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@Doctorchimp said:

I just read about a PC racing sim like 2 days ago that's coming out...and it said something about the developers not caring about consoles, does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's driving me nuts trying to remember what it's called.

Assetto Corsa?

RFactor 2?

Or perhaps Iracing, Iracing is crazy.

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They are very open about the top ten lists being personal. They do not claim to be objective in them, and they chose to not review it for this reason. And Bastion is generally well liked.

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@VisceralBishop24 said:

What about the people who purchased a membership last week when it was still $50? I'm assuming we're just "crap out of luck"?

I think you can use it to extend the membership with another year. Or gift it.

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I think that if they genuinely wanted to "move gaming forward" or whatever as a more serious art form, they could have easily just have called it Derkastan and it wouldn't have been controversial at all. They could have still made something that is miles away from the generic COD shooter.

In the end, names do not matter when you want to tell a story.

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If you seriously want an infantry simulation, Arma 2 would probably be a better bet. Lots of active and former service members playing it in clans like Shack tactical etc.

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For me its the other way around, if I have to wait for the mail and install a physical copy, I'm going to seriously reconsider the purchase. I use the DVD player so rarely that the computer is placed the "wrong way" with the backside facing me with all the connectors(the sexy end). I have to give it a reach-around to use the DVD player :)

Also, do games still ship with manuals? Most of the ones I have bought have a pdf on the disk.

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Americans almost always re-elect their president(unless he has really messed up), so every second election is always a PR run where the crazy people dance on the table, while those who actually want to become a president hang back for the next election.

Ron Paul has my vote.

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Anyone got the ringtone tune? Djratchets link seems to be down.

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@Ethan_Raiden said:

games great, handling is awesome, graphics are awesome, the set peices are awesome, colorado <3

This. For me the handling in NFS games has always been terrible, but thats not what the series is about. I played it on a keyboard.

I haven't had this fun in a NFS game since Most Wanted.

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Its their song, whether your trying to be malicious or make money is kind of besides the point. Maybe you could mute the sound, upload it to a less popular video service and link to it from the youtube one?