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Don't Look Back is a great wee game.

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@aceofspudz said:

I hope it's a box that solves the 'my pc is in a different room than my television' issue. I would pump my fist and look directly into the camera.

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If you get rid of booth babes, the aspiring models will be out of a job. THINK OF THE JOBS MR. KLEPEK!

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God dammit, you fooled us all! I thought they were going under!

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I couldn't give two fucks about Ellen Page being in two games, if the games (and characters) are good, then that they shall be.

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I don't like Activision much anymore.

But itchyeyes makes a good point, these are all things Activision are within rights to monitor, it's owned by the business. Still, the motivation for it, to find a reason to terminate the two lads, was pretty gay.

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I have to return a shirt tomorrow, 'tis too small. I fear they might not take it back. It's a bit creased.

I could iron it, but I don't want to have to wait for the iron to heat up.

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I mis-read half the article as "Nat-Geo device". I envisaged a real life Pokémon Snap.

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I'm pretty excited, loved San Andreas for many reasons (still a toss up with VC as favourite though). The trailer seems to combine the sunny, wallowing-in-riches side of San Andreas and the recession ridden suburbs and downtown. I found Liberty City to be very vast and interesting, but dull.

This looks to be a much wanted mix of the two generations: the realistic, gritty rebirth of the new GTA and the fun of the old.