Walls

Again, a big ups to Mushir for contributing this banner! :D

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We’re joined this week sora_thekey in our fourth episode of Pass The Casual-Talk-and-Forget-That-A-Podcast-Is-Being-Recorded-Because-You’re-Having-Too-Much-Fun-Just-Shootin’-The-Breeze-Whiskey. Eloquently titled “Don’t Go Breaking Fourth Walls.” It’s our follow-up parody hit of another big song. I know. We’re pretty awesome like that. And humble! Anyways...

Special Guest: sora_thekey

Comic Vine and Anime Vice’s own sora_thekey joins us this week to talk about planes, trains, and automobiles! (Okay, so that last part is a lie, but he does join and boy do we talk about everything under the sun.) He was present and representing Comic Vine pretty hard and we talked a wee bit about SDCC and what shenanigans he was up to. We also discuss a lot of the contributions he’s made to the sites he moderates. And Disney. We sure do love Disney.

Featured User: Christina

Slowbird’s selection from the flock (lololol, get it? ‘Cause his name has bird in it! *Cough* Anyways...) This week’s featured user is Christina to most, clouise to others! She’s supplied us with many a chortle during the UK Friendly Screening Room Withdrawal Group and has made our tummies growl with her talk of food during those times. Could be just me who thinks of crepes when I think of Christina, though. She’s done an excellent job at fleshing out the Glee page and by creating many a list. At this point in the year, she’s also seen over 60 films! How would I know this? By checking out all of her different lists! Someone should make a list of her lists so she can list while we list... Or something that can go even deeper. BWAAAAAAA!

Slowbird: She’s a noticeable member of the community who likes movies and television and jokes! What more do you want?

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Anime Vice’s Round Table Discussion -- Read on as users Bigheart711, thehummingbird, fire_star, and sora_thekey as they discuss anime for kids.

Thoughts on Summer 2011 Anime -- Dream’s coverage and quick synopsis of all the anime out so far this summer season.

San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide -- Advice every convention attendant should take into consideration

SDCC 2011 Scavenger Hunt

Robinson Revue - MacBook Air Goodness -- Intern Nick/Babylonian documents Norm’s rather tame excitement for the MacBook Air.

Windows Tablets - They're Totally A Thing -- Tested User Falcon brings up a rather... compelling discussion on tablets and how they just won’t go away.

Giant Bomb Extra Life Team -- Join users such as Pascual in an effort to have the Giant Bomb Extra Life Team grow. It’s for charity, y’all!

Screened Pupcast -- Screened’s new community podcast is recruiting and they can’t get on without your participation. Message user Artie for details.

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Welp, that’s it for this week! Be sure to tune in next time! I’ll have gone to GenCon by then and will, quite possibly, be exhausted but blabbing about all the dumb stuff I’ve been up to! And cosplay! Because everybody likes cosplay, amirite? Thanks again for tuning in! I’m going to go to bed now. Yep. Because right now? It’s 7am. That is not okay. D:<

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Horrible Things I Do -- 7/3/2011

There's a drumming noise inside my head. It fills my head up and gets louder and louder. (Seriously, this blog will be more enjoyable if you click that link and admire her dancing. (Or her red hair. (Or DEM LEGS.)))



Let's just get this out there now: I don't like bugs, y'all. I hate them. They make me scream and writhe and shake with absolute terror, disgust, and agony. AKA, I am a weak-minded diva and tiny things with odd appendages just don't appeal to me. I have slaughtered enough ants in the past week to consider this a new career path for myself. As long as my uniform was a hazmat suit with the arms and legs rubber banded off. Oh, and if I get to take a torch to whatever little multi-legged freak I'm around at the time.

There was a spider scare when I was trying to participate in the Forza 3 Scrub League that turned into me yelling and being an angry bitch. I never found the bastard, but I do know that if those guys didn't hate me then, then BOY are they going to hate me now. I also had a pretty high amount of anxiety after all that as well... Considering that bastard was huge (by my standards, at least) and I saw a clump of hair on the floor and thought he was coming closer. NOT OKAY. HAIR WADS HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE LOOKIN' LIKE SPIDERS. Does not help that our very own artofwar420 Tweeted something rather traumatizing that is making me hate my life even more. (If you're of a weak deposition, aka me, don't click! (Or do click! I know telling people not to do something tempts them. SO CLICK THAT. AND HATE YOURSELF.))


Or should I say my lack of. I'm enrolled in year-round online classes and I hit that wall where I just don't feel like I can do anything and it's all become pointless and I just get... Lazy. The job I had aimed at getting never happened, or at least, I never heard back after being told I'd be great for it. That was a few weeks back and it's insanely difficult to stay positive in a time like this, but dammit, I'm trying. I worry that I put too much time and heart into doing things for funsies, neglecting my real life responsibilities, and winding up sick, but my inability to focus and my lack of drive to accomplish anything after a few failures really puts a damper on how I view things. But, yep! Now to be a bit less serious again!

Yay, games! Those things that I play when I don't feel the urge to do anything else! That's positive, right? ...Right? Truth be told, I've played a lot of games recently, but these are the ones I remember the best and most vividly.

American McGee's Alice

I'm going to extend two giant birds in the direction of American McGee's Alice. My sister purchased Alice: Madness Returns recently. She's seen the entire first game played over a series of YouTube videos. I, had not. So I promptly decided to load up the first game and give it a go. It was all fine and dandy until I got to the Pool of Tears. I slipped off my leaf a few times and flipped the fuck out over the fish that were there. But that was okay. I could just reload to when I was on land and keep going, and NOT FUCK IT UP. But, hey, white girl here can't jump. So GUESS WHO WAS RELOADING A WHOLE LOT?

I eventually stumble into the Hollow Hideaway... A place with even more lilypads and those demon creatures I hate so much. I sorta of rushed through a lot just to be out of the damn water areas already and I slipped off my leaf. I thought, "No worries. I'll just bash the A button so that I stay above and rush over to that plot of land that I need to be at... Funny how lily pads are right here, though... It's like they don't want you to just swim like this over to the led-OHMYFUCKINGGOD. FUCK FUCK FUCK. OH. MY. FUCKING GOD, SHIT SHIT SHIT. FUCK. SHIT. BALLS." A giant fish rose up and ate me and that was the one thing I was avoiding. I thought if I hurried over that I wouldn't have to deal with that. But no. I was beyond wrong. Swimming after the turtle later on was my own personal hell. I was cruising along as calmly as I could possibly be, fish would chase me, I would panic, but I'd be over it after telling them to fuck off. But then I have to swim through a small portion of a tunnel. Turtle makes it on fine, juuust fine. I was right up his ass and what happens? Guess! Fucking guess! DEMON FISH POPS UP TO EAT ME. It missed, I said fuck this, paused, saved, and didn't play for a few more days. Eventually I picked it up again only to realize that if I stayed swimming for 30 more seconds I would've been done. OH WELL, FUCK IT. Got past the Mirror World and that's all I need. I don't give a fuck. Fuck fish, those slimy creepy bastards. You are only good for eating, asswipes. >:(

Halo Reach

I participated in a game night. I sucked. The end.

Champions Online

My sister has been addicted the moment this became a free game. I made a character and didn't touch it again until it was on Steam. I decided to tease my sister's style of play by making a new character with a slutty little costume. I set her stance to the beast one and didn't change it. So how did Skanky McSkankpants get around?

Why, on all fours of course! And no one told me how to change it for a good chunk of time. I selected my travel skill and that let me run on all fours at hyper speed! Ass in the air and anything! Took like... 2 more hours to find how to change it. Now I run like a regular skank who fights with a bow! Yay! The game is a tad bizarre, but it's worth a dabble in. I'm a bit more biased to when City of Heroes releases as a F2P. I want to be evil! I want to be a jerk! I want to throw dark.


It's a game about love! Picked this up and hadn't played it 'til rather recently... Small part of me regrets that. I was missing out on the fabulous times I could have had sooner! That's not good! I'm terrible! I played with lovely people like pat4327, Matt, and Lemon. And less than desirable turd burgers like Babylonian and GlenTennis. ...But especially GlenTennis. >:( Sure, Intern Nick may be a bit (or a lot of) a hipster dorkface, but did you know he's racist? He's racist. And a fan of Sklarping. But at least he's not like Intern Ben... Trenched was a bucket of fun even though most of the time I was out of it and not ready for the game about love, but ah well! I played games and it was lovely. Until...



My sister joined in on this action and I swear to Yevon those two were secretly plotting against me. And they turned my jokes around on me the whole time. And cheated! Asshats. The both of them. Cheating, lying, filthy asshats! Makes me soo bitter.*

*I'm not bitter, but they are cheaters.


Despite all the ughface stuff and a bad game experience, I have had some nicer things happen.

Weight Loss

Won't give out too many specifics, but, uh, yeah! 9 lb drop over the course of a week! I really wasn't trying too hard which is the really surprising part. A bit of me thinks it's because I've been sick and my body is in "I hate you and want to give you false hope" mode, but fuck it! That's 9 pounds... GONE. I'm content.

Friendship, y'all!

Despite the slump and the not-so-great beginning to this year (HOLY FUCK, IT IS HALF OVER WITH NOW, SHIT) I've made a few great friends, some going out of their way to motivate and support me. It's surprising, flattering, and a bit of an honor to have gained these new people in my life. Nice to know I have some people to try and keep my humble and sane and sincerely care. I am such a fucking sap. :')

Um, and with that, I'm going to say I'm done writing for now. Thanks for reading, hopefully I wasn't too dull/insane/awkward/personal/typicalmeeep!



Horrible Things I Do -- 6/19/2011

You know what I haven't done in a while? Tell you all the horrible things I've been up to! I've been doing other stuff! Like...

Putting Off Essays

And they're easy. They're so goddamn easy and I'm all... "Pfft, I'll do it later. I'm cool enough to get this shit done fast, anyways." But then I go to things like Whatever productivity I did have just goes "WHOOSH" right out the window. I woke up at 7:30am and started to work on my school stuff at 8am. It took me 'til 5pm to type my name. It's now 1am and I put the date on this. I'm going places, people. And the only direction to go is up, up, up! Be jealous. I know I am.

I put more focus into writing blogs and doing silly little projects over my own education. But then I justify these side projects as a way of building up my own ability to speak to others and get people more involved in some sort of unity so that one day we can take over the world... The world is a mess and I just need to rule it. I guess in the meantime I'll get a pic, do a blog.

Not Sleeping

Whoever said sleep is for the weak is an asshole! I would know, I've said that before myself. I dunno why, but the other day I was up for over 25 hours and I made some hasty decisions to post things I didn't think were that good and be totally surprised and too out of it to think I had really done it. I woke up today all "Man, today is going to be booooooooooooooooooring. And my dreams are so dumb, I get excited over the smallest things." Then I log in to GB to see 35 PMs and was all "DA FUCK." Guess I wasn't dreaming. Um, that's cool, I guess! I made something likeable! I usually dance in my seat over one message. I'm cool like that.

But anyways. Because I hadn't slept normally, I had a few micronaps which lead to some weird Whiskey Media related slumber. Ana makes a great piggyback partner, btw.

My Taste in Music

Thanks to, I have learned that my favorite music isn't the favorite of others. Who knew? I'm still So Appalled over the dislike in current Kanye West songs, Nicki Minaj was shunned, and people don't like 5ive? All men should want to Slam Dunk Da Funk!

Push it in, pull it out, to the beat!

This song really is a piece of art and I wish more of the Giant Bomb community understood that we need more boy bands in our lives.

At least I played some games. I still haven't gotten around to Spiral Knights quite yet... But I will soon! Promise!

But you know what I did play?


There... There's a new class? I always quit this game and come back during May-July. It's like a sickness set to clockwork. I started with the newer Resistance classes, and the made the EXP curve even more simple. So maybe I'll stop being so lazy and actually level past 55? We'll see.

I feel like I should say what classes they have. They're put into different groupings since they've added so many, but you can be an Explorer, Cygnus Knight, Hero Class, or the Resistance ones. I guess the reason why I love this game so god damn much is because it's more of a 2D platforming MMO that is cute as fuck and lets you be what the fuck ever. And those branch off into Warrior, Mage, Archer, Pirate, Rogue... CKs are the elements of the bunch. Heroes require you to time things more, and Resistance is more steampunk. I know you honestly don't care about the new classes, so I'm going to stop there. Just know I started up again and it's incredible~ But I'll probably quit within a month. Despite liking the Resistance!

But I get to ride a robot! And I named mine Steve. Because I so desperately want to be more like Maximillian. I still need to beat those games. (And naming your robot isn't something you can do, I just call it that because I can!)

LA Noire

I completed this and gave my thoughts on it already, but just in case you don't want to go and look at that... (And maybe help with the quest for liking reviews? (THAT WAS BAD, SPARKLY. DO NOT ASK READERS FOR FAVORS. INSTEAD PITY THEM FOR READING THIS FAR. They are bold men and women who put up with your bullshit. They deserve medals.))

I'm going to go ahead and say that this game was a rather... moving experience for me. I loaded it up again to play and I turned clue music and hints back on, restored color and such and... It's not the same. Maybe it's because I've played already, but the game in color doesn't seem to have that same emotion and grab that it did when I played in black and white. I focused more on what was going on instead of how things looked and whatnot when I played that way. So the story and evidence hunting was even better at making me get all kinds of excited. And the murder scenes may not have seemed as real and such as they would in color, but they were still intense enough to make me go "OH MY FUCKING GOD, THIS IS... OH GOD, WAS THAT CARVED IN... SWEET FUCK."

I will say that pointing out how we need to investigate a blue car or whatever was a bit of a pain. :P The tip at the beginning say to follow the golden handles was also useless to me. "Golden what? You mean this? Oh. That's darker. It must be brass." Car chases were a hoot when I got the car I was chasing briefly mixed up, but, yeah. Oops! To the users who think I don't finish anything, I beat this! So... Ha!

Ms. 'Splosion Man

Maybe I shouldn't say too much since this is a beta... But HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THIS IS EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED. If you liked 'Splosion Man and enjoy quirky "GIRL POWER" moments and games being made to be better, this is a shit ton of fun. :D

I also still have yet to play online. So if anyone out there reads this and has that, send a message or reply to this? I really really wanna play with others and be the Debbie that I am! :3

Forza 3

I played in the Scrub League stuff and, uh... Learned that slowbird likes to bully us. A lot. Just sayin'!

And I took a peek at the Forza Motorsport 3 S-Rank Support Group. And as much as I want to complete this, I know that won't happen unless I let Forza consume my soul 'til October. I'm only about 30% complete, after all! But lololol, 420/1000 points. I think I'm done here, folks. I'll just make vinyls for the rest of my time with it!

Good stuff! Um...

Secret Project

People liked it. :D I don't want to say anything more. I already said a lot. I'm just giddy as fuck right now. :D


So the manager at the job I want the most (Lover's Lane, a "couple's/romance store... A sex shop) apparently likes me. :D But her personal life is distracting her from doing the hiring process which is a bit scary. I also have another thing set up with a gas station for the night shift... I could be robbed and killed, but I'll be makin' dem dolla dolla bills!


And over my course of writing this, went down. My life is over.


Another wonderful and fantastic thing that I have done lately is bully the interns! You know how much fun it is to watch tears fall from a face that is 18 feet in the air? Really fucking fun! It's like watching a cloud make rain and these clouds make wailing noises! Besides, he used me for quests! Used! And called me names! And compared me to dead naked ladies! And so did this other guy. I have come to the conclusion that things with dicks are dicks! Dat was sexist! Tsk, tsk.

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