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I think most of us Norwegians thought Al-qaeda or similar after the bomb blasted, after all the threats of the the recent book release with the Muhammad drawings in them,

and the failed attempts of terror which was rolled up by PST(the Norwegian equaling of FBI) only last year. It wasn't a crazy thing to assume that this was something similar.

If it is a domestic attack, at least a generation of innocent Muslims wont have to pay for it.

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Spoonys Swat 4 playthrough is pretty funny.

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Got my fill of this sim by reading the RPS article. Crazy stuff.

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Uhm no, my grandmother were mostly chewing replacement-coffee and growing vegetables in the garden during the occupation of Norway.

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Research Indicates with Trespasser. Very interesting game, hes fun and and shares a lot of knowledge about this crazy and forgotten game.

Low quality preview:

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I hope this wont increase the amount of cross compatible multiplayer games like Shadowrun. I was one of the few that bought that game for the PC, and it gave me such a horrible(and probably slightly unfair) experience of xbox live.

At any time there would be some asshole rambling about anything but the game. Tthe developer had left in an achievement for killing a PC player. Since there were no obvious indication of who played PC and who played xbox, and PC people were rare like a drop of water in the desert, Xbox people would figure out by them self and start sending personal sound clips begging for games, like we were mates or something, which I found incredibly creepy.

Obviously in an fps you cannot pit mouse and keyboard against a gamepad without doing something drastic to even the playing field out. So what they did was to impede the action of the mouse. I have never played an fps where I had so little control of where the crosshairs were going. Though mind you, you could still get an upper hand in situations where the gamepad people have to turn quickly because of their huge blindspots, but the broken aim completely killed the fun I had with it.

I don't think MS can gain control over the PC game market as long as Steam is there.

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What is this, was there a happy hour last night with this being the intro for it?

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Trey and Matt has proved they can do a lot of high quality non-SP stuff, like the Broadway musical they just did. (I really hope they film that at some point as there is no way I can ever go to NY to watch a musical)

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You guys creep me out. Nice to see some love for Paint though.

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I'm very happy to watch TNT or HH during breakfast the day after, especially now that they archive them on site.

Thats just the reality you have to deal with when you get your entertainment from the other side of the earth.

I do wish us international user could get a choice not to get the shirt though. for me it was just paying a whole lot of shipping, for a product I didn't want.