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Usually I don't get much of a choice and have to be a male.

And I tend to play as a female when I can and have a pretty dedicated reason for why they look or act a certain way. I'm a fan of creating my own backstory and I really don't like to make characters that look like me anymore, always found it to be a bit weird.

If it's a second or third time through and I want to make a more joke-y character, I tend to make them really strange looking men with bugged out features that look like glitched/broken versions of the typical lead in a game. That's probably a really weird thing to admit to...

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Howdy guys!

Duder is a part of Giant Bomb that isn't going to be abandoned any time soon. The mass majority of this site views it as a gender-neutral term and it's just a way to show that you identify as a part of the Giant Bomb fandom. I don't see it as being something that is exactly a "boys' club" exclusive and if users would rather be seen as a duderette, that's totally cool too!

But given all that's been going on around here lately, I'm afraid I don't see this thread going in a super positive direction so I'm going to go ahead and lock it. Sorry folks!

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You don't seem like the type to shop at Torrid, Deb, or Rainbow, no offense! Haha.

Target has some pretty nice clothes, I'm biased towards the Merona stuff. Also nearly all of my T-shirts are from Fangamer or various conventions/events that I go to. The shirts and hoodies from Fangamer are super soft and really well-made.

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I will try and eat most anything 3-4 times to give it a chance. It could have been prepared poorly, not a good recipe, whatever. I try everything multiple times. Unless you are fermented soy beans. I have limits after all.

But what I don't like is a majority of fruit. Or candy. Especially gummy/chewy candies. Those are about as gross as you can get. I've never really been a fan of sweets and can only really handle them in small doses. I was the weird kid in elementary school who was super stoked on the days we had Brussels sprouts or spinach as side options at lunch.

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Custom difficulties are always super nice. I like games where I can increase the money I earn or my enemy encounter rate and also fix it as I play for grinding purposes or whatever.

I tend to keep everything fairly normal/medium level whenever I can but getting money faster is nice since I'm a fan of loot and fleshing out a collection book. If it's a style of game I don't really care for or I'm playing it again for the sake of story/speeding through, I will drop the difficulty. I used to play on the highest for achievements and trophies but then it feels less like a game and more like a job. No thanks!

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There have been times when I've been out with my family and we stop at some gas station and have waited 10 minutes or more for the women's single restroom to open up before we decide that we don't care what the sign says and we go into the men's room. Toilet's a toilet.

It was a bit different at PAX East this year when I went to one of the gender neutral bathrooms and didn't notice the sign right away. All kinds of gender identities were being represented in that moment. That was pretty rad.

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Oh Quests, gone but not forgotten.

I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread seeing that there really is no discussion value here. Sorry y'all. But enjoy your new found following friendships!

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I was confused about why you'd be flushing a cake and not a pie and OH MY GOODNESS this is some kind of sick magic. <>

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This thread has been a wild ride for the past 3-5 pages. It's fascinating.

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Man, I keep forgetting to get caught up with this show and am about halfway through season 2. My heart belongs to Cosima and I cannot stand seeing anything bad happen to her, it's part of the reason why I've slowed down my watching to be honest.