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I have no experience with portable hoops, but a little radiator antifreeze or similar would solve your freezing problem.

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This might be too "insider" or something, but I was wondering why CBS would want two game sites. Wouldn't having Gamespot and Giant Bomb be a little redundant?

Keep in mind that Giant bomb and gamespot are very different sites. If anything, this allows GB to go even crazier in the future.

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Dave is apparently coming with them. Sounds good to me.

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I have a Logitech's Extreme 3D Pro and TrackIR, most recently used to play Takeondubstephelicopter.

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Oh crap, I voted Counter Strike before realising AOE 2 came out that year.

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Radiolab. Its a very good podcast about science and philosophy.

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@Subjugation said:

Making a game realistic isn't hard. Making it realistic and fun is. Want ultimate realism? Once you die, your game locks you out permanently because, guess what, in real life once you're dead it's over. End of story. Sound fun?

Reminds me of some games in Operation flashpoint(the original one) and Arma where respawning was disabled.

If you were unlucky and died early, you might be stuck a full hour flying seagulls while the remaining team tries to take the objective. It does something with your motivation to stay alive, and you will be hugging cover more than you are shooting.

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I don't see the connection. You should definitely try out SA if you haven't though. The storyline drags out a bit towards the end, but its good fun.

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Good questions!