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@chaser324: I haven't seen anything just yet, but whenever you find out, let me know~

@fobwashed: I had to search pretty hard to find a cinnamon packet. I had to have each flavor. It makes me feel like a bad person. I will be incredibly disappointed if there are no Pwnmeal cosplays next year.

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@fobwashed: trufax I mostly say this because I had moths flying out of my wallet by the time I got home. And from what I've seen on that is the best. Those live action shows and the spin offs are usually pretty darn top notch.

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I think you're the only person who walked away from PAX with more money than what you came with. This has me feelin' pretty darn jealous. :P But thanks for the cool stuff and anime talk. I hope you end up liking Cromartie High! It's the best.

Which reminds me that they have a live action movie for it, too. I haven't seen it yet but it's supposed to be incredible.

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@soldierg654342 said:

What if Dave Lang is playing the long con and the real April Fools joke is that this isn't an April Fools joke?

This sort of thinking means Lang has taken this all too far.

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The man friend has expressed an interest in one of these as well. He's a grade A lurker and a size M as well.

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It's really nice to see what people are replying to as the old message can get lost in how fast things fly by but it's a bit of a cluster, I agree. I would much prefer if it was all in a reply tab.

Also no more blinding pink! That's a big deal! :P

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Okay. This has gone on for long enough.

The thread title was misleading, the discussion has derailed from the article itself and is now spiraling down into attacks on the author and really shitty/borderline sexist remarks. I'm going to lock this.

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Spread it thin, a little goes a long way. And I prefer Miracle Whip because I am a filthy individual.

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I should probably drop my link for this stuff now, shouldn't I? Extra Life Page

I may or may not stream this year. But when it's closer to that day, I'll have more details on my Twitter page.

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Shame on you guys for turning this into a "watch and eat popcorn/reaction image" fest.

5 pages is plenty long for this discussion (possibly too long) and considering this could only derail further and incite more arguments, I'm going to lock this thread. Thanks for your understanding.

PS. Quiet's apparel is pretty dumb.