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Be more constructive with your feedback, please. Why?

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Bastion right here on the site. Also check out the indievelopment series on gamespot.

BTW it would be nice if someone could tell me how to make proper links on this forum, I've searched everywhere for it.

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The fourth season is amazing. So hang in there.

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OpenTTD. If you can like tycoon games, this free version is the best of them. And unless your into funky jazz you wont miss out on anything.

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Identifying things at a distance. Your eyes and a monitor works very differently, with your eyes you can focus on far away objects while a flat monitor is more static in its representation of real life.

Realistic games that does require you to identify stuff at long distance usually chooses to reduce this problem this by giving you a key to push to zoom in, like in Arma or Red Orchestra 2.

It may not feel very realistic to be able to zoom with your characters naked eyes, but it actually gives a much more accurate depiction of real life.

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This is kind of funny/weird. ITV has made a documentary about the IRA. But somewhere in editing something must have gone wrong, and the actual battle footage seems to have been replaced with a user made machinima of the same incident in the war sim Arma 2.

The Arma 2 clip starts at 0:36.

Depending on your location you might still be able to see the documentary here(If they have not removed it):

This is the real footage:

And this is the gamefootage they must have mistaken it with

How someone can fail to see that this is a game blows my mind.

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The 2011/12 WM Tee looks so much better than the old black one!

It sucks that the summer is so short over here, its cold as hell to walk around with shirts now. Oh well, whats a little pneumonia to showing some love.

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I loved it, but skipped most of the shadow-world-only episodes. The social aspect is clearly the most fun to watch(even though it got a bit grindy towards the end)

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Its like they have a phobia against selling these games.