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I actually expected worse. Anyway, had a look at it, read a few funny comments then went fullscreen to escape the stupidity.

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Guys, let the archive load a bit before watching it. It works like the progressive videoplayer here on GB.

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I think Vanishing is my fav track on the CD. Nice calming music.

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The archive is running worse than the live stream for me for some reason.

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If you are referring to my rant, I fully respect that many can not, or do not want to sub. Been living for months on pasta as a student myself. You are not loosing out on anything significant by saving your money.
Blowing the bombcast delay up in a drama-queen fashion on the other hand... Those I have no sympathy for.
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I couldn't care less whether a small and loud minority of cheapos now have to wait some days to get the full bombcast. 
GB needs a revenue from somewhere, and I don't want them to chase after ads like so many else. I think certain people need sit down, look at the bigger picture and get a better proportion of this thing.
Ive seen some internet drama in my day, but this is seriously thin...

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I want exactly the same that we have gotten last few years. More of the same! :)

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Doubt we'll reach 5000 without paypal, but I dont know the updated number so who knows.. Other than Ryan.

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Oh well, at least Carl Sagan looks extra classy today.
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I would have liked a "dont send me one" option. I'm not a big fan of black t-shirts, and I seriously doubt I will run into any other GBers. I love the illustration though.