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I don't even take it into consideration most of the time when I read people's posts. The average giant bomb forum poster is represented in my mind's eye as about 24; why? I dunno.

Good to know that I'm not the only one who has a base number for everyone.

Is that weird? Probably. Also posting on forums when I was 14-16 were dark and scary times full of angst, gifs, and Harry Potter.
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Move along, folks, nothing to see here!

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@BearSpark said:

I don't remember there being any 'rules' about what you can and cannot post.

Actually, there are! And here is a fabulous link with the ~*~★~*~Forum Rules~*~★~*~!

I'm going to lock this thread seeing as the direction it has headed isn't exactly the most positive one and would appreciate less naming calling (from all sides! >:( ) in the future. Thank you~

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@OldGuy said:

I had my tonsils out when I was quite young as they thought then that that was the way to combat the yearly sick that I'd get (which shows how long ago it was - they know better now, taking 'em out doesn't prevent the run of the mill stuff kids get)... That was... Meh. They didn't even offer to let me take 'em home in a jar which I had heard was not an uncommon practice. BOO!

Wait... They let you take them home? I was about 5-6 when my tonsils were removed and that was not an option. Also had them removed because of the same reasoning.

And lucky for me, my wisdom teeth and most all of my other back teeth grew in straight with no problems. My dentist said nothing was wrong with them at all and that if I wanted them removed to come back anytime and insisted I do so "just in case." I have a new dentist now.

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Voted B, but that's kind of a lie as I do have a vast amount of "other" clothing, but I don't wear those as often as my game-related stuff. I have enough for a dresser of Fangamer and Borderlands apparel alone.

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I'm on Team Terrible Games.

That or some sort of movie game comparison thing? I dunno. Or every Imagine Game title ever. I want to have be a wedding planner and make all of us feel beautiful.

Ooo, no. Nic(olas)back. Just play every music game that has Nickelback in it and talk about Cage. I'll be golden with something stupid along those lines.

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@Apparatus_Unearth: Yeah. Sparky beat me to posting a reply, but I beat him to resetting your karma. Winner winner chicken dinner, right?

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@MAGZine said:

@Baillie: 5 karma - no more flagging, 10 karma - no more posting AFAIR. Tested doesn't use the karma system anymore.

That's still the case.

I restored your flags. Doing all that I can since I was snowed in today.

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I did a blog and list. I also got lazy when the formatting started fighting me. Merry Christmas? Yeah. This is a great gift to you guys.