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There is no mp3 support as i understand, but is there any way to listen to music on wiiu? Like radio stations online or something? It does not have flash support that most radio stations require, so does anyone know of any html5 radio stations to listen to on wiiu through the browser?

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What is the thing that keeps eating peoples HDD space, is there a cookie monster hidden in the depths of PS3 or what?

Like me, i do not update, install or add absolutely nothing to my PS3 HDD, so why then after cleaning some stuff from it making it 7000mb in free space, it is now 6654mb? After couple of weeks from cleaning it i noticed i was missing about 300mb, now, i once again saw it drop from 6660mb (yesterday) to 6654mb (today).

Why does it keep gradually eating my HDD?

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So i have usb memory stick that my pc aswell my laptop both recognizes as a disk instead of as a usb when i insert it, it has worked previously normally and when i put it in my ps3 it works as it is supposed to.

So how can i get my computers to see it as usb instead of disk?

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@shagge: Seriously?

There's no way at all to choose your character, then choose the opponent, and fight?

What kind of a fighting game is this, what the jebus o_O

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How can i play versus mode in this game, i mean versus the AI, not real player, do i need to procress through the game before that mode unlocks or what?


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Could someone explain to me why the channel trailer won't always appear. When i am logged in, it appears for me, but if i log out, it won't. If i go to my youtube channel from another pc without logging in, it just throws me in the browse page without any channel trailer. It says the channel trailer is for people who have not subscribed to you, so, shouldn't it show up for me when i log out.

I've noticed that the video which i put as channel trailer, it gets more views since its the first video people see.But it is very confusing for me that why i cannot see it whenever i log out?

How do you guys see your channel when you log out?

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Console is not region locked, but aren't the games still?

Nonetheless, not going to waste my time with this TV Box, Microsoft has show many times how little they giva about the gamers.

They still have policies in place that make updating difficult and expensive for devs and no self publishing.

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Why reboot? Just make it THI4F!

I dont want a fucking reboot! Get the old voice actor back & give it as epic soundtrack as the previous games had!

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i'll be checking it out for the story through youtube.

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G13 :)