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Live action trailers? Really? The other stuff looks a bit polished in post too. Its a bit lame that BI goes down this road after doing ingame trailers only in Arma 2. Oh well, we will see the real stuff when its ready I suppose.

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I cant remember having seen any mailbags being opened in HH lately.

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@Robes said:

This looks a lot like Revolt.

completely different game, though the open wheel racers in Trackmania does kinda look like RC cars.

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Come on, quick looks deserves to be done better.

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Welcome back!

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@chilibean_3 said:
Should Vinny buy a racing wheel? Probably not.    Should people who are really into sim and "simmy" racing games buy a racing wheel?  Yeah, probably.
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Where is the happy hour :)

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A walking TV!

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I want my food from Italy, cars from Germany, tech from japan and my weird PC games from the Czech Republic.

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No, sold them for cheap to some third-grader, Regretting it a little bit now. I do still have a few of those stupid plastic heads that you throw though.