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The Boss in MGS3 on Hard.

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Hopefully Sony wont do the same.

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Aah, they've ruined the games and now this shit, blaah!

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I so fucking want this game!

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So i have syncronised my trophies and am in online state, so i assume GB automatically updates them here on my GB account. How long does it usually take?

Just got another S rank a day ago for Oddworld SW but it hasnt shown up here yet? So i syncronised them again and hopefully they eventually show up here.

But it is automatic, yes? I dont need to do anything on my GB account?

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Hope so, just got mine.

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Screen is much cleaner and loads faster without all the useless ads.

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Why is it that sometimes, not always, youtube distords pixels for 1-2 second time at one point during the video. If i watch on my pc, the file is fine, if i upload anywhere else, like vimeo, its fine, but for some reason with some videos of mine youtube distords the image for a second or two, and it always does that only one time per video.

Also, if i watch in other resolution, like in 720 instead of 1080 it wont sometimes distord it, or if i use my friends pc the image is fine. Its so completely random and i have no idea wtf is causing it.

Anyone had any similar experiences, or has an idea what it could be?

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..YouTube video:

Stupid YouTube says its blocked in some countries but wont show me in which countries like with the other videos, usually they are only blocked in Germany only, since copyright is more strict there.

So please tell me if you can see it and where are you from?

If people from multiple countries can view it, then i just assume its only blocked in Germany, as usual.

Also, does anyone know why sometimes when clicking the box which should show you the list of blocked countries is empty, even if it should contain some country, a buck?