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The mattress on the floor in the background of that first comic was enough for me, that's perfect and pretty close to how I imagine his descriptions. This is great work, man!

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Man, those puppies don't look too happy, haha.

Welcome and congrats to the newbies! #DatPurp!

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Oh my god it's that time of year again already?

I'm thinking I'll stick with the GB team and play board games with some local friends of mine since that's what they did last year! :D

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I tried to do a second playthrough of Knack but it was so stressful because of how repetitive and tedious the game was. The checkpoints were in odd spots the majority of the time and felt very spread out in a real bad way.

I approached Knack as a more family orientated game, but it definitely did not feel that way at all. At least the end credits were charming, that made it a bit more worthwhile to go through all of that crap.

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I was a female dwarf warrior in Origins and an accidental-carbon copy of a young Julie Andrews in 2 (again, warrior). This time around I'd like to maybe try being a female Qunari who is learning how to wield a bow.

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Ahhhh, I would really love to go to this but it ain't cheap going from Indianapolis to NYC when you also have things like GenCon and PAX to budget.

That said, once you guys figure out a few more details, give me a shout and I can pin this to the top of the General Discussion board for ya!

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Long Live The Queen. I was trying to keep track of the paths I'd chosen so I can get all of the endings without having to look it up.

Also for Animal Crossing for when there is something like Toy Day and I need to remember what gifts my villagers want or to write down the names of furniture I'm missing in my catalog. I used to keep notes for the size of my bugs and fish for the tourneys so I could hand them in to maximize my rewards but I've got a slightly better system for that now.

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Usually I don't get much of a choice and have to be a male.

And I tend to play as a female when I can and have a pretty dedicated reason for why they look or act a certain way. I'm a fan of creating my own backstory and I really don't like to make characters that look like me anymore, always found it to be a bit weird.

If it's a second or third time through and I want to make a more joke-y character, I tend to make them really strange looking men with bugged out features that look like glitched/broken versions of the typical lead in a game. That's probably a really weird thing to admit to...

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Howdy guys!

Duder is a part of Giant Bomb that isn't going to be abandoned any time soon. The mass majority of this site views it as a gender-neutral term and it's just a way to show that you identify as a part of the Giant Bomb fandom. I don't see it as being something that is exactly a "boys' club" exclusive and if users would rather be seen as a duderette, that's totally cool too!

But given all that's been going on around here lately, I'm afraid I don't see this thread going in a super positive direction so I'm going to go ahead and lock it. Sorry folks!

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You don't seem like the type to shop at Torrid, Deb, or Rainbow, no offense! Haha.

Target has some pretty nice clothes, I'm biased towards the Merona stuff. Also nearly all of my T-shirts are from Fangamer or various conventions/events that I go to. The shirts and hoodies from Fangamer are super soft and really well-made.