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If your not a huge Nintendo fan, get the PC, it has great library not just new but old games too, i tend to play with my PC more with the old classics like VTMB than with the new games. And time to time i discover new classic games i've never even heard of, like the VTMB was, and what a great experience that game was.

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Looks stunningly beautiful, so lifelike soldiers. Really cant wait for this, great detail and animations.

Glad i still have to play Medieval II, it'll keep me busy till this.

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Next year will be good for some ancient warfare: Spartacus TV show & the gladiotor game, ROME II & 300 sequel with naval battles :)

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You dont want to know what goes in my mind.


ouh, it was only about the calores, lol. well ok then pal :)

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Deus Ex


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@Nadril said:

Finished watching Now and Then, Here and There. What a wonderful 13 episode series. I would really recommend it to anyone. It's a sad show but has a good message.

Might be up there as one of my favorites now. For a show that covered some really dark topics (war, rape, murder) it did it in such a way that didn't just seem over the top for no good reason. It's always the thing I hated with some anime (such as Elfen Lied) where it was so over the top that any sort of meaning it might have had was lost.

Hmm, might check it out then, i did enjoy Elfen Lied.

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Hoping it would be atleast decent. Or maybe PREY 2 delivers, i really need a good Bounty Hunter game!

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People are just optimistic after all the crap we've gotten lately from Star Wars universe.

Good Bounty Hunter game is most welcome.

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Good ol RE4 :]

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I would like to see GoG having more new games, its a great DRM free service.