GenCon 2010

This is a rundown of all the stuff I did at GenCon so I can look back, laugh at it, and prepare for next year. Whoop! 
Saturday: Went to bed at 2am, woke up at 7. 
 Helped my sister AKA BLU Scout's Mom get her hair did. 
Random waiting around and some breakfast... 
Arrive at 9am, see a Sexy Snake, get some pics, have him speak with that gravel voice to me. Day complete. :D 
 10am run into the hall and line up for autographs, we were near the front. :D 
Blush like mad when Zaboo says you make a picture cute. Laugh at sister who is in love with Jeff Lewis. 
Bropound Robin Thorsen and Post-It mustache it up with Felicia Day. 
Giggle like a manic. 
Wait in another line for Wil Wheaton. Who had a cold. Sadface. 
11:30 am: Spent most of your money in one sitting buying autographs. 
11:34 am: Spent the rest on one booth because you saw something sparkly and cute. (A dragon bracelet! (Don't judge me.)) 
11:35 am - 2 pm: Wander around aimlessly in just the hall looking at merchandise. 
2 pm - 2:45 pm: Watch sister spend all of her money in the artist corner. 
3 pm: Costume parade! :D Flirt with Altair and Ezio. Get assassinated. 
3:11 pm: WONDER CHEF! I LOVE YOU! :D Get distracted by a minor and lovable Tales of Symphonia character. 
3:21 pm: Race over to where the costume contest will be to save a seat as you wait for your sister and the parade to get there. But only after standing in a HUGE line 'til a little before 4. 
4 pm: Costume contest consisted of Link, Link, Link, Sexy Snake, Green Lantern, Sgt Frog, Link, Men in Tights, a marriage proposal, adorable baby Moogle, Link, Dr. Horrible, Captain Hammer, Link, amazing Big Daddy, and Captain America, risen from the dead! 
6 pm: Horrible comedian sings songs and clears out most of the audience from the costume contest. 
6:25 pm: Best of show was a Big Sister. 
6:26 pm: Wander around before heading down to see the card towers. And a HUGE scorpion made of just Magic cards. 
Near 7 pm: Save a girl from some creepers. Girl had a "LET'S SYNC!" Pokewalker sign. Start bonding experience. 
7 pm - 8: 15 pm: Run around with said girl who is dressed as a fox and whore out our Pokemon together. 
8:20 pm: Play that one Japanese drum game and fail. Miserably. 
8:25 pm: Continue to whore out my Phione. And share adventures! 
8:45 pm: Realize that the PJ party at Union Station is about to start and we promised hot Assassin man we'd be there. 
8:46 pm: Say good bye to fellow Pokefans, run into Team Rocket, get a little giddy, and continue rushing over to Union Station. 
9-ish pm: Watch cosplayers dance and a Steampunk couple swing dance. Be in awe over their skill. 
Little after 9 pm: Wonder where Jason is. SURPRISE! He walks up to our table. 
Go down to the House Lounge to watch DnD players who are drunk try and play. 
Skip out on the dance party. 
9:15 pm or so: Go with Assassin's idea of LARPing instead of dancing. 
9pm - 1(?)am: Hilarity ensues. 
2 am: Am home, fall asleep.

Would do again.

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