Horrible Things I Do -- 6/5/2011

I have learned a lesson. Blogs with titles that have words of things that aren't fun lead to people like Claude to making scary connections. And talking about cats makes it even more scary! (And I love cats!)


Okay, so this isn’t a thing that I do to myself, but I may as well! (Then again, she’s pretty passive/aggressive or just straight up aggressive, causes me to retort. So… This CAN be a horrible thing I do to myself, right on!)

Today I went to a few open houses/high school grad parties/fancy early summer shindigs. Well, okay, I was invited to a bunch but only went to one. These are great, it is how I’m kept fed during the beginning of the summer. :D But, I digress. This one was hot. And sweating. And there was a bonfire. So it was more hot. And more sweaty. And my hair began to curl because of it. And it was ugly. And other unpleasant stuff.

What was I saying? Oh, right, Mom. Being a broke person who has no car and other fancy crap, she had to pick me up today. And it started to storm. It was raining, it was pouring, and the old man was snoring. Since I mostly had snack food and Mom was picking my sister up from work as well, we decided to get real food by heading out to Steak ‘n Shake. But I mentioned we have that all the time. Almost as much as the other junk we feast on. We picked a fancier place nearby, I went to run in and she was all “DON’T GO OUT THERE, YOU’LL GET WET!” Uh… It was raining already. It wasn’t going to just stop for me. So there was random bickering. Fast forward to now. I was at home and using the restroom. Mom decided to stand outside the door and yell at me. Do you know how hard it is to poop when someone wants to talk to you? Let alone this was an argument. Do you have any idea of how hard it is to number 2?  


Shoot me, please. I have hangnails on my toes and they get caught in socks and AHHHHHHHH-GONY. Seriously, a fucking pain. And it's on my lil ol' pinky toe. Clippers can't get to that! So what do I do? I grip on to it as tight as I can and just rip it off. But the rest of the toenail follows instead. Leaving the annoying hangnail behind. FUCK YOU, HANGNAIL. YOU MAY WIN THIS TIME. BUT I WILL BEAT YOU SOON. I may just rip that entire toe off at this rate. Not like I need it or anything.

Fucking hangnails. 
I'd rather be pregnant. 


Oh nature, you're so wonderful. 
Blessing us with the beauty of your trees, your flowers, your glorious sunshine. And pollen. Always with the god damn pollen
It's bad enough that I have an allergy for almost everything. But to be in a home that has no AC and won't for awhile doesn't help! Windows are constantly open and pollen is invading my face. And little known fact? Pollen is made by the man parts of flowers. So is basically floral sperm. And it's all in my face. 
Fuck this noise. 
Mother Nature is a bully. 
With all these fabulous new games out as of late, I decided to play older stuff instead! 

'Splosion Man

  Man, you know my favorite part about this game?
Why? Because it makes your friends become your enemy! I had this sudden and uncontrollable urge to 'splode everywhere and as often as I could. But with friends!
I attempted this game with JJWeatherman. And that was a bad idea. I hate him now. :D And next week may include VinceNotVance in the "WHY THE FUCK ARE WE TRYING TO WORK TOGETHER, FUCK THIS" Brigade of (Wo)Men who can't 'Splode. We hate ourselves, we truly do. 
Let it be known I think we completed 5 stages before we both said fuck this and didn't play anything for the rest of the day. :D 

DiRT 3  

You know how I said I only played older stuff? I lied. 
But then again, I didn't really play this, either. I just tinkered with camera views and tried to find what my comfort zone was for this game. What was that zone? On the hood, dead last. Forever. 

The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom

The amount of joy and whimsy in this game is borderline psychotic
I'm also not that good at obtaining pie, I've found. Cake? Not much of an issue. But pie? OH GOD, PIE. YOU ARE SO DIFFICULT. I also cannot manage time. And can't stand seeing the same thing over and over. 
So this game being full of puzzles, timed jumping and reactions, and clones? 

Monday Night Combat

This game is still so much fun. :D But I hate that people pointed out to me that it, too, follows the blue and orange scheme
Why can't it be a purple and orange color mix? That's my favorite! Or just a solid blue like other quality games! ...Oh wait. 
Anyways, this is still a barrel of madness and a bucket of fun, be it on a solo blitz or a multiplayer crossfire. I wish others still played this, my assault and I wish to fly and say silly stuff! 
(And you may have noticed a trend. ...I really only played arcade titles this week because I'm fucking LAZY. Ah well.) 
 Oh my, this blog just gets longer and longer... 
But, hey, I can do some fun things! Like miss out on Forza 3 Scrub-A-Dub-Dub-I'm-Driving-A-Tub Night™! :< And miss the Screening Room... 
Pardon? What do you mean? Is there really a... 

Screening Room Withdrawal Group Community Viewing Party... Thing™?!

Yep. I started something. It's barely starting, and hasn't taken off, but I thought that sharing it here with others could help get it to be more of a "thing." I've had a bit of help from a few others with this, since I'm Event Hosting Illiterate. :D So, yeah! Look at me, pimping projects! 
Not going to lie, I was pretty terrified that this was going to be a huge disaster, but it turned out okay! And I am fine with okay! Yep. 
Movies. Let's watch them, shall we? 

Job Part Deux

I'm French! :{D 
Not too much to update on, but I hung out at the store that my friend is trying to get me in on. And if I play my cards right, I can start my career in selling dildos and stripper shoes off faster than I had ever hoped for! (That's right, I applied and have a shot at working at a sex shop. Or as Dad knows it as a "Romance and Couple's Store/Boutique." (This is going to be bananas.)) 
But just in case that doesn't go over well, I have applied to even more locations in the area. I'm hoping that I don't have to spend the rest of my days working at a Rally's. But at this rate, I'm down for pretty much any job. 
Fun stuff! 
Toodles~ <3