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Congrats @fisk0 and @thatpinguino! Thanks @Trace and @sparklykiss for all your hard work. I will always remember Sparklykiss for being the biggest Cyborg (Teen Titans) fan back in the old days of Anime Vice.

Oh gosh. You remembered?! That's the nicest thing. T_T

Also no real fires yet. Good job, newbies. ;D

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Congrats to the fresh meat! I'm sure y'all will be juuuuust fine. But if you don't like salsa and anime, then, uh, you're doomed. Good luck!

I'll be over here feeling like a dinosaur because of my new retirement.

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The world of Fallout is off the rails now. Hot diggity dang.

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I really like showing this dumb thing to people. It's so great.

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@damodar: @generalbison: I think these ideas should be combined for Dan's Ultimate Kraft Brew. Or you could put gas station nacho cheese into a Bud Light bottle and with a few markers you've got Buddy Might!

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As bummed as I am, I'm excited for wherever we'll see you at next, Patrick! This was a great read, even if it did put a little mist in my eyes. :')

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It's pretty liberating, that's for sure. What's not is when the job you used as a replacement doesn't explicitly state that it's a temporary gig. I've had that happen a few times and it was extremely frustrating.

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I'd be cool with just a Giant Bomb patch that I could put on a beanie because man-oh-man are my ears cold right now. D:

And I like the Vib Ribbon design, but it doesn't really fit on a hat imo.

EDIT: A hat that has a similar GB logo like the one on the back of the Gerstmania shirt could look pretty neat on a trucker hat or something. I'd wear that!

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!!! Kat! Welcome back! :D

My only request is something Halloween related. GB staff trick-or-treating maybe? Diggin' the art so far!

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The mattress on the floor in the background of that first comic was enough for me, that's perfect and pretty close to how I imagine his descriptions. This is great work, man!