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I hope more Souls comes out next year, need moar!

PC gamers ou so often need to fix new releases themself :/

Shame on u devs..

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So even difficulty levels come out as DLC, fuck, all so stupid. Just give meaningful expansions & dont cut every little thing out of the game.

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@Smithers said:

Its a shame the netcode of this game isn't up to scratch. Being able to summon people and be summoned reliably and quickly would make this an amazing port. Still, this is probably my Best 2011 Game Of 2012.

Yeah, the netcode sux no matter the platform, shame. Hopefully they'll do better for the next Souls game.

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Well that was SOON! LOL

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@MariachiMacabre said:


Walking Dead does have a great cast.

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Well, as long as it has a fun & intresting world to explore with ship to ship battles & commanding your own crew, i'm happy. Atleast someone is finally making a pirate game like this, & it's not out till 2013, so theres still time for changes. I mean, when it was first shown, it had isometric view, not 3rd person. Curious how they handle sea combat, in ACIII it looks amazing.

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Good to hear, cant wait.

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@ Veektarius

Thanx, thats a good read, i'm glad i've still got to try out Napoleon & Medieval II, they should keep me busy till ROME II :)

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I would say its the other way around, rarely we see any substantial DLC, mostly its just some small items & such, that could've been & should've been included in the games release.