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Music video with the Black Mesa Source OST.

My favorite RPG!

My favorite Bond!

& my favorite werewolf movie!

I would like a Game, TV Show or a Movie with Art like this!

FAR CRY 3 "Musical" :)

Deadpool ROCKS! I only hope so will The Game & Movie.

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40 Videogame Soundtracks You Should Listen!

Collection of Great Soundtracks. Some songs included even if they are not originally played during the game, just cause they ROCK

40. HALO 2 - Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away

Why am i showing 300? Cause its much cooler video! And they`re all Spartans anyway :P

39. The Warriors

Classic game, just like the movie

38. Shadow of Rome - The Tavern

The best gladiator game out there

37. Resident Evil 2 - Police Station Hall Theme

Man, sends chills down your spine

36. Half-Life - Valve Theme

Just one of the many amazing songs, creepiest perhaps

35. Black Mesa Source Extended Theme

Beautiful melody

34. VTMB - Chiasm - Isolated

Story goes this song is about the singers pet hamsters fighting each other, go figure O_o

33. VTMB - Lacuna Coil - Swamped

Perfect song for the game

32. VTMB - Darling Violetta - A Smaller God

Pure athmosphere!

31. inFAMOUS - Working for a Nuclear Free City - Silent Melody

Fucking perfect ending song for the game

30. inFamous 2 - Black Heart Procession - Fade Away

Even if this song isnt specially composed for the game as is the case with the first one, its still equally fitting ending song

29. inFAMOUS - The Courier

Amon Tobin is an equal genius to Jesper Kyd!

28. Shadow of the Colossus - The Opened Way

Definition of EPIC!

27. Shadow of the Colossus - To the Ancient Land

Adventure lies ahead..

26. GTA - Joyride by Da Shootaz

Truly one of the coolest theme songs ever!

25. MGS4 - Old Snake Theme

Poor Snake...

24. Red Dead Redemption - Compass

Back to your family, before those grizzlies get you

23. Red Dead Redemption - Deadman's Gun

Another melancholic song from the game

22. Read Dead Revolver Main Theme

This game is more of a spaghetti western, and it shows in its amazing soundtrack

21. Read Dead Revolver - Suor Omicidi

The soundtrack is way underrated!

20. Alan Wake - Poe - Haunted

One of the games many amazing songs

19. Max Payne Main Theme

One more pill Max, just one more

18. THIEF Intro

Sneak on Garrett

17. Splinter Cell - Name of the Game


16. Splinter Cell - El Gargo

Sneak away Sam

15. ROME Total War - Forever


14. Deus Ex Full OST

How could i just pick one from this amazing piece

13. Dead Space - Mad World

Fan made video, song not originally included in Dead Space, but fits for the games athmosphere very well

12. Dead Space - Twinkle Twinkle

Another Dead space song, this time official, sung by one of the game developers

11. The Boggs - Arm in Arm

Played in GTA IV, really cool song. Didnt really care for IV`s OST, but this one ROCKS!

10. Pandafobia - Plastmasiniai veidai in Shellshock nam `67 fan made trailer

Another fan made video & song, really awesome & could easily be official trailer. Awesome game too

9. Shellshock nam `67 - Who Do You Love

A song by Juicy Lucy used in games menu

8. Hitman Blood Money - Justified

Fan video with Dead Rising song Justified by Drea. Song fits much better for Hitman

7. Hitman Blood Money - Jesper Kyd - Vegas

Amazing song from amazing game & composer

6. Hitman Contracts - Jesper Kyd - Swat Team

When this kicks in you know shit gets serious!

5. Metal Gear Solid - The Best Is Yet To Come

First game song which had huge impression on me. Aah, 1999, how i miss thou

4. Metal Gear Solid Main Theme


3. Mafia Main Theme

Just beautiful

2. Mafia - Lordz of Brooklyn - Lake of Fire

Who would thought modern rap song could fit so well in a game set in 1930`s & early 40`s

1. Urban Chaos Full OST

Such an underrated game with amazing soundtrack

The game still works on Win7, so if you find working torrent link, download it & try it out, its old but gold

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