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Custom difficulties are always super nice. I like games where I can increase the money I earn or my enemy encounter rate and also fix it as I play for grinding purposes or whatever.

I tend to keep everything fairly normal/medium level whenever I can but getting money faster is nice since I'm a fan of loot and fleshing out a collection book. If it's a style of game I don't really care for or I'm playing it again for the sake of story/speeding through, I will drop the difficulty. I used to play on the highest for achievements and trophies but then it feels less like a game and more like a job. No thanks!

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There have been times when I've been out with my family and we stop at some gas station and have waited 10 minutes or more for the women's single restroom to open up before we decide that we don't care what the sign says and we go into the men's room. Toilet's a toilet.

It was a bit different at PAX East this year when I went to one of the gender neutral bathrooms and didn't notice the sign right away. All kinds of gender identities were being represented in that moment. That was pretty rad.

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Oh Quests, gone but not forgotten.

I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread seeing that there really is no discussion value here. Sorry y'all. But enjoy your new found following friendships!

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I was confused about why you'd be flushing a cake and not a pie and OH MY GOODNESS this is some kind of sick magic. <>

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This thread has been a wild ride for the past 3-5 pages. It's fascinating.

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Man, I keep forgetting to get caught up with this show and am about halfway through season 2. My heart belongs to Cosima and I cannot stand seeing anything bad happen to her, it's part of the reason why I've slowed down my watching to be honest.

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Psst, since I can go to PAX Prime now ( :D!!! ) can you add me in for a large? Is it too late? OH NOOOO.

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Navy Heather, Royal, and Charcoal Heather are best out of this bunch. I really like those ones a lot!

I'm also going to hold out in hopes that you reprint this in red and print it on the Burgundy Heather for a PAX East in the future.

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I agree with @csl316 on some of this. I catch myself remembering Ryan constantly and getting insanely bummed out about it immediately afterwards and I've had very brief real-life interactions with him. So I understand how you feel about it, Banky!

But I'm also that person who doesn't like to focus on the "It has been ___ years since this tragic event" and would prefer if we didn't constantly re-open wounds that haven't even fully healed yet. I'm not suggesting that we all move on, definitely far from that. This is a really tough situation but I don't think having Jeff or someone spilling their heart out a year later would give us much closure. I hope that makes sense and I'm incredibly sorry if anything I said came off as heartless or offensive, I promise I'm not trying to be! I'm terrible with topics like this one. :/

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Ooo, the possibility of Vinny joining the morning show means y'all get to see his face more. And I know how much this community loves Vinny's face! That's great news!

I'm also hoping for a shirt with Vinny in a pizza costume to rival the Scoops Chicago dog shirt. How great would that be? And Jeff can be a churro and the menu will almost be complete! That's how you really show regional pride.

Wait, I take all of this back. WHAT ABOUT YOUR PATHFINDER GAMES?!