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I don't know if this is on purpose, probably is, but more and more games are being released or announced that have attractive or easy acronyms for the title of the game.  
Either the game comes out so the first letter of each word spell something or is phonetically easy to say.  
Call of Duty: COD (like the fish, maybe not on purpose back in 2003) 
World of Warcraft: WoW (yeah...duh) 
League of Legends: LoL(kinda obvious)  
Knights of the Old Republic: KOTOR
Then there is the majority of "acronym names"  that have easy to remember acronyms like: 
Assassin's Creed _ : AC, AC2 (ACB maybe) 
God of War _ / Gears of War _ :GoW, GoW2 (combined for same acronym) 
Dragon Age _: DA:O, DA2 (DA:A maybe)   
Mass Effect: ME, ME2
Metal Gear Solid _ :MGS, MGS2 etc   
Diablo _ : D2, D3

That is all I want to put because there are a lot more and  you probably get the idea. 
I think this is planned for use by us, the internet gaming enthusiast for use on forums or reviews or anything really. Most gaming discussions take place on the internet and the makers of the game may think that it would be more friendly to discussion and "word of mouth" would spread through these channels if the name of the game could be shortened for convenience. When speaking to someone I almost never say the acronym (except WoW), so this is the only reason I can think of for these games to have purposely easy acronyms. 
Thoughts? What do you guys think, am I crazy because I think it is a legit strategy for marketing?

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I just got a job by using a hotmail account... don' t get me wrong I tried using my gmail, but gmail doesn't let you send .exe's so I had to go through hotmail. I had to send my visual basic project from school. Plus xbox needs a windows live ID for xbox live so I primarily use it for that and wow.

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The demo actually up my anticipation of the game, I was curious how they would make it more action orientated, and they seem to have pulled it off while keeping some of the original strategy. As for the hammering on the A button the entire ogre fight well the rogue has some moves and are on some pretty quick cooldowns (as expected of a rogue) and it kept it interesting for a bit.

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Space Grit

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In all honesty, Legend of Dragoon. If they announced a sequel or even a spin-off, I would lose my shirt like a stripper. 

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1. Halo Reach.
2. Mass Effect 2
3.Red Dead Redemption
Not original, but true.

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Needs more Rush

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 When I shit, of course, but pissing? In public bathrooms I wash my hands because the urinal is fucking disgusting, but at home I don't.
My penis isn't a filth infested fleshy stick attached to my groin, I shower everyday, and while I don't concentrate only on washing my dick, it does get clean.
So why the fuck would I have to wash both hands thoroughly with soap, when all I did was touch it with one or two fingers which didn't even make my finger(s) dirty?
And yes after "private time" and before meals are necessary times to wash your hands

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Not to me, but I don't like racing games. But the create-some-stuff aspect could be interesting.

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I would work at Epic. They need the help.