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Guys, Im sure they got the message the first fifty times. Yes, there will come an archived version.

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I cant watch the commercial in the bottom of the article, getting an "encrypted channel" error.

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Hoping for an archived version. And that Whiskey media figures out some sort of inhouse live service.

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Game Room is turning into an ER. The more depressing Game Room becomes, the funnier it is.
As for SOTC, I could not have found a worse candidate for ER if I tried.
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Where are those people who act like snobs? Quotes? Straw man argument much?

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Out of my way peasants!  

Seriously, its practical to have some sort of indication of sub, but it needs not be intrusive. Just a thin gold/silver frame under the name or something.
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Apparantly its in order to make the ad situation year based, in order to make it simpler(ad people want accurate numbers of visitors)
Was mentioned in the member podcast. The grey color looks horrible though. Is it a custom skin thing you have, or is it a non-gold member thing?

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I cannot remember ever seeing ads on GB. (other than that quest one). And I have none now either. I have no adblocks running, so have the ads been some sort of country specific?

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" @sparks50 said:

" @Lemoncookie01: 

  From whiskey twitter: So once again, without consulting my co-workers (sorry guys!), I'm going to extend the deadline to the 15th for the reasons mentioned B4.

  That way people can get in with paypal too. I think the chances are very good that we will make it.

Of course it will, but don't act like they're heroes coming to your rescue. It's pretty clear they know they fucked up but don't want to admit to it. "
Why would I care?  I have even paid.(but not because I was unable to wait some days to get the bombcast)
Yes it was dumb of them to go back very slightly(the full bombcast is still free) on a promise, but not as stupid as this reaction from what I suspect is a very small and loud minority of internet drama queen's.
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" @Jothel said: 

@CreativeColossi:  i am not a white knight, thanks nor am i on a high horse, i didn't pay the money to get the new features such as no ads or hd video, i couldnt care less about them, i did it to support these men. they've given countless hours of entertainment and i am more than happy to pay them for that.    
 Glad you're willing to pay essentially out of charity then, because there isn't anything I want in the membership. It might just relieve some (now nonexistent) guilt I might have had about GB being free before.   I'd much rather give money to the wife of the recently deceased CoH dev than to dudes who would rather not cop to making a really stupid monetization decision, and instead "extend the deadline" to get to 5000 subscriptions. What a joke.  "

You may call it charity, I call it supporting. GB is unique, and I would like to keep being entertained by them. So I'm voting with my wallet.
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  From whiskey twitter: 

OK guys, we are real close. Several people have made some compelling arguments. 1. No PayPal 2. Payday is on the 15th 3. Some tech issues

So once again, without consulting my co-workers (sorry guys!), I'm going to extend the deadline to the 15th for the reasons mentioned B4.

 Edit:  Seems very doable since the last report was 4400 9 hours ago.