Sparky's Games of the Generation

This list is in no way final, and likely will not be until well into 2014. The game's numbers will also fluctuate given my mood at any moment, so don't take this list as gospel or anthing.

Also note that atter #26, the list can be considered unordered.

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

A fair list, though I find the idea of declaring any single game a proverbial "Game of the Generation" to be sort of crazy, so when I make a list it will certainly be unordered. Not that it makes your list any less valid. Mad props for putting New Vegas where it belongs; above Fallout 3.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

@arbitrarywater: If my top ten wasn't so definitive, I'd agree. There are a couple of shaky spots in 9 and 10, but other than that, I know my top eight are pretty solid, and that the top three won't change. Everything else should probably be unordered (particularly when choosing between Red Dead, Just Cause 2, and Saints Row 3 in their particular spots), but since our listing capabilities aren't that advanced, it is what it is.

Posted by Breadfan

Totally forgot about Fable 2. I had a ton of fun playing that.

Edited by Slag

So this is the first one of these I think I've seen with multiple entries of the same series


Elder Scrolls


The latter two don't surprise me, but maybe I need to get around to giving the Fallout games a chance. Never really played those. Had no idea you were a fan of the series Sparky

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

@slag: Huge fan, metaphorically and literally (I ate the world today). Looove me some Fallout, both clasice and new.

Posted by Ravenhoe

Great List. Shame that some of these are non-PC games so I wont be able to play them (Red Dead Redemption for example). I never played the AC-games, dont like then. Great to include the Sam & Max title, I love old school adventure games !

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

@ravenhoe: The modern Sam and Max episodes might recycle environments and characters a bit often, but they are terrific fun.

Posted by Panelhopper

Great list, I have to say agree with much of your ordering. Like you it was Oblivion which moved me into the generation and I fell in love the ES series (having only heard amazing things from PC users about morrowind up to that point)

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

@panelhopper: Oh man, the amount of hours I sunk into Morrowind in college was just insane. I still hold that game in great esteem, particularly its awesome game-breaking magic and enchantment system.

Edited by James_Hayward

strong list. I completely agree with your thoughts on Fallout 3 and New Vegas